Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Few Thoughts On Popular Culture

That's me! At Disney World! With my daughter!
Okay, no it's not. It's Emma Thompson and that was taken yesterday, supposedly, the day after the Golden Globes where Ms. Thompson famously removed her gorgeous, cruel high heels and...well, let me just give you the video:

So maybe Emma Thompson and I ARE the same person in a multi-universe sort of way. Taking off her shoes, drinking a martini, wearing overalls.
Well, okay, I doubt I'd go to Disney World the day after the Golden Globes and of course I'm neither English nor a world-famous actor nor thin and glamorous, but beyond that, sure. Yep.
Could be me.

So good morning. The day can't make up its mind as to rain or not-rain. The wound in my mouth is feeling much improved. I have things to do and a walk is in order.

Remember that book I was reading? The Fields: A Novel by Kevin Maher? Well, I finished it last night and the ending was just bizarre but I have to say I am not sorry I read the book and if happens to pass through your hands you might want to read it too. Story of an Irish lad in the 80's and it's all there- the huge family, the Church, the drinking, the joy, the...new age healing?
It's almost like three or four different books in one but I enjoyed it. It's not a perfect book and it's not a perfect life and it's not a perfect world but it kept my attention.

All right. Time to get moving. There's so much more I could discuss in the vein of popular culture including Robin Wright's sideboob moment at the Golden Globes, why some woman hasn't used shampoo in six years, why Oprah doesn't want you to know about her fat-busting technique, and several moments from last night's edition of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD WATCHING SUCH TRASH so I couldn't possibly have anything to say about that.

Much love.
Ms. Moon Who May Well Wear Overalls At Some Point In The Day But Not At Disney World


  1. Your cultural commentary is always on point.

    (PS I sent you an email.)

  2. I've never understood heels. Those red bottomed Laboutin shoes look like torture devices and god love her for taking them off and walking barefoot onto the stage!
    I rewound the boob tape moment because I had to see wth that was. Boob tape would hurt.

  3. I loved Emma Thompson's bit at the Golden Globes, and now I love her a little more because of the overalls.

    Glad your mouth is feeling better and you found your book worth reading. They rarely end how I want them to, just like life.

    Thanks for your funny comments on my post. I have a fondness for Mr. Moon because besides being tall and handsomely gray-bearded, he seems to have many of the same qualities as my tall guy. Thank goodness we found them, life is never boring or scary with them around.

    I got dressed and ready to face the world today only to discover it had started to snow. That shit can wait until tomorrow, right?

    Have a good day.

  4. well, I would have worn overalls all over, including Disney Land, if I ever went there :) as well as on stage, yes, yes, I'm crazy old overalls guy, cannot help, just got coveralls in order to go out despite heavy winds and snow etc. ! overall love as always to you :) ! niels

  5. LOL on side boob. I dare say that probably you wouldn't be caught dead at Disney World in general.

  6. The overalls on Emma Thompson at Disney Land are really just astonishing.

  7. Emma Thompson gave a wonderful interview to Terry Gross on NPR the other night. Class act!

  8. I hadn't seen that Emma Thompson moment but she is famously down-to-earth, or so I hear. As for Robin Wright, did she win for "House of Cards"? I like that show a lot.

  9. I TOTALLY believed that was you. My, I thought, while I've been on my guilty vacation, Mrs. Moon went to Disneyland.


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