Sunday, April 30, 2017

You Know It's Windy...

When you have to pretend blow your candles out because the candles themselves are having a hard time staying on the cake.
No. Seriously. They kept flying off.

But we had a good time and ate tasty snacks and even got in the cold, cold water. It was a beautiful day, celebrating Jessie.

Because we take dinosaurs everywhere. Almost.

Big brother, little sister.

War paint for Surfer Dude.

Sunscreen mohawk.

Ruffly butt. 

Lemon buttermilk poundcake. The only ones who loved it more than the grownups were the babies. 

The birthday and Wacissa seasons have now officially begun!



  1. Happy birthday dear beautiful Jessie!

  2. I don't know what's cuter. Magnolia's cheeks or her little bum.

    My nana used to call me her blue eyed button bum.

    Happy Birthday to Jessie!

  3. I am so glad you exist in the world, and write. I come here first thing every day and last thing every day and it is, you are, helping remind me of how beautiful the world is. Thank you.

  4. Happy Birthday lovely JessiešŸ­

  5. been very windy here as well. love that clear water. all the rivers here are muddy brown.

  6. Happy Birthday and many more for all of you!

  7. Love the sunscreen mohawk! I think bringing dinosaurs everywhere makes perfect sense.


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