Monday, January 6, 2014

The boys and I played and played and snuggled and giggled and I got a make-over with one eye done carefully by Owen so that I resembled nothing more than Pete the Pup on Our Gang.

He studied my face carefully and said, "You look beautiful. For Boppy."

It's been a decent day. I have felt more normal than I have felt in a long, long time. I have actually been hungry today and I can't tell you the last time that happened. Some days lately I haven't wanted to finish an entire Mento. I'm not kidding you either. And that is definitely not me. The anxiety is still there, pawing around the edges of my soul and occasionally getting a good lick or two in but it hasn't been on my back, at least since I left the dentist's office. 

I've done everything I can outside to prepare for the cold. Turned all the faucets and garden sprinklers to drip, leaned some metal panels up on the side of the hen house to block some wind that can get in. Retucked the porch plants. I may lose them all. It's going to plummet tonight and the wind is blowing like crazy. I picked some camellias and brought them in. It was the least I could do.

Oh well. Inside it's warm and cozy and I am so thankful for this house, this life in which I get to live in a house with central heat and air. Every window and door leaks cold but the heater is a good one and I have plenty of covers. 

I'm exhausted and will probably be in bed by nine. 

Everyone stay warm and safe tonight. I'm just too damn tired to say another word.


  1. And you did not post a picture of your makeover? I will have to imagine.

    I'm glad your appetite is back. I wish mine would go away for a while. All my progress is eroding away.

    I'm tired too. And tired of cold. But I have good heat and plenty of covers too. I don't know why I waited until my late 40s to get a nice down comforter on my bed. My greatest and best indulgence, that comforter.

    I hope your plants and chickens are all unscathed by the cold snap. It won't last.

    A friend of mine just posted a video on facebook of his daughter throwing a pan of hot water into the -15 air and it evaporated instantly. It was impressive and kindof scary. I won't be reproducing that trick.

    Stay warm and well.

  2. Well, you are likely sleeping now. I hope it is a rest full of sweet dreams.

  3. eEEEEEEeek. It's frigid in Florida too?! Wish you well and warm. Come to the SOLAR vortex!

  4. I'm so glad that you feel better. I hope you all thaw out soon.

  5. Here's hoping your plants survive! I know my mom hasn't covered a single thing. She regards freezes as nature's method of pruning.

  6. -13 here, feels like -33, all schools closed, another day on the couch with the pets-

    stay warm- i hope your plants make it. i know you will.


  7. Mel- I am in a no-selfies mood these days. For good reasons. I look like hell. Even with fancy make-up. Down comforters are the best invention ever. After running water. And it is too cold when water does that thing. Too damn cold.

    Birdie- I slept very well. I wish you felt better. So much.

    Denise- Hell yes. Frigid for us. Sucks.

    Elizabeth- Not today, trust me. I don't think it's gotten up to thirty yet.

    Steve Reed- I don't cover any of the plants growing in the ground. Just my potted plants.

    Mrs. A- I don't know how you stand it. Truly.

  8. It is good to be in a house that is warm and has good heat. The new fireplace insert has been great. Really keeps the kitchen and gathering room toasty.

  9. "You look beautiful for Boppy."

    How do you not eat those yummy children?!


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