Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Day Like A Gift, Like A Ruby Ring In A Velvet Box

It is cool and everything is washed clean and knowing that we won't be having many more of these days for months and months makes it all the more precious. 



Maurice is enjoying it too. 


  1. Beautiful photos...Maurice looks like she has something on her mind...

  2. I love that you have chicks and hens planted in your chicken pot! ~Sarah from Columbus

  3. Honey-stream from Netflix :A Street Cat Named Bob. Looks just like Maurice...

    I love you all the way from Seattle.


  4. I'm seeing two pics of Maurice, one partly covered up by a pic of a peapod. Is that supposed to happen, or is it my browser?! Anyway, cute photo of Maurice. She DOES look like Bob the Street Cat.


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