Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How To Eat Like A Child And Run Away Like An Adult

We went to El Patron for lunch- our most regular dining spot- and because it's still relatively cool in the shade we ate outside. Because Jessie and Vergil and August are leaving in just a few days, even Mr. Moon is joining us for these lunches. We are trying to gather in all of the Weatherford love we can and in some way (not possible) show them how much we love them as we send them off full-heartedly to go and be with Vergil's family, with their friends up in North Carolina. We will go and see them, of course, because that's the way it is, but while we can simply make a phone call and then all get together for anything from lunch to Costco shopping, we need to do that.
And so we did today.

So. Here's how much Maggie June loves salsa.

No. Seriously. She had it in her eyelashes. And she did not care. 

And here's how August eats his guacamole.

Gibson ate his fried cheese sticks with great gusto. The restaurant was out of french fries and I thought he'd throw a hissy but he calmly accepted the news and ate the rice which was substituted. 
You just never know. 

We all enjoyed our Mexican lunches but Lily developed a pressure headache (her middle ear is still a mess and a torment to her life) and I was driving with her so I chauffeured her and the kids to her house where my car was and we were so grateful to Gibson who, for once, kept the noise level down to below a sonic boom. Then I drove back into Publix to get things for the beach because my husband, my love, is taking me away tomorrow for a three-night vacation on St. George Island where we'll be staying in my favorite funky place which is right on the Gulf and where they haven't changed the furniture since about 1978 and who cares? 
Not me, baby. 
But I didn't get much in the way of groceries to take because I don't want to be burdened and we can buy anything we need between Doug's Seafood and the St. George Piggly Wiggly. Plus, we can easily drive to the Mexican restaurant in Eastpoint for breakfast if we want to so there is that too. And maybe my sweetie will catch a pompano and I'll cook it for him. I just don't care. I want to sit under the umbrella on the beach with my toes in the water and read and watch my husband fish in the surf. I want to take naps and walk on the beach at sunset. I see that the full moon is tonight but there will be plenty of it left for the next few nights to charm and astound me. 

I have to tell you that I feel great huge masses of guilt for not taking all of the kids for the weekend but Mr. Moon keeps saying, "No guilt! We need and deserve time alone!" 
And he's right. But one of the things they don't tell you about grandmotherhood is that if you are one of the many who suffer from mother-guilt, your grandmother guilt will be just as bad, if not greater. How could I deny my grands a day or two at the beach? HUH? HOW? 
You selfish old woman!

The children reassure me that this is fine, they understand, but I think in my heart of hearts that they are cursing me under their breaths. Because this is the way I am made. 

Well. I am just going to fucking deal with it. 

Here's a picture Lily sent me this afternoon.

She asked if I thought that this "snack" would hold the boys until dinner. 
Those boys have the best mama they could possibly have. As does August. 

I may not be taking those kids to the beach this weekend but I gave them some awesome mothers. Decent trade, if you ask me. 

That's my first picking of the rattlesnake beans. 
I'll go back out and pick again tomorrow before we leave and I feel certain that we'll have enough to cook with some of our potatoes for a real fine meal on St. George island. 

I wish you could smell my hallway. 

Maybe we'll stop on the way down to the island and pluck some blossoms to put in our little funky love nest. 

I'll be reporting in although I'm not sure at all that this place has wifi. It definitely does not have a dishwasher. 
Ah well. I think I remember how to deal with that situation. Not a problem. Not one problem at all. 

All love. 

Ms. Moon


  1. Has Lily been to an ear nose and throat doc? I ruptured an eardrum in 2009 due to infection, and have had two (failed) surgeries to try to repair it. Losing the ear drum means no lakes, no swimming, no head in the water - forever. I worry about her ear.

  2. Daddy is so right. You two deserve some beach alone time. Think of all the beach trips that you have taken with us children- tons and tons! And even though those trips can be fun, a beach trip without worrying about anyone else can't be beat! You deserve a quiet, loving time with yourself and your man. Enjoy! And don't feel guilty one bit. Love you!

  3. The pictures of the kids are great! That one of Maggie is hysterical and now I think August looks grown up. Different angles maybe? Enjoy your getaway. The kids will be fine. They will be there for each other because that's the love you have in your family.❤️

  4. I know you're missing Jessie and family already. But the beach with that handsome man who loves you! Enjoy.

  5. Those grandkids have whole lives of beach time ahead of them. you and Mr. Moon, however have far less time ahead to be alone so, no guilt.

  6. I understand about the guilt, because I feel the same way whenever I leave the house without Olga. (And I'm sure dog ownership guilt is a mere SHADOW of grandparent guilt!) That top picture of Maggie makes me laugh. Have a great time at the beach! Can't wait to hear about it! I love beach places where the furniture hasn't changed since 1978. That's the ideal beach place.

  7. The best for your trip to the beach. It sounds absolutely awesome. I think it is important for everyone to step out of the rut every once in a while, the change is good.

  8. I'm not sure what I'm most jealous of - reading with toes in the sand at the beach or the smell of that magnolia blossom in your hall.....
    Hope you have the best weekend and you forget to pack your guilt. :)


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