Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy Birthday, My Love

I woke up after dreaming that I was a substitute teacher and I had to make the main dish for my students' lunch. I was going to make them meatballs and I lived in a tiny apartment and was washing my face with Dr. Bronner's (which is what I do every morning anyway) and it was a strange dream, but not terrible, and it took me almost an hour to clear my head in the least and perhaps that's because we may get storms today (oh please, please, please- storms with rain, holy rain!) and the air does not know what to do with itself and neither do I, really.

But as soon as I woke up, I remembered that today is Jessie's birthday, for real and for true, and Facebook gave me the memory of the post I wrote for her birthday three years ago and it was lovely. The link is here. 
In that post I of course quoted what my friend Lynn always used to say which was, "First of May, first of May, outdoor fucking begins today."
Which is probably what I quote every May 1, and some things do bear repeating.

So, if you'd like, go read what I wrote about my baby, Jessie, three years ago and here's a sweet picture of the most amazing thing which has happened since then in her life

and here she is this morning with those two precious people

eating birthday biscuits in the shape of hearts that her husband made her and in six months she'll be bringing another precious one into our family and time swirls and whirls around me like this crazy wind and I am remembering the day she was born and walking, walking to make my labor stronger, walking with her daddy between rainstorms, the way that after she was born, a rainbow came to double-bless us all, and magnolia blossoms sat in vases around the room, plucked during those walks, their creamy white petals blessing us too with their scent, and how it was when she was in labor with August, as strong and delicate and beautiful as a magnolia blossom herself and it's all a dream. 

I may get to babysit for that big boy today so that Jessie and Vergil can go get some lunch, see a movie, and I am looking forward to that, having the baby of my baby to play with here in Lloyd and my heart is just filled with love and I never once dreamed that my life could be like this, that I could be this lucky, that my eternal childhood hunger for family love could be fulfilled, that a dream I didn't even know I had could somehow, miraculously, come true. 


  1. In Seattle we used to say "Hurray Hurray, it's the eighth of May.. it's outdoor intercourse day." I have no idea why, but it was a wide spread thing.

  2. Happy Birthday Jessie! What a sweet little family she has!

  3. I had never heard the First of May couplet but it seems a good one to celebrate coupling!

  4. A wonderful birthday post. Thank you for the link and the photos. Happy Birthday, Jessie Moon!

  5. What a beautiful post, Mary!
    Do you ever get tired of hearing that?

  6. I can't say it enough- I'm so darn lucky in this life. I couldn't image a better one. Thanks for making it all happen, Mama, and for reflecting on it for me through this wonderful blog. I sure do love you and my life.


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