Saturday, January 25, 2014


One of the games played at the shower (yes, there were games) was a check-list handed out entitled, "What's In Your Purse?"
Points were assigned for things you might be toting around with you in your bag. Things like gum and mints and mirrors and lipstick and pennies and so forth. Up to and including things like measuring tapes, screw drivers and a change of underwear.
The woman who won had something like 147 points.

I had 12.



  1. I love that. I guess that they didn't count overall pockets?

  2. OMG! The poor woman must carry around a small suitcase. I prefer as little as possible. And I like pants with pockets.

  3. But what about the eggs and brownies??? Sweet Jo

  4. That is awesome! If there was a category for vitamin D and pens and birth control packets, I would win a blue ribbon.

    I FINALLYYYY figured out how to unlock my blog and finally updated it. Technology and I may finally be at peace.

  5. I don't even carry a purse!Zero points for me.

  6. I'm with Birdie! If I can't fit it into my pocket, I don't carry it.

  7. My sister-in-law once had everything from a sewing kit to wrapping paper/tape/mailing bag in her purse. I, am never equipped. Unless you have a headache. Or an upset stomach. Or a hayfever attack. Bladder infection...

  8. I'm ready to spend the night with a momma in labor soooo,,,,I gotta lotta weird shit in my bag(s). In fact the whole back of my car is my purse.

    XXX B

  9. I have about 4. I watched an Oprah once where she had women come up and empty their bogs out - one woman was carrying around about ten pounds of stuff all the time. Scary!

  10. Elizabeth- Strangely, they did not!

    Ellen Abbott- Yes. She had a huge bag. Also, she has a wee one so she carries around lots of stuff as we all did when our babies were young. It's still sort of weird to me that I don't have Cheerios in my purse.

    Sweet Jo- Well, they weren't in my purse! Haha! Nah, they were good enough. There was a LOT of really good food.

    SJ- Your blog isn't showing up on my Feedly! And I even deleted and re-added. What's up with that? There was a lot of points on that game for a condom. Sexist? Weird? Whatever. I didn't have one.

    Birdie- Yes. You would have beat me in losing.

    heartinhand- I have to have a purse, even a small one. It's just the way it is.

    Midlife Roadtripper- She would have done well on this game. One of the women had a ruler in her purse! "Does this qualify as a measuring tape?" I assured her that it did. Why not?

    Beth Coyote- Absolutely true. I hope all is well and there is a brand new babe on the planet this morning.

    Steve Reed- She's a funny girl, our Elizabeth.

    Reya- Exactly.

    Jo- Well, to be honest, if you rarely go anywhere, you don't have to carry around a bunch of stuff. But some women really overdo it.

  11. 147 things in a purse? Holy shit! I wonder if the woman has rotator cuff injury.

  12. Syd- Some items were worth a bunch of points so no, she didn't necessarily have 147 items. But she had a lot!


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