Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miracle Of The Day

Is the day.

Just back from a beautiful walk and the sky is crystalline and blue as scallops' eyes and I'm going to go to town to meet my babies for lunch at Fanny's and I think the soup of the week is mushroom and the sandwich is grilled cheese.

I dreamed all night, full-moon, scratchy sheet dreams of hosting huge events and I should be exhausted from all that work but no, I feel good, I feel fine, I want to come home from town and clean out the hen house and mop floors and tomorrow make a teal-green dress.

Is rejoicing too strong a word?


  1. Nope. It's not too strong a word. When you feel it, REJOICE! In all caps with exclamation marks!

  2. Ms. Moon - so very glad you are feeling better and yes, REJOICE is in order!! :) -Marcia

  3. Rejoicing is good!

    I've never seen a scallops' eye.

  4. Rejoicing is a wonderful word! That is also an amazing tree!

  5. It is not too strong a word! I am rejoicing in the fact that you are rejoicing!

  6. Elizabeth- It truly was a good, fantastic few hours. Worthy of all caps and exclamation points.
    I have calmed down by now.

    Marcia- Thank you. I mean it.

    Heartinhand- They have many eyes. They are all bluer than Paul Newman's were. You should google-image them.

    Angella- That tree may be God. I am not sure.

    Birdie- And you know exactly what I am talking about.


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