Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two Kinds Of Memorable

2014 has been sweet so far. I love sleeping with Owen. He had his dinosaurs between us and his Hulk and his Spiderman on the table beside him, watching over us all. He had his pillow and he had his name blanket too. He woke up one time and said, "I don't have any covers!" and so I covered him up and said, "Are you cozy?" and he said he was and he went back to sleep.
Boppy slept in the room next to Gibson in the Pack-n-Play and from what I hear, that boy slept through the night after his grandfather sang him into slumber. As long as he knew his grandfather was beside him, he was fine. I have never seen a child worship a grandparent the way he does. He'll barely let me take him off to change his diaper although he does accept my offers of food and he does still let me get his gugga. He is just in love. And not with me.

This morning has been fine. The boys ate one continual breakfast or, alternately, many, many snacks. Either way- same-same.

And now their mama has come and taken them home along with the bags of toys and pillows and dinosaurs and Hulks and Ogres and Dragons and blankets. I have the black-eyed peas simmering on the stove and Mr. Moon is out picking greens in the rain. I will wash them and wash them and chop them up and get them simmering too. The chickens have already feasted on the sweet potato fries that did not get eaten last night.

I am functioning. I have spoken to May and to Hank and of course to Lily and have left a message for Jessie. I am doing laundry. I may take a bath and read. I am drinking Valerian tea. My brain isn't worth shit. It never is when I'm in this fear-place.

Red cardinal against gray sky; last night my husband and I talked about our first New Year's Eve together. We were in New Orleans, it was freezing cold, we barely knew each other. We laughed some about it, we looked at our grandchildren, it seemed too much of a wonder to connect that time with now, those two people throwing themselves with complete reckless abandon into something they had no idea would lead to a New Year's supper with two grandboys thirty years later.
Or maybe we did, even then.

I suspect we did.

But we were too busy falling in love to be occupied with such thoughts.

That wild adventure. Now this.

Eat your beans and greens.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy New Year. I love reading about you grandsos. So glad they bring you such joy.

  2. Happy New Year. And thank you for reminding me! I made hoppin' john last night and will now have a bowl.

  3. Oh the wonder if it, those two lovers in New Orleans and the shared love of you grandsons so many years later. It is a wonderful love story. And that photo up up is just the sweetest thing.

  4. Forgive typos! I'm commenting from my phone!

  5. This whole entire post made my eyes tear up. From the sweet picture of your super hero guardians as you slept, and Bobby singing to Gibson, and getting gugga from him, and the picture you painted at the end of thinking of that New Year's 30 years ago and looking at your grandsons now. Thank you for sharing and making me FEEL.

  6. Almost too precious to touch.

    When Elizabeth and I met, you were there in our hearts, you know?

  7. I didn't eat black eyed peas and greens today. Oh gawd, what will haapen? Nothing, I hope.

    I looked at fares to Lloyd today, way cheaper to fly to Tallahassee but then 2 hours to Lloyd. Please advise.

    And if this freaks you out, just let me know. If you'd like a visit from me, I bet I could make it happen.

    You ARE very far from Seattle. Sheesh. But not in my heart :-)

  8. Today is such a sad day for me and for Alice as we look back at a loss still almost too painful to talk about (though we did, a bit) and so I came home and came here where no matter what everybody lands on their feet and it's a world that makes sense and has so much love and so many comforts. I love your posts and depend on them. They feed me. They make nights like this bearable. Wishing a very good, very very good 2014 to you and all.

  9. The last three posts before mine are precious beyond words. In addition to your gorgeous grandchildren and Mr Moon and your children, those comments are just a few that show how important you are to others. What a beautiful start to a new year. Sweet Jo

  10. We ate garbanzo bean soup. I'm not sure whether that counts, but in any case, I feel like I've shared in your beans and greens merely by coming here. :)

  11. Did I miss some sort of New Years' day memo about beans and greens? I've never heard of this, yet I'm reading all about it in the blogs. Hm. We had pizza.

    Your grandson-posts make me miss my grandbabies. I may have to go pick the little gaffers up.

  12. Pat and I are at a point where we can look back on so much. We've been together 11 years, but still. There's enough passed time. On Christmas, I did almost the same thing: looked at him, thought back on all the places we've been each year, some apart, others with families in PA that adopted us, with friends or family and even if we weren't exactly where we thought we should be, we always had a place to land. It was a nice realization. I hope you had a wonderful New Year with your boys. xoxo

  13. I had my greens and beans though they were pinto.
    Little boys and dinosaurs! and Grandfathers! It's a beautiful wonder to behold. A love story should always include grandbabies.
    Blessings and love to you.

  14. My two littlest nephews ADORE with a capital A, my dad. They are allllllll about Pappaw. They will sidestep their grandmother to go to Pappaw. He loves it and I bet Boppy doesn't think it too shabby either :)

  15. We had our beans and greens. Finished off the batch today. I am hoping for better luck this year. Who knows?


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