Thursday, May 27, 2010


Harumph. I am not in a good mood this morning. I don't know why. Perhaps red-ant toxicity.

I have been thinking about things to talk about such as Gwyneth Paltrow and what's up with all that cleansing and how is that different from your garden-variety-non-celebrity eating disorder and oh, I don't know- Willie Nelson cut his hair!

But what's the point? Willie Nelson's hair doesn't affect me and neither do Gwyneth Paltrow's cleanses. Nor does who won American Idol although that little girl sure was cute and every time she smiled and showed that missing tooth I swooned a little.

No. I'm more concerned with the fact that my chickens have probably scratched up all my zinnia seeds which is hardly of earth-shattering interest to anyone in the entire world.

I suppose I should go take a walk and see what's happening in Lloyd and in the woods and over by the horse farm. The world will go on no matter what sort of mood I'm in. Oprah will gain or loose weight and fifteen different experts will tell us why, including that weirdo spiritual guru of hers. Sex And The City II will be discussed endlessly and there will be a plethora of pictures from openings in Morocco to Milan to Miami and the outfits the women wear on them will be discussed endlessly too. The Pope will say something, Jesse James will cry on TV and Sandra Bullock, if she is smart, will say nothing at all but will stay at home with her baby and bask in real true love. Tom Cruise will remain shorter than his child bride. Glenn Beck will come up with another ridiculous theory. People will demand that Barack Obama put on his swim fins and super hero outfit and swim a mile down and plug that oil leak up with his bare hands, goddammit- you're the president, DO SOMETHING!

Gwyneth Paltrow will instruct us on how to stimulate more effective bowel movements.

Not me, baby. Try some prunes if you're having a problem.

Willie Nelson won't give a shit what you think about his hair.

I'm going to take a walk, see if I can improve my mood after I make Mr. Moon an egg and cheese sandwich. Maybe I'll put some bacon in there too.

At least one of us will be in a good mood. Why don't "good" and "mood" rhyme?

Maybe the Pope could tell me.
I doubt it.


  1. I should be able to tell you about good and mood, but I'm not sure - except good is from 'gut' from old English-that-once-was-German and mood is from somewhere else, and that's why.

    I solve this grumpy problem by avoiding tv etc. So all that celeb news was news to me. Congrats to Sandra Bullock. Didn't she just get cheated on and left by her husband? Or was that someone else...

  2. Sorry you're in a bad mood, and well... I'm sort of glad Willie cut his hair. Hopefully he conditioned it too! :-)

    I'm hoping you might be of a mind to check in on my boys sometime this weekend..? Just check up on them? I hate to even ask, but it is the second time in less than a month I have left them alone and well.... the mom in me doesn't feel good about that!

    I hope you are feeling better baby. And, yea, red ants SUCK!!!!
    xo pf

  3. This whole oil spill has me crabby. It's been a fucking month! I think there should be plans to deal with these situations before they ever drill the first hole.
    And these weird celebrity diets and 'detoxifications' piss me off because young girls hear that shit and start damaging their bodies trying to be like these skinny, sickly looking women. And young men see those skinny bitches and are told that they are the standard for beauty, so they perpetuate the cycle by only paying attention to the girls who look like that.
    Don't even get me started. I could go on and on with that topic...

  4. mood and good do rhyme in my space of the world...
    You just got out of bed on the wrong foot as we say in Belgium. ;o)))
    Hope you find your happy self back...
    Maybe it is just one of those days...

  5. Well the egg, cheese and bacon sandwich would put me in a good mood! Have a nice walk.

  6. Tay would say you just need some lolcats.

  7. I know people who do the cleanse thing and it's just weird to me, just like Oprah's spiritual guru (since you mentioned him). THAT would put me in a bad mood, as does thinking about the oil spill, but walking would put me in a good one. Hope your day turns around.

    And, Willie cut his hair?? I had not heard this yet.

  8. The Pope has no idea, he's the last person I'd ask.
    And seriously, all these cleansing things celebrities do and talk about, leave me disgusted. Who cares?
    Have a better day, sweet you.

  9. I don't give two shits about Gwenyth Paltrow and her damn bowel movements. She needs to get a real life.

    You, I do care about. Hope the day gets better.

    Your ass is loved.

  10. Willie Nelson cut his hair??!!??
    (I'm not being sarcastic, I really am sort of shocked.)

    I'm off to Google...

  11. eh, Willie's been cutting his hair all along, just closer to the roots this time.

    and if ya let me, I'll tell you all about my new can-o-beans-a-day diet; the outcome is predictable.

