Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Raining. That's Okay

I have not had one cup of Valerian tea today. This is like...well, I can't tell you.
I am so vastly grateful. I may wake up tomorrow and go into the red zone but I have had this time of relief.
And why?
Fuck if I know. Is it all because I know I can take ONE XANAX tonight? Honey, if that's what it takes, I'll sell my soul to get one Xanax per day. I'm not even going to pretend I have any actual idea what turned inside of me today. I'm just going to count it as a major blessing.

Anyway, I had a good time with the boys. My favorite part was when Gibson and I were playing a drum and we started imitating how different animals walking sound on it. Owen got into the game and said, "What does a panda sound like?" And then he began to demonstrate different animals walking and we would try to copy him on the drum. He did panda and tiger and chicken (he does a great chicken) and penguin and dragon. He had us do, without demonstrations, rabbits and kangaroos and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
It was awesome.

Here's a tiny video of Gibson. I had made him a cheese sandwich. Toasted, of course.

He was a tiny bit mesmerized by the TV for part of it. I'm sure you'll be able to tell.


  1. Mary, I just love your voice so much :)

  2. I agree with Jo!
    Good thoughts coming your way for tonight and tomorrow.

  3. Did you see the way his face lit up when you asked him if he loves his Mer Mer? That was the best expression ever. He is so cute! So it is tomorrow, it wasn't today. Well I wish you the same tomorrow as I did yesterday for today. I hope you get a xanax for in the morning too. Good luck. You will be okay because you will have so much good energy swirling around you, it couldn't be any other way. And then there will be Mr Moon's loving arms to enfold you wen it's done. Sweet Jo

  4. Have you tried Roobios tea? I tried my first cup a bit earlier and feel better for it.

  5. I love you MM. I wonder if it's time to think about a prescription at some point. Just thinking about it.

    I also love that expression on G's face when you asked if he loved you :)

  6. Jo- He is a man cub now. He is growing so fast and his words are coming like a faucet turned on. Thank you for liking my voice. It has served me well on occasion. I can't sing for shit though.

    Sylvia- Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Sweet Jo- I will keep your good thoughts in my pocket. I promise. Yes, I have another pill for tomorrow. No worries. Sort of.
    And Mr. Moon SAYS he's going to take care of me but I'm not sure what that means. He'll try.

    RubyJack- That's my usual go-to tea. In fact, I had a cup tonight. But I've been drinking the valerian for it's calming effect. It has helped a bit.

    SJ- I do think about it and if things don't look up, I'm going to have to. Today was wonderful but it's crept back in tonight. Which, you know, is the way it goes. Aren't Gibson's eyebrows a force of nature?

  7. Gibson looks JUST like my nephew Leif and his voice even sounds the same. I LOVE it.

  8. SJ- I have a nephew named Leif too if you can believe it. He's a grown man though.

  9. Really?? That is hysterical!

  10. LOL -- he's cute in that video. Re. the animal footsteps on the drum, you all always come up with the most inventive games!

  11. Mary, I just went through the tooth extraction, bone graft thing and feared it for, it turns out, no good reason. Take ibuprofen after, if you can. You can take up to 800 mg at a time safely, but you probably won't need anything near that. The best advice i got was to stay ahead of any discomfort. As for the deed itself - they've got it all down these days. And you have those loving arms to come home to. You're good.

  12. I second Andrea. Don't wait with pain killers, just take them at the recommended time interval over the next 48 hrs. or whatever. Have ice packs ready and plenty of distraction that you can sink into lying down on a comfy sofa and if you can, get loads of patience. Although I have no idea where and how to get that one myself. It helps I have been told.
    This will be a tiny memory if anything in the not too distant future. Promise.

  13. Holy god, how to you deal with the cuteness?

  14. That Gibson is a great little fellow.


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