Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Randomness

This was the headline in one of the sections of today's Tallahassee Democrat. To sum up the article, most religious leaders would say, "No." But it's just so ridiculous to me that anyone would waste space to even discuss such a thing. The headline might as well have read, "Does Mother Goose care who wins the Super Bowl?" Or, "Does Thor care who wins the Super Bowl?"

I'll tell you one thing- I don't care who wins the Super Bowl. I don't even know who's in it. Two teams, I would imagine.

So it's Saturday morning and Mr. Moon has already spent approximately two hours on a bird-feeder project. He also straightened up the birdbath which was tipping precariously. The birds are appreciative, ganging and flocking to the feeder. Finches and wrens and cardinals and red winged black birds and the occasional redheaded woodpecker. We've had quite a year for birds.

They say we might possibly get snow on Tuesday night. That would be the first time since 1989 which I remember quite clearly. It's a big deal when we get snow, trust me.

I need to get in there and make those deviled eggs. Approximately four thousand deviled eggs. Not really. Maybe two thousand. Mr. Moon did a quality control test of the brownies last night and proclaimed them fit to eat. I ended up making stew and still have about a container-ship-sized vat of it left. I would not care if I never saw it again. Why do I continue to cook too much food? I made too much food when I had six at the table every night. You can only imagine the storage problems now that there are only two of us. They don't make Tupperware in adequate sizes. And yes, sometimes I freeze portions but then I forget they're in the freezer and two years later I throw them out. This is a variation of the way it was in my house growing up wherein a microscopic portion of anything left over would be put in a container in the refrigerator, no matter how slim the odds were that it would ever actually be eaten. Until that food grew a mold-cover it was a sin to throw it out. After the mold appeared, it was okay to dump it. Unless the food was cheese. Mold is not harmful to cheese as we all know. Cut that shit off and make your cheese dog in the toaster oven.

All right. I better get busy with the egg deviling. It's Bridal Shower Day and I would like to go to the Big Library before all of that begins. I adore our branch library but the selection isn't great. I think I've listened to every audio book on the shelves which I may have even the vaguest interest in. Plus a few I really didn't have even the vaguest interest in. I finished listening to The Lacuna again yesterday and I almost wept with sorrow when the last word was said. I love that book more every time I read it, whether that be with eyes or ears. The shower is probably going to be fun. I know there's going to be some good food with lots of bacon involved. Bacon is the bride's favorite food. There is also going to be wine and rum punch but I doubt I'll be drinking any. I am allergic to wine and although the rum punch sounds delicious, I have to drive. Luckily, bacon does not impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle. As far as I can tell, at least.

Have you noticed that my "Miracle Of The Day" posts have not been showing up lately?
Boy, that was a short-lived feature.
I still continue to register miracles daily but mostly I'm just keeping them to myself due to the fact that what I consider to be miracles are probably not, by real definition, miracles.

It'll be a miracle if I get those eggs done and get to the library and to Lily's on time.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Can't say I really give a rat's tiny behind who wins the Super Bowl either, but I have to admit we always have a good time at our Super Bowl party. The game is on there somewhere in the background, but we're barely even watching, since it's more about hanging out with good friends.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Super Bowl, schmooper flowl. Whatever.
    Snow would be as traumatizing to you as heat and humidity would be to me!
    Enjoy that bacon!

  3. Enjoy the shower! You are so funny, woman. I bet Mr. Moon knows who is in the Super Bowl!

  4. I didn't even know that it was time for the Superbowl.

    I got out of bed today. It is after 11:00 and I am not dressed but still...

  5. I like the Superbowl cause the stores are not crowded for once. Thing is I don't usually know it's Superbowl day until I'm at the store and I ask someone why is no one here.
    Oh, is it today?

  6. WE ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL. WE-SEAHAWKS-FROM SEATTLE. But frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

    I'll be hiking or dancing or swimming with my body instead of watching others slam into each other.

    Your friend in Jesus,


  7. Is it Super Bowl Sunday? I had no idea.

    You're making me want to read "The Lacuna" again. One of my favorite books. Why has Barbara Kingsolver not won a Pulitzer or a PEN/Faulkner or a National Book Award? The woman is a phenomenon. Even her weaker books are great reading.

  8. Oh thank you for making me laugh and for making me realize I am not the only woman who cannot ever make the right amount of food, and no matter how hard I try, can not manage to use the leftovers I save. I just purged my freezer and it was an embarrassment of false hopes and wasted food. I suck at womenly arts, I really do.
    I've been too busy to comment but trying to keep up on the reading, I miss my blog life!
    Hope the eggs went well :)

  9. Bob- The last two times I watched any of the Super Bowl was when the Stones played halftime and then when Bruce played. Other than that- oh hell no. I go hide.

    Steve Reed- I think it's next Sunday, actually. It's the Grammys tonight, which has become, for me, almost as uninteresting as the Super Bowl. Who ARE those people?
    And I am totally with you on Kingsolver.

    Mel- The eggs were okay. Yeah, I need to do a purge of my freezer. It's ridiculous. Jimmy Hoffa could be in there.

  10. I don't care about the super bowl either. In fact, I don't care about any football.


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