Monday, January 20, 2014

Here's what I've done today:
Had a follow-up dentist appointment at nine, had a breakfast date with my husband, drove him to the other side of Leon County to get his rental car to go to auction, drove to Lily's, went to the grocery with her and the boys, drove the boys to my house, unloaded the groceries, put them away, made Mr. Moon a snack bag, coffee drink, and his lunch and have made the boys their lunches.
Okay. So when I say "lunch" I am talking about peanut butter sandwiches and cut up watermelon.

So I've been just a little busy but all is well and I have no doubt I'll have more to talk about this evening should anyone in this entire universe be interested.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There is that Gibson smile and Owen is turning into a big boy now - it is so amazing to watch that change from toddler to boy. They are both so beautiful. Oh and I love that Owen's hair is getting long again. Not that it matters what I think, just sharing my important thoughts. Sweet Jo

  2. I would certainly not complain if I was offered a peanut butter sandwich. As long as it comes with a glass of milk. In fact, I now want a peanut butter sandwich!

  3. Sweet Jo- I love that his hair is getting longer too.

    Birdie- Mr. Moon gladly eats almost anything. He is wonderful that way.


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