  12. I now resolve to get all of my breaking news from you. I like your take on the world of no-one gives a flying rat's behind and I also enjoy chicken updates.

  13. Very well said, Ms. Moon. Even in your rant, you are eloquent and, more importantly, funny as hell!

  14. I shall tell you something you knew already: the pope doesn't know shit.

  15. DTG is right, you need a laugh. I just watched this and it is the funniest cat I've seen on the internet yet. I want Maru the cat to live with me.

    I'm damn cranky too. The internet is abuzz with oil globs and Kate Hudson's boobs, thank goodness I missed Gwyneth's missives. Oil spill news is just salt in my wounded mood. I'm wondering about some zinnia and sunflower seeds myself, I think the damn chipmunks are digging them up and eating my seedlings.
    That I can do something about, the oil spill or stupid humanity not so much.

    I live with a dyslexic teenager who forever points out the inconsistencies in english spelling and phonics logic, and I have no help to offer him but root languages, which as a teen male, he could give a shit about. They are a species unto themselves. He was not so long ago, adorable and amazing, just like Owen, not nearly so mysterious and jaded, but he finds life pretty odd like I do to, poor kid. Whatever. Hope you have a nice walk and a better mood soon.

  16. I am grumpy too, but the "child bride" comment made me smile.

  17. I loved your comment about Obama.

    I, too, hope the day improves. We're rainy here in Los Angeles -- very strange, rain in May!

  18. I'm in a bit of a funk myself. Urgh.

  19. You go girl. Understand, not everybody does that good at being in a rotton mood. Some eat food. Some switch hoods. Some just stick out their tongue.

  20. I'm not grumpy but tired. I need a few days of rest which luckily I'm going to get. I don't care about most of the things that celebrities do, unless they die and I might or might not notice that. Enjoy the afternoon with gratitude that your intestines are good.

  21. I only found your blog a few days ago and have had a marathon catch up session, and I reckon I care more about your zinnia seeds and chickens than Gwyneth Paltrow :)

    I hope the walk improved your day!

  22. I agree with others that the fate of your zinnia seeds is far more notable than celebrity grooming.

  23. Jo- I get all this shit off the internet. And yes, the Jesse James I mentioned was her cheating husband. He is blaming his miserable childhood on his stinking, sneaking ways.

    Ms. Fleur- I'll check in on them although I am sure they will be fine. It's good for them to be together. I'm so sorry you're not off having fun.

    Rachel- I'm with you. Every word.

    Photocat- I think it was just one of those days. And we say, "Got out of bed on the wrong side."

    Lois- I'm ashamed to admit it but I went to Goodwill instead of walking. It was cooler there but not as therapeutic, I am afraid.

    DTG- And Tay-Tay would be right. I did go over and visit a few LOL cats and it cheered me up considerably.

    Nicol- I know. I don't think those people are concerned with toxins. If they were, they could just not ingest toxic things. I think it's all a weird weight-loss thing.

    Angie M- But couldn't the Pope just ask god?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Wouldn't you think that being a movie star would be enough to keep that woman busy? YOUR ass is loved.

    Stephanie- Yeah. He looks sort of weird.

    Magnum- Ms. Paltrow has an entire website. I think you could write her there and inform her of your new diet. She'd probably try it.

    Lisa P.R.- Sad chicken update today. Sigh. I will do my best to keep you informed on all things of importance.

    E- I love to make people laugh.

    Mwa- Yeah. I sort of knew that.

    Mel- What do they FEED that cat? She is crazy. Or he. Whichever. And the English language is not kind to those with reading differences. At all. And I do not wish to discuss the oil spill. Damn.

    Nancy C- I have a feeling it's the child bride who wears the pants, though.

    Elizabeth- I wish it was raining here. It would be cooler.

    Rebecca- Must be the damn moon or something.

    Swallowtail- Ah. It wasn't THAT bad of a mood.

    Syd- I will.

    Hmmon- Welcome, welcome! Glad you found us. And thanks for taking time to comment.

    A- Well, to me.

  24. I giggled the whole way through this post and thought the world would be a better place if Ms. Moon was President and Pope and American Idol all rolled in to one


  25. Don't be mopey Ms. Moon. Thinking of you :)

  26. Quietgirl- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I miss you so. What's going on in your life, etc? Thank you for saying hello. Thank you so much.

  27. I'm sorry you were a grouchy pants, but you sure are fucking funny when you get that way.

    And I care very much about your zinnia seeds. In fact, I find it very tragic.


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