Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am thinking of something I wrote this morning about May's name being tattooed in my womb. It seems to me that it might be something I read on Maggie May's blog and my brain kept it and gave it back to me as mine.
If that is true- Maggie- forgive me.
If I did steal it, it was unintentional and it could only have happened because it struck me with such force.
But I would hate to think I did such a thing. If I did.


  1. I've heard tattooed on my heart but not the womb. But it was a good turn of phrase.

  2. Sometimes we share truths...

  3. That line struck a cord with me when I read it in your post. They are some powerful words.

  4. I hate that feeling. But I sure don't think any of your blog readers would mind. Sometimes I read something that strikes such a cord, recently something about a kite and I am afraid I will use it and claim it as my own, by mistake, you know? m

  5. That last comment by Ms. Moon was actually written by Jessie Moon on her mother's computer. They ARE powerful words.

    Bethany- And at my age? Shit. I can't remember what I wrote on my own blog the day before.


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