Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, Wouldn't You Know It?

I opened my newspaper this sweet cool morning to find the picture above on the front page. That's Ms. Lloyd's daughter, right there, working on the train depot. And there was a nice article about the whole restoration.
I went to the paper online and found more pictures and you can find those here.
If you have the slightest interest.

It was just funny that I wrote THREE blog posts yesterday in which the train depot was mentioned and even pictured in two and then this.
Well, life is funny.

What's not funny is how my refrigerator and increasingly, my entire kitchen smell.
When I bought shrimp last Saturday for Sunday's birthday feast, I put the shrimp, wrapped in TWO strong plastic bags directly on a shelf in the refrigerator instead of setting them in a bowl the way I usually do.
Bad mistake.
Bad, bad mistake.

I may have to replace the refrigerator.

But first I have to clean the whole damn thing and I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of food taken to the chicken coop this morning because the shrimp smell seems to have permeated almost everything.


And Owen's coming in an hour and a half and so I better get busy because honestly, it's too nasty to live with. As in- if you walked into a seafood market and it smelled like my kitchen does you'd walk out as quickly as you could and go buy pork chops.
As in- if my dogs could get in the refrigerator and roll in it, they would.
As in- there ain't enough baking soda in the world to get rid of this smell.
As in- okay. You get it.

On the big scale of life's problems this is a small one and I know that and I'm grateful.

Not like I'm trying to rebuild a train depot here.
I just need to de-gagify the kitchen.


  1. As someone who used to sell refrigerators I know for a fact that if you put a cup of coffee grounds in the refrigerator it will soak up the stink pretty well. Better than baking soda. You would be amazed at some of the things that got returned to our store!

  2. I have to find a way to work the phrase "de-gagify" into a conversation.

  3. Jeannie- I thought about vinegar but I've gone straight to bleach. Kill them shrimpified bacteria! It's working.

    Sarah- Thanks for the coffee grounds tip! That will be my finishing touch!

    DTG- I liked that one too.

  4. Nice about the railroad depot. Now if there could be a grant for that little store!

    I once carried some shrimp in my truck in plastic bags and the drippings got on the carpet in the back. It stunk for months and I tried everything to get it out--cat and dog odor remover, club soda, vinegar, carpet spray, name it and I tried it. Finally, after many months of living with the background smell of rotting shrimp underneath the perfumed smell of Febreeze and carpet fresh, it went away. Now I carry a bucket with me to put the shrimp in. Good luck with it. Try some Simple Green to scrub your reefer.

  5. Syd- Car nightmare! But I have to tell you that you cracked me up- isn't reefer Simple Green in and of itself?

  6. It's good you qualified that your shrimp problem is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but then again, it could also be the proverbial straw. Just sayin' --

    Happy cleaning!

  7. I know that smell of which you speak and I am feeling your pain.

  8. Our refrigerator is gross too.

    I just keep ignoring it.


  9. Oh. You just made me remember a story from the mists of time.

    My mother told me about ... someone... her? finding an abandoned car... with an evil, deathly stench coming from the boot. Or trunk, if you will.

    So bad, they had to get the cops to come open it, because they thought it had to be a corpse.

    But it was fish. Someone had gone fishing, and then left their car... and bad smells developed. They probably came back and just thought, oh well, we'll buy a new one.

  10. Hey Ms. Moon,
    I really loved catching up with those posts about the meeting. Esp loved the Meeting Notes title. I love your writing and the way you told it all. You had me enthralled actually. I'm glad they had cookies. Though I always think of store bought ginger snaps as a diet, unreal cookie.
    Thanks for sharing all this. I'm so glad you brought up the farmer's market idea and that no one asked you to do anything. The first post just had me laughing and nodding my head. Such a wonderful slice of your little town.
    Bless her heart, you know?
    Love to you today.

  11. Ooooh. We're no strangers to refrigerator disasters, what with 3 Florida hurricanes in our past. If you can do without the fridge for a few days after you finish the cleaning, cram it full of crumpled newspaper and leave it closed.

    Or you could try the gold standard enzyme treatment, which I can personally attest to eradicating the ultimate vile smell--cat urine. Winsol Trio Plus,

  12. Oh but that's one of the more horrible house problems to deal with. Just the thought of it! Good luck...

  13. I was just going to suggest the newspaper cure,but Kathleen beat me to it. It works for Farty's diaper pail, which is no small feat! Cost effective and pretty environmentally friendly too(reusing the papers, not spraying chemicals, etc).

  14. Elizabeth- I must be fairly mentally well today because I know exactly what you are talking about and it was just a bump in the road.

    Lois- I think we all do. It's vile.

    Michelle- It's another one of those things that doesn't take as long as you think it will, isn't as hard as you thought it would be, and is so rewarding when you are done. Cleaning the refrigerator, that is.
    (How old IS this sweet and sour sauce?)

    Jo- I can see that. I once thought something had died in my yard but it was merely discarded mussel shells.

    Bethany- I am with you on the ginger snaps! I love you too, sweet girl.

    Kathleen- My refrigerator seems to smell pretty darn fine now. But I am going to pass on that enzyme tip to Mr. Moon who sometimes buys cars that DO NOT SMELL GOOD! Thanks!

    Mwa- All is restored to order. Refrigerator cleaned, cleaning towels bleached, trash taken to the dump! Crisis overcome!

    Rachel- I had heard that but have never tried it. I will. I'm sure there will be some smelly disaster again soon.

  15. Hopefully you have triumphed in the Shrimp Tale by now, what with all the helpful hints from our friends here.

    Loved reading your journey with the meeting, the store and the railroad depot rehab. I'm for anything that helps re-build a sense of community in small towns, here and abroad. That is what is missing in the suburbs where people hardly walk down the street, but rather roll right into their remote control operated three car garages in their lot line to lot line houses.

    I rode my bike downtown to an appointment today in the partial sunshine and had a nice chat with another bike riding lady who lives a couple of blocks away, on the way. It made a nice start to my day.

    Thanks for getting yourself out to the meeting and telling us about it. x0 N2

  16. I love shrimp, but is sure is stanky AS HELL.

  17. N2- I'd stick a needle in my eye before I'd live in one of those "communities." And have you noticed they all have these fancy foyers and yet they never get used because EVERYONE comes in through the garage to the fucking laundry room. That is bullshit.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- After a few days, especially.


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