Wednesday, January 22, 2014

None Of These Things Are Related

It didn't get as cold as they said it would and I woke up about fifty thousand times last night and so did Mr. Moon and I suppose we rested in tiny little sips of sleep and I am not at my most mentally stable this morning.
But it's beautiful outside and the gas dude is here, filling up the tank and that'll cost as much as a week in Cozumel but what are you going to do?

When Lily and I talked yesterday she mentioned going to Target to buy the bride for whom she's giving this shower a present and I was like, "Oh god. I forgot that part."
I'm losing my mind. Bridal showers are NOT all about deviled eggs and silly games. Those things are merely the backdrop for presents.
We will be going to Target today. And on Friday I will be making deviled eggs.

Did you hear Terry Gross's interview with Joaquin Phoenix yesterday? If you didn't and are maybe snowed in and have an hour to spare, you can listen to it here. 
I'm not sure that Joaquin enjoyed the experience that much but Ms. Gross and I sure did.

Here's a picture I stole off Facebook.

That's Hank and Billy in the foreground and other people in the background, including Billy's lovely sister in the middle of that group. They are all at karaoke. Singing. Could you just die? 

Okay. Let's see. What else? 

My dogs are still alive. Obviously. Because they are immortal. 

The stitches in my jaw seem to be coming unraveled or something. No. I have not looked in there. But my tongue can feel them. I am not going back to the dentist until my next appointment. If they come out, they come out. Whatever. Once I had a cat named Bob who was the most personable of all of the cats I've ever owned. He had a huge personality. It wasn't a very sweet personality but it was big. Anyway, once he got hit by a car and his jaw got completely jacked and the vet put everything back together again and held it in place with wire and a button. A button like the sort you keep your shorts on with. Before it was time to take him back to have this whole bizarrely engineered contraption removed, Bob somehow removed it himself.
"Never seen that before," the vet said. 
Bob lived about another fifty years after that. 

Well, I better quit rambling. I need to go through that pile of crappy clothes to find something decent enough to wear to town so I can pick up Lily and we can go do our bridal shower errands. I have a new debit card. Do I dare use it at Target? 

And it just occurred to me that if I was in Cozumel I wouldn't need any gas for heat. 

Loving every damn one of you...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope today is calm and comforting. Maybe find a sunbeam to curl up in for a nap, if you can.

  2. I am really loving the wildly abandoned stream of consciousness I am finding in blogworld this morning, both here and over at elizabeth's blog. its good sometimes to slip the bonds of rigid order and admit the randomness of the universe.

    and i love seeing that picture of hank and billy. they look so happy and fully in the moment.

  3. Loving you too damn it!

    That picture of the singers is awesome.

  4. The picture of Hank and Billy and the others having fun in such a simple way made me want a different kind of life than that of a big city. I bet you will enjoy all the baby shower shopping and cooking -- giving and cooking -- more of your talents. Sweet Jo

  5. OH, love the Bob story. Yeah, take the Bob approach on those stitches, I guess. WWBD.
    Sending love back to your from the west coast.

  6. I wish you could send the part of yourself that needs it to Cozumel and the rest of you could keep the homestead going.

  7. Are you doing ok? Target and a bridal shower would be enough to make me unravel. I would really have to talk myself through that shit.

  8. This post gave me a desperately needed smile today. thanks for that.

  9. Little sips of sleep. Ha! I liked that line. And you and your deviled eggs made me laugh out loud.

  10. I miss my karaoke nights. But isn't that a great photo?

  11. heartinhand- Today has been lovely. And we have moved from shade into sun as often as possible. It's chilly!

    Angella- They ARE! Fully in the moment. I have never been to karaoke with them. I have missed something there, haven't I?

    Jill- Thanks for love, Love.

    Sweet Jo- Lily and I had a wonderful time. We truly did. And I've been talked into making brownies too...

    Denise- Oh god. I can't take those stitches out. I am going in early tomorrow morning though. And I'll tell you what Bob would do- he'd bitch and bitch and bitch. Oh! Just like me!

    Jo- Wouldn't that be perfect?

    Ms. Vesuvius- Target was practically deserted. It was awesome! And the shower isn't until Saturday so I have days to worry about it before it happens.

    SJ- Good! I am so glad.

    Gradydoctor- I should just pay Taylor to make me a couple of dozen. But no, I can do it. No big deal.
    Tonight I want gulps of sleep.

    Mr. Downtown- One of my favorite photos of all times, indeed!

  12. Thank you for the much needed smile today! I'm with you on the lack of sleep and the mind wandering. That's been my struggle today as well. Love the story about Bob :o)

    Take care! BJ

  13. of Phoenix! We have plenty of heat here =) xoxo

  14. Go Bob! Animals are pretty amazing when it comes to removing unnatural attachments from their bodies. They know what's supposed to be there and what isn't!

    I hope you used cash at Target. (Though actually, I suppose any retailer is vulnerable to the same sort of hijinks.)

    I did not hear the Joaquin Phoenix interview, but he seems like a peculiar bird.

  15. Blogget Jones- Tired equals foggy mind, doesn't it? Bob was one hell of a cat. He really was.

    Rachel - I'm trying to remember how hot it will be here in just a few months. It's hard.

    Steve Reed- Nah. I used my debit card. I figured that MUST have that shit under control by now. Right? Right?
    Joaquin is a strange bird but entertaining and funny as hell.

  16. The cold is a drag. Thank goodness for the fireplace insert that cranks out some heat. And I hope that soon we can enjoy the outdoor fireplace too.


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