Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Best Part

I had another good long day ending with the people you see in the pictures. And thus- Wheel of Murder is DONE!
But the best part, the very best, best, BEST part is that Kathleen, the lady you see sitting on the far left in the picture above, felt better today than she has in ages. You have no idea how much I have been worrying about that girl. She is one of those people whom my life depends on.
And she has not been feeling well for quite some time. But today, she had energy. And she stayed for the entire performance and at the end of it, we gave her flowers. And when I left the Opera House, she was drinking champagne.
My heart is happy. The other people in the picture are Marcy, Angie and Rich. I have spoken of them before and you can be sure I will speak of them again.

Blind Boy Larry.

Sweet Caleb who found his character when he bought a tube of Brylcreem. At the Winn Dixie. Of course.

Glamorous, gorgeous Stephanie.

Her husband (in real life), Jon. One of the finest actors I would ever hope to work with. Jon and Stephanie are the parents of Little Colin who is a beautiful and fine young man who has allowed me to hold him during rehearsals.

Ron (who always says, "Mary is special!") and our dear Jack.

Danni and Judy. Danni played three roles: Maybelline the make-up girl, Terry the Tech Girl, and The Sexy Sign Girl. She is awesome. And Judy, the co-director who is fierce and funny. And also awesome.

Danni and Jan, who played Wilamennia Gummershlacker. I have no idea how to spell either of those names. Sorry. But believe me- there could never be a better Wilamennia Gummershacker in the world. No matter how you spelled it.

And some of the ladies in the kitchen with whom I had the very best time. Leslie, Georgia and Denise. Georgia I have spoken of and Denise is half of the team of Carrie Ann and Co. which does catering deluxe in Monticello and in the worlds surrounding us.
Leslie, on the left, works for Denise and Carrie Ann.
You couldn't have more fun than working with these ladies.

All right. I'm about to go to bed. And last night I went to bed with the tallest bartender in Florida. Tonight I will be going to bed with the tallest bartender in the world.
Jack said so. I believe it. And that's that.

Sweet dreams, y'all.

And Kathleen- please. Just keep feeling better.


  1. What fun. I especially love the way your friends in the first photo are seated and leaning toward each other in odd and wonderful ways.

    You are certainly blessed in friends!

  2. Sorry to hear Kathleen has not been well. Many people have had a rough go of it this spring... maybe that has been contributing. Anyway, happy she's bouncing back!

    Great pix as always. What a crew of characters!

  3. Nice to see the people in your opera house life and other close friends. Glad that it was a good time. Sweet dreams.

  4. Yes, what Syd said. It is good to have pictures of the thespian server side of your life. x0 N2

  5. Elizabeth- The Opera House is a family. And such a dear one.

    Ms. Fleur- Thank-you, honey.

    Syd- These people are a joy in my life.

    N2- Yep. The richness. It's good.

  6. I am very relieved that Kathleen is feeling better.

    Looks like a great and very fun crew.

    Love you.


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