Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes Humans Amaze Me. In A Good Way

It's Saturday morning and I basically have nothing to say. Oh, well, goodness, I could probably come up with a lot but none of it worth talking about. You know- it's cold. I'm cold. The sun is shining. The chickens are alive, Mr. Moon went hunting this morning but only a county away, not in Georgia, so he'll be back shortly.

So since I have nothing worth talking about, I think I'll give you two links that Ms. Sarcastic Bastard-Beloved  sent to me this week. Both of them are to stories about people I can't seem to quit thinking about. People who are doing something that "normal" folks would call insane or ridiculous or idealistic or one of those other words which usually means, "that'll never work."
And yet.

Okay. First one is one that I already shared on Facebook. It's ostensibly about a young man who bought a house in Detroit for $500 but it's actually about so much more. Read about it here. 

The other article is...well, I can't even describe it but it makes my heart so happy and it makes me believe in the human spirit in a way that I didn't even know I could. Plus...toast! Please read it if you have a few minutes. Here.

And thank you, dear Ms. Bastard-Beloved for such tasty reading links.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ha! Toast. Always perfect.
    There is a soggy French movie from maybe 2004 or 2005 with Audrey Tautou (may you know the Amelie movie) called A very long engagement. It's a rather (over-)long movie about the first world war and love between two shy people. And at some point the lost man returns home to the Aufrey Tautou character (who is called Mathilde)and after years of near starvation and prison camps he asks for a toasted slice of French bread with butter from Normandy and some lavender honey. And of course one of these French bowls of cafe au lait, not that foamy latte stuff.
    The movie was not a big hit if I remember correctly but a friend who runs a small cafe started offering Mathilde's toast on her menu of fancy cakes and grilled sandwiches and it is still the biggest seller.

  2. Sabine - Who doesn't love toast? It amazes me that this has not become a thing sooner than it did. Toast doesn't make us crazy or feel guilty or anything other than comforted. It makes sense.

  3. Those articles were both terrific! I've often wondered why more people don't move into Detroit, with all that available housing stock at rock-bottom prices. This shows how much know-how and courage you need to live in those circumstances; I'm not sure I could do it. As for toast, well -- artisanal toast IS silly, but that woman has a fascinating story. (And who tattoos freckles onto their cheeks?!)

  4. Just sent the Detroit article to the Walking Man who lives there. He is a good fellow. Glad that something new is springing up in Detroit. I'm rooting for a comeback to a living viable city.

  5. i have also seen that detroit article- i drive through that neighborhood on the way to work every day, and there are beautiful opportunities for people who can do the carpentry and hand-work to bring those old turn of the century homes to life again.



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