Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh hell.
I have to go back into the dentist today. Yesterday that site seemed just lovely. Not that I've actually looked at it or anything. But hardly any discomfort at all.
This morning it seemed a bit more sensitive and so I looked in there and it's not looking entirely great to me.
I will spare you details.
And I am going in at 1:00 and no, they don't you Xanax for that. Well, I didn't ask.
And I'm supposed to take care of the boys this afternoon AND my new sheets suck AND of course the anxiety is screaming at me saying, "See! I told you! I told you that you should be worrying about everything in the world!"

I'm so tired of myself. I can't even tell you.


  1. Oh my darlin'.
    This will pass.
    This anxious, crazy part.

  2. Oh no! I hope the dentist says it's nothing serious! I had a procedure recently to prepare for a dental implant - a metal post implanted in my maxilla...that will heal then they will cement a pretty little tooth on that in about 3 months.......I had gone way too long with trying to save a troublesome tooth. It was a happy day when I was at last rid of that troublemaker, but the gap affected my smile (still quite vain @ 54!) so I opted for the implant. Two words - Care Credit. Although I do have insurance, my portion is still astronomical. Regarding your recent purchase...They sure don't make sheets like they used to! Personally, I can't stand the new high count sheets.....too smooth for my liking. They remind me of some extremely tacky satin sheets I owned in the 70's. Give me some crisp, thickish white cotton sheets that actually stay on the bed. Anyway, Mary......just wanted you to know that although I don't comment, well, I think I have once a long time ago, I do check on you via this blog several time a day to see how you are doing. Sending good thoughts your way! Oh, I forgot to mention this....I, too, fear and loathe the dentist, and once had a full blown panic attack while in the chair. You certainly have company among those with dentophobia. Joey

  3. I know how you feel. If I quit worrying for one second about everything, all hell breaks loose. More people need to thank us for keeping track of all the scary shit for them.

  4. I hope this anxiety is short-lived, that you're fixed up right quick at the dentist, that you're able to cut up the shitty sheets to make rags, that the boys make you laugh, that the day comes to an end more peacefully that it began.

    Sending love, as always.

  5. Probably you've been there and home again (I just got up), but just wanted to say that even at its worst it would be an infection and they'll fix you up with antibiotics (and you'll take probiotics, too, I hope) and then the boys will cheer you right up and you're on the road to All Better.

  6. Looks like my response didn't post so I'll try it again. Blind consumer testing has proven that 300 count cotton is the sweet spot - far better than 700, 1,000, etc. So many of the higher count sheets aren't real Egyptian Cotton at all, not even 100% cotton! Read the fine print in the label - cheaper ones ALWAYS contain polyester, and if there's anything cheaper feeling to sleep on the polyester, I don't know what it is! It's itchy, hot, and pills after one use. The cheapest 100% cotton, 300 count Egyptian sheets I've ever found were $150, and that was ten years ago.

  7. Fuck. Dental issues are the most worse thing. The pain and the office and the people leaning over your mouth and no doubt, looking at YOUR NOSE HAIRS. Honey, I wish you complete dental health.

    XX B

  8. heartinhand- Mostly, it did. Thank you.

    Joey- Does EVERYONE hate dentists? God. It seems like it. My lost teeth is fairly far back in my head. I haven't even thought about what I'm going to do about that hole. And hell- we never lose our vanity. I do like smooth sheets. These just feel like they have tiny hairs all over them. Ick. I don't know why. But they do and it annoys me.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am glad to know you are here.

    Juancho- Seriously, brother. I mean SERIOUSLY!

    Elizabeth- This day has had its ups and downs, I will tell you that. I'm a freaking wreck. But okay. You made me laugh with the rags suggestion. That may happen.

    Rebecca- It turned out alright. Thank you.

    Andrea- I am still on antibiotics and will be for another few days. I am NOT taking probiotics but am eating a hell of a lot of yogurt.

    Anonymous- No polyester. That I did check. And they are 330 count. Dang. I don't know what the deal is with those sheets. One time I paid the big bucks for real Egyptian cotton and they lasted for years and years. So it's probably worth it.

    Beth Coyote- Haha! You're right. I don't even think about my nose hairs. I probably should. Love you, woman.

  9. We have the flannel sheets on the bed and they are divine. Most of the time it's too warm to have them but with the cold snap coming, we put them on. Just like a pair of old flannel pj's.

  10. I think I would take those sucky sheets right back to Tuesday Morning. (I love that place by the way) I bought some from there and I never knew my heels were so rough. Really they are not, but sliding them across those sheets sounded like I was rubbing a splintered board across the sheets. I think my non-shaven legs did the same. They were all picked up and pilled. Then it felt like you were sleeping in sand. Uggghh. I have saw some of those high dollar Egyptian Cotton sheets at TM with a SRP of over $1000. I couldn't bring myself to pay the cheap $300 price for one sheet.


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