Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exotic Day Trip Planned

Sunday morning here at the Church of the Batshit Crazy and I'm about to travel down to Medart, Florida with Kathleen and two other friends from the play to go to a crazy, wonderful nursery called Just Fruits and Exotics.
If you are any sort of gardener at all you can get into serious trouble at Just Fruits. They have plants you've never heard of but upon seeing realize you have wanted your entire life and must have immediately.
Mr. Moon cringes when I go to Just Fruits. Lucky for him we don't have enough sun here for me to plant, oh, an orchard so I usually just pick up a few little things that I think might do here in this shady yard.
Kathleen already knows she wants two kiwis and an orange tree. That's Kathleen. She thinks things through, knows where she wants to put her plants and executes her plans with no muss and no fuss. She's a Druid and a scientist so that makes sense. And she has a lot of sun in her yard.
I don't know what Judy and Denise are wanting to get. I am just now getting to know them and I'm excited that we're going to make this little day-trip together. It's wonderful to make new friends, especially at my age.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing today. Traveling down to Wakulla County to a plant nursery and maybe we'll find lunch somewhere too.
And without a doubt, we'll be stopping at the convenience store where they have the XLERATOR hand drier to pee and wash and dry our hands. I have written about the XLERATOR before. Here.
I still laugh out loud every time I use one. I laugh so loudly they can probably here me in the parking lot. I laugh because this drier is so powerful that it pushes your skin into weird and unlikely shapes which ripple and move as you move your hands and arms under the drier. It's freaking AWESOME! I'm surprised there isn't a cult of XLERATOR devotees. An entire website dedicated to its awesomeness, a search engine for everyone to find the nearest XLERATOR.
So yeah, we'll be stopping at the Kangaroo for something to drink and to wash our hands.

It's going to be a fun day.

I hope yours is too.

Love...Ms. Moon



    The first time I saw one was in the bathroom at a coffeeshop where I was on a first date, and I got so excited that I came out and told the guy all about it, and how it displaces your handflesh in all kinds of fascinating ways, and how he HAD to go use it before we left.

  2. Oh, I REALLY hope you're bringing your camera. Good for you all. Sounds like a fun day, well if I could do things like that, go places with friends in cars. Not yet. But I'm glad you are. I love your Kathleen.
    I am happy she's getting herself those pretty fruit bearing goodies.
    You and the XCELERATOR, silly Ms Moon. You make me laugh.
    I've got to get out and garden.
    Like NOW!

  3. I will have to look for one. I am usually absorbed by the sex toy kits at restrooms here. SC must have a lot of randy people for the number of sexual stuff in restrooms

  4. I hope you get to enjoy yourself, Ms. Moon. Days spent in the company of friends are wonderful.

  5. Are you going to put your face under it and get an XCELERATOR facelift?

  6. I love those dryer things; we have been to a couple of national parks that have them in their bathrooms, and I just like to have fun with them.

    hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

  7. hmm...honestly i dont understand why you all are so xited about the xlerator..but i ms surely exited about the trip plus plant nursery because..gah..plants and me...mini1 and me are busy to turn the balkony into a jubgle again..dont get me even started on the garden...

  8. making new friends- people you really like- is so awesome.

    have a great time!

  9. traveling with that is fruitful!
    enjoy...return...tell all.


  10. Amna- You understand.

    Bethany- Kathleen is planing an orchard!

    Syd- I think they sell fancy condoms in that restroom too but all I ever see is the XLERATOR!

    Angie M- It was a real treat.

    DTG- I do. Wanna join my cult?

    Jo- I have thought about it.

    Kori- You get it too!

    Danielle- You would LOVE this nurery. And if you saw this hand drier, you would love it too.

    Maggie May- Truth.

    Rebecca- I did.

  11. Our local chicken wing joint has an XLERATOR. Fucker rocks. Wish I could find a hair dryer with that much wattage.


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