Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Keeping On


My MacBook needs a new hard drive according to the Computer Doctor and so it is still in the shop where I took it this afternoon and will be for "two to three business days."
Ah well. As long as they can transplant the brain properly and transfer all of the grey matter, I will consider the operation a glorious success. 
"Do you need your data backed up?" the nice guy asked me on the phone. 
"Ummm. Yes," I said. 
That would be like the biggest DUH in the world. 
I went to Publix too. That was fun. Well, okay, it wasn't NOT fun and the lady who checked me out spent the entire time praising Lily and her calm and capable manner. She said that if Lily was handling the front she knew everything would be okay. 
All of this made me glow with pride, as you can imagine. 
I remember when my babies were babies and I'd look forward to taking them to their regular check-ups because the nurses and doctors would all praise their growth, their development, and tell me how fine and good-looking they were. That's a mama's paycheck and I still don't mind collecting one now and then. 

Lon and Lis are in town for a quick visit. Mostly they're here to play at a live recording gig for a friend so I've gotten to see them long enough for a quick catch-up and a cup of coffee before they have to leave and I'll probably be asleep when they come in. I told them that and Lon said, "That's okay. We'll just come in and jump on your bed and wake you up."
"Might as well," I said. "That's what the cats do."

Sure is good to see them, no matter how long or short the time. I love those two people with all of my heart. I've been thinking recently about last year when Lis and I went to Cuba together and how amazing that was and how I'd probably never ever in this world gone with anyone but her.  

That's love, baby. 

And speaking of...

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Traveling with a friend seems to be the way to go these days. A couple of friends of mine are about to go cruise the Danube for a week.

  2. I hear you on the parent's paycheck thing. My daughter says I take credit for everything she does 😁

  3. Honey, you earned that parents paycheck. Collect with pride.

  4. Marc's 2 yr old iMac died, motherboard fried, was going to cost damn near as much to fix it as to buy a new one so he just bought a new one. meanwhile my 7 yr old iMac keeps on going.

  5. I guess some people might NOT want their data backed up, but I can't imagine why. Maybe if they want to create a new identity!


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