Saturday, May 6, 2017

Not Much Else To Say

Slowly, slowly and with the aid of a shovel, I managed to clear out all of the kale and some of the collards. I did a tiny bit of weeding but then I said, enough, and came in and laid down on my bed and read some and then slept.

All of it felt as gentle as it could be, as if I was moving through cool water, as if I was sweetly asking the soil to release the spent greens, and it did.

Tomorrow I believe I will plant some zinnias because if one can grow zinnias and does not, that may be a type of sin I do not wish to commit.

I am most grateful for this good day of light and cool and peace. I think I will ask my husband if he wants to play some cards while the focaccia bread for our supper is rising.


  1. i'm planting zinnias this year! hope you get some rest and are getting over the bug the g-kids had.


  2. Lily so needs a break. Poor honey. I hope you feel better. I admire your gardening and having a passion. Love to you.

  3. I hope you feel better and good luck with the zinnias...we had those growing up near the equator, lots of color and they always made me happy. I hope they do the same for you.

  4. Did you save any kale or collards? I need to stick my freezer!
    Also sorry we're all sick, love you!

  5. I planted zinnias last year and have volunteers up this year. they are one of my favorites. not those little ones but the big california giants.

  6. I can't get my Sunday started until you write so I've been laying in bed watching Nurse Jackie all day. Pathetic. Guilt provoking. I love you so.


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