Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Day Of Firsts And Lasts

First attack of yellow flies. My ankles swelled up and itched so bad it was like torture. I walked through the house whimpering until the Benadryl took hold.
I'd just been out picking green beans. Innocently minding my own green bean business when they attacked.
It was the worst yellow fly experience I've ever had and that's saying something. It's been hours and my ankles are still swollen and red. I'm not sure I'll ever go outside again.

Gibson's last T-Ball game of the season.

Also, darling Lenore's. 

The end of the season cupcakes were obviously frosted with an icing that had permanent ink in it. At least the black ones. Lenore wisely chose an orange one. She delicately licked off all of the icing and gave the cake part to her grandmother. Gibson went for the black one. 


Not a first or a last but an eternal and precious sweet bond.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I bet I asked this but have you tried swallowing garlic pills to ward off bug bites? It worked wonders for me in Italy. Lenore is so teeny and cute w Gibson. And Bop and Maggie look like they are taking a stolen kiss there! Sweet!

  2. That last picture needs to be framed.

  3. And I send curses to the yellow flies. Bastards.

  4. What gorgeous children! And I send my boos to those mongrel yellow flies. How dare they attack my new friend!

  5. All those kids are just adorable!

  6. A poignant post, except for the yellow flies. I love how Lily dresses Maggie. That little girl is fierce in all definitions f the word. And yes, such beautiful children.

  7. that Lenore is little! don't have yellow flies here thank all the powers that be, just chiggers and they love me.

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