Monday, May 1, 2017

A Perfect Birth Day Celebration


It's been a beautiful day and if I'd known when I was in labor with Jessie that in twenty-eight years I'd be rocking her little boy to sleep I might have had even more incentive to be strong and be sweet and not complain.
Or, in reality, I probably wouldn't have cared and would have  wanted to GET THIS BABY OUT as soon as I possibly could. 

But. I did rock that boy to sleep today on the porch swing as the rain fell and we watched the cars and trucks go by and looked at the trees and as he relaxed and his eyes grew heavy, I sang to him and soon he fell asleep and that was heaven on this earth. 

He was such a good little boy. He asked for Boppy first thing when he got here but he didn't fuss to find that Boppy was at work and he didn't fuss when his mama and daddy kissed him good-bye but told them he loved them and we played and we played and we played. 


So many different toys! So many things to do and places to explore! So many books to read and animals to hug and an egg to find and a Mer to pop tiny pieces of banana with peanut butter into his mouth because he was way too busy to stop and eat. 

After a few hours he started to yawn and rubbed his eyes and we started the process of taking a nap. Because this was all new to both of us we had to work our way to sleep and we did on that porch and I laid him down on the bed and he slept for three hours. His parents had been here for an hour before he woke up! 
Well, it is common knowledge that Mer and Bop have the most comfortable bed in the world. 


It didn't hurt that the AC Man (known in winter as Heater Guy) had arrived minutes after Mr. Moon called him and in five minutes had diagnosed and fixed the problem so that there was sweet cool air to sleep in. 

So. All of that was wonderful but my beloved and loved MacBook has decided to quit working. 
I'd go into detail but who cares except for me and besides, I'm writing this on my phone so it's a bit of a pain in the ass. 
Normally I'd be so upset that eyes would explode but it's been such a sweet and beautiful day except for that that I just can't be that disturbed. 

I've got bean soup cooking and I'm going to make a skillet of cornbread and I got to spend time with my baby's baby and it rained some today and my air conditioner has been fixed and it didn't require a new part to be shipped from Mars and as I rocked that baby boy to sleep I sang in my softest, sweetest voice, Dona Nobis Pacem which I learned in Girl Scouts one million years ago and as I sang I could hear in my heart all of the voices of girls whom I knew then as we sang in a round, Give us Peace, Give us Peace, Give us Peace. 

And it was so. 


  1. After a day at the doctor that ended with me crying in anger, this post brought the happy tears back. What a beautiful picture you paint of your life, Mary Moon!

  2. I love reading about your beautiful life with your beautiful babies. All of them.

  3. This is so sweet. Your writing is such that I feel I was actually there. Little August is a tiny boy but yet he is growing and that blonde hair is angelic. I love your developing relationship with him. I bet you will be very important to him when his new sibling arrives. And I love when you write twice a day. Your blog is my peace place whatever you write about.

  4. Your grands all have such distinct personalities, all of them adorable. What a lovely thing to have this angel boy sleeping so peacefully in your house. The hush and the joy. Oh my.

  5. Some of my favourite memories were being Girl Scouts, which was called Girl Guides here in Canada. I have unending songs in my head that I learned there.
    Yes, Give us Peace.

  6. I can't imagine a sweeter thing to fall asleep to than your voice singing that song. I am woefully behind reading blogs, yet I come here and am immediately lulled into peace myself. Thank you.

  7. This was such a lovely post...and as a former Girl Scout, I too recall that song and do give all of us here a bit of peace. Thanks.

  8. I am so impressed that you can write a long blog post on your phone. I'm just not sure I could do that. (Although, admittedly, I haven't tried.) Cute pictures of August, and it sounds like a day well spent. Thank GOD the a/c man took care of that problem!

  9. Wishing many happy returns of the day to the birthday girl, and your post has reminded me of the song "Grandma's Feather Bed" as sung by John Denver.

  10. supposed to be another hot one today but the nights an mornings have been nice and cool. I'm so happy you have those small little people to hold and show the magic of the world. all that is in the past for me. no more little ones.

  11. August definitely needs lots of MerMer (and Boppy) time. It makes him so happy. Far more happy than when I'm watching him all day. Thank you again, for everything.

  12. Such sweetness, Mary. I feel about as snug as August, reading it.


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