Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Would Not Be Surprised To See A Rainbow Before This Day Is Over

First of May! First of May! Outdoor fucking begins today!

As my dear friend Lynn always used to say. I believe James Taylor may have said it first. Oh, how Lynn loved her James. And who doesn't?

If one were to attempt outdoor fucking here today, it would be a soggy business. It is still raining, on and off and it was thus when Jessie was born. A rainy day with breaks in between and Mr. Moon and I would walk, walk, walk the streets of our neighborhood to get that labor going, to move that baby down and a magnolia offered its blossoms into the reaching hand of my man and he plucked it for me and we brought it home and when he left for work this morning I said, "Bring me home a magnolia blossom," and I hope he does. I like to think that the fragrance of the magnolia is viscerally imprinted on Jessie and that it means life and light and love and sweet mama's milk to her.
Lynn was there that day, as were so many of the people I loved. When I think of the perfect home birth, Jessie's is right up there.

I am happy today. Just purely so. I am letting the rest of the world take care of its own sorrows and troubles and letting myself just accept all of this right here, the celebration of the day when our family became complete, the child was born who has grown up to be Jessie Moon, wife of Vergil, player of mandolin, always-dancer, Mean Aunt Jessie, my back-pocket baby, the wonderful mama-baby nurse, the giggling girl, now woman.

Born of love, bringer of light, my Jessie whom we gave the name of her beloved grandfather who was named for a beloved aunt.

Our Jessie.
Happy birthday, girl. And thanks for making our family complete, our world what it is which is more shining and glory-full, just as do all of your siblings, and now your nephews.

Twenty-five years of your joy and your juice.
Keep dancing.

Love...Your mama


  1. sweet precious Jessie, happy birthday to her mother and the mother of three other precious humans. Today we all celebrate that light we know as your baby girl.

  2. Happy birthday to your Jesse and happy birthing day to you, Mary! The magnolias are blooming so huge this season here in Los Angeles, so I will think of your Jesse and the rest of you today as I drive about town and admire them.

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Jessie :) What a beautiful love letter to your daughter and to life. Now I feel really bad about my daughter's lame facebook birthday post :) I remember so well, walking my babies into readiness for the world. It seemed the only thing to do when they got close, to walk until I couldn't walk any more, and then we met. Such happy memories.

    You shine such light out into the world, from yourself, your writing and also through your children.

    I hope there are lots of rainbows.
    And I can almost smell the magnolia blossoms.

  4. Happy Birth Day Mama! The magnolias are Holy. I believe it.

  5. Happy birthday to Jessie; it's been so fun to watch her grow.

  6. Yay! Happy birthday to her, and thank you for sharing your family.

  7. Happy Joy Day to you and your lovely girl(s)/family!

    Here in Queens, the widows are wide open on a glorious sunny day after a raw wet one yesterday.

    As for the May rhyme opening your post...I've "known" JT since freshman year in 1970, and I don't believe I ever heard that before!! (And it took me another year before I would follow his advice! Ah, the '70s!)

  8. Happy birthday to your wonderful Jessie. You done good, Mama Moon.

  9. Oh how I love that First of May, Outdoor Fucking Begins Today thing...thank you for always reminding me of it! I checked YouTube and there is a version by Jonathan Coulton on there which is really great, yall should check it out.
    And your Jessie, what a beautiful woman/child she is! She hit the lottery in the gene pool...such a perfect combination of you & Mr Moon!I bet as that song goes... to know her is to love her. She shines bright! Birthday wishes and spring blessings to all the Moon clan!

  10. Happy birthday to your beautiful Jessie, your girl made of light.

  11. Happy birthday to your beautiful, sweet Jesse. Sweet Jo

  12. What a beautiful woman, what a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Jessie. I think all girls born in May are sort of special. <3

  13. Happy (belated) birthday to Jessie! I'm glad the celebrations went well. (As you later wrote.)

  14. Hope that Jessie had a great birthday! Sorry that I am late commenting here. I just stay busy and some days don't get around to reading blogs. But you know that I am happy for all of you and think of you and your family.

  15. I love this every time I read it- which has been every year since you wrote it. Thank you, Mama.


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