Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Of My Books

The other day, Rebecca, in a comment to one of my comments on her blog asked me to take pictures of my bookshelves as she had done.
I said I would and then forgot but today I remembered.
One of the things which made me want this house with the burning desire of a thousand suns was the fact that it had a library. An entire room for books.
Now there are books in it, yes of course, and also the boys' rocking horse and there are toys and there are games and puzzles and little things the children made for me over the years and pictures and a mantel with sacred objects (to me) and two rocking chairs and an old light of my grandfather's and a huge leather couch which my sister-in-law gave us and it's too big for the room but somehow it is squeezed in there. It is often covered in the larger of the stuffed animals. The Big Bears, the chimpanzee who makes noises and moves his arms and sometimes for no reason whatsoever, he will begin to chatter and hoot. Perhaps he wants a book. Or to be read a story.

Anyway, it's a fairly dark room and so forgive me the quality of the pictures. But here are some of my shelves.

Mostly, there is not much order. Well, a little. But it's not very logical. 

Such a pretty book. May gave it to me. And a set of Dr. Dolittle. 

New home of the Beatles, plus a Little Mermaid tea set (which May also gave me) and dolls. 

Some of the children's books. A few. 

There are more. And my old LP's. And god knows what all else. Some of those corners get pretty dark and deep.

Okay. There you go. There you have it.

I am making a soup which has everything in it from beans to a mango salsa I made last night to sausage to greens to sweet potatoes and butternut squash. It's either going to be the best soup ever or not.

I mopped floors. I did not make a dress. I have that to look forward to. It has been a quiet day and I have taken it easy and I am as mostly at ease and grateful for all of it- every book, every doll, every seashell, every floor, every wall, every camellia, the smell of Fabuloso and white vinegar, the sun going down with the skeleton arms of the pecans reaching out to grab up the last bit of light.

Inside and out. I am grateful.


  1. seeing these is so thrilling i just can't explain how happy it makes me thank you

  2. Oh, Ms. Moon! That room is a beautiful sacred place. It has such great energy.

  3. I had lunch with new friends, my Friday chores left undone. Oh, and I bought a shower curtain that doesn't fit because my tub is so long.
    White girl problems.

  4. Madame King- See anything you want to borrow? I'll send it right on.

    Birdie- It's a miracle to me. Every day. That I have a room entirely dedicated to books.

    Heartinhand- Or as I usually say- RICH white girl problems.

  5. One of the great things about our house is having a library too. I think that a house with books, art and special mementos is really a good statement about the people who live there.

  6. What a great room! I LOVE the red shelves! And all the special knick knacks that have meaning to you from a life well lived. That was a great idea that Rebecca had. Thank you for sharing all that you do! Sweet Jo

  7. What lovely shelves! Its a jungle of books for Mr. Chimpanzee.
    My books and I...we're roommates. I like sleeping with them.

  8. That's a cool idea -- the bookshelf photos. I may do it too! I love your old Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings reader (I have an ancient copy of Cross Creek) and I used to have that same Audubon Guide to Florida. You will surely never lack for something to read.

  9. A library, every home should have one, even if it's just a bit of kitchen counter space.

    On to soup... I made a huge crockpot of barley vegetable soup, and I halved and tossed in some Brussels sprout I had in the crisper because I thought, hey, this might be pretty good.

    Note to self: Um, no!

  10. Sarah- I'm glad.

    Syd- When I'm in a house where there are no books it freaks me out.

    Sweet Jo- The walls were that color when we moved in. I like them too.

    Denise- When Mr. Moon is away, a book is always on his side of the bed. I feel certain most of us do this.

    Steve Reed- Hank gave me that MKR reader. He gives me beautiful books. He knows me so well.

    Nancy- Sometimes what seems like a good idea turns out to be more of a learning experience. Sigh.

  11. Ok I have to admit something here. I judge people. When I meet you and go into your home,if you have Books you are good and worthy. If you do not have Books,well lets check out the garden ;) Your little ones are So Blessed to have a whole room with books! Long Live paper and pen... (ok thanks for letting me share I feel better now)

  12. I am in love with your library. I want to curl up on that sofa with a binkie and a book and eat some of the SOUP! Holy Crap that sounds good.


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