Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just A Regular Saturday Night

As anyone who has been married for any substantial amount of time (and that ranges from fifty-eight minutes to fifty-eight years) knows, there are times when the tide is in and there are times when the tide is out. There are times when everyone is getting along fine but that's about it- getting along (and hey! that can be a miracle and a very fine thing) and there are times when you look at the laundry basket and wonder, why am I washing this person's socks and who is he and does he really live here?
And then there are those times in which for no discernible reason whatsoever you just fall head-over-heels in love with that person again and you cherish that person so much you just sort of want to die now and not have to ever deal with the grief of possibly being separated by eventual whatevers that life inevitably throws your way and you don't want to be more than five feet away from them and you want to kiss them all the time and you're laughing and you're joking and you are cherishing each other and the love you share.

Last night Mr. Moon and I had a martini and we discussed how when people fall in love they say, "I want to be with you forever. I want us to grow old together and for us to sit on the front porch and watch our grandchildren play."

And how it is something so incredible when it really happens.

It is worth it all- all of the shit life throws at you and all of the young-age arguments and hormonal fueled problems and the never getting enough sleep when the babies are little and the businesses are new and there's never enough money and then the middle-aged crazies come which are as real as dirt and can be as messy as anything you can even possibly imagine. If you just keep loving each other and believe in that love, it is so worth it. Or at least, it can be. If you are in love with the right person.

As my friend Kerry said when he did a toast at his youngest son's marriage, "May you know the joys of long love."

Those joys are bountiful. They are true.
And they can be delicious.


  1. Oh Mary, this post is everything. It is so true, and so darn wonderful when the falling in love again happens, and happens again. I am so happy for you and that tall handsome man of yours. You both made this magic. You inspire me every day.

  2. I read this to my husband. We were having a '"tide is out" night. Today the "tide is in". I need to remember this analogy when the tide is out. Thank you for this.

  3. Thank god you have those moments of wondering why you do this persons' laundry because I was thinking you were abnormally and terminally in love. Lol!!

    The beauty and gift that is long-term love is one of the wonders of this lifetime.

    There's a poem on Pinterest (and probably a ton of othe places) about walking with grandpa. The pic of your Misters reminded me if it.

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a most wonderful day of revelations and gratitude about love. You are rich in love and what more is there really? I am so glad for you. The pictures of Gibson and Mr Moon say it all. Sweet Jo

  5. Very nice Saturday night for you! I love listening to your and Mr Moon's relationship, and all the honesty that goes with it. I am so glad others have known and do know such love, even if I will not.

  6. Crying in my champagne. I lift my glass to the two of you.

  7. This is great. The fact that two people can invest in each other, above all else, for the long haul continues to amaze and impress me.

  8. it's true. long life, long love. but you gotta trudge through a lot of shit and times when you aren't even getting along. and you need some stick-with-it-ness. some people do need to get divorced but some people just give up too easy.

  9. Those joys are incredible. After all the pain and the sadness, I mostly remember the joys and the fun times. And I don't want to be parted from her ever. I honestly don't know what I would do should she die first. I don't know.

  10. Angella- As you inspire me. Thank you, love.

    Birdie- I like the analogy because it is so apt. Just be patient and hold on and keep loving and eventually, all will be well. Usually.

    heartinhand- Oh honey. I'm as human as anyone. Trust me. I have my moments (days? weeks?).

    Sweet Jo- Richer than Midas, I'd say. Yep.

    SJ- You have to quit saying that. Because one of these days...
    You just wait and see.

    Denise- Aw. And back to you.

    Steve Reed- And how much luck is involved in finding the right person? I do not discount that. Ever.

    Ellen Abbott- I agree. Sometimes people absolutely do not need to be with each other. On the other hand, some things are worth fighting for.

    Syd- Me either. Glen and I used to joke about the fact that OF COURSE we would die at the exact same moment. Things do not seem so funny as we age.

  11. So perfectly stated Ms Mary. I find this kind of love to be a true miracle in my life (and yours) because it is. When those tides are out it would be so easy to go out with them. And how lucky are we to have found this "right" person?
    Well, you know, You know it very well.

  12. Ms. Yo- Yes. I do. But as we both know- it has to be the right person. And we are the lucky ones because we have found that right person for us.


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