Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miracle Of The Day

Everything in my life which has led up to this.

The very tall man, the very small boy.

The smile on the face as the hand waits to catch the monkey should he fall. 


  1. How does your heart contain it?

  2. You know, aside from all the other ways in which you blessed us kids, you sure picked a couple of good dads for us.

  3. Big Mamabird- It is true.

    A- That's pretty much all I care about these days.

    Birdie- It can't always.

    Andrea- Amen, woman!

    Jo- My men folk. Dang. I am so lucky.

    Mr. Downtown- Child. I so failed in some ways and in other ways, I did good. I am so grateful that y'all appreciate the good and do not castigate me for the bad. But yes. I made good choices for baby-daddies and for fathers. I love you so. Thank you.

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  5. I made these photos large so I could look at every detail of the love contained in them. Gibson looks so happy with his Boppy.

  6. I'm working my way backwards here, getting caught up. I'm gonna need some kleenex.

  7. Those photos are about love--pure and simple.

  8. Angella- He worships and adores the man.

    Nancy- As they arise, I will pay attention.

    Denise- Well, a good cry can be a fine thing.

    Syd- You got it.


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