Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

To all of the mothers- and in that word I include those who nurture, whether human kids or animal kids, whether babies or tiny begonias, whether words or paint or fabric or tomatoes, whether nieces and nephews or the children of dear friends- I wish a happy Mother's Day.
As one who worships the womb and the blood thereof, I wish us all a day of stopping for a moment and thinking of all that we have created/fed/comforted/loved.
I wish us all a moment to think of what we have done, what we do, and of what importance all of that is.
Some of the most nurturing women I know are not mothers of biological children. But their wombs have bled, their hearts have opened, their arms have embraced.

To all of us, I wish a happy Mother's Day and I honor us all.

Blessed be. Blessed be.

We do our best. Bless our hearts.


  1. I met Ms. Moon some 14 odd years ago (and yes, they have been very odd years).

    Met her online. Pregnant. Worried. Full of words that no one was listening to. Back in the day when we didn't "meet" people online.

    In these 14 odd years (and yes, they have been very odd years). Ms. Moon continues to be an inspiration, a blessing, and a reason to get up in the morning and hug my kid.

    Among the MANY things she has taught me are:

    Castor Oil will not bring the baby sooner, but it will make you poop.

    Sunscreen is a must. Her direct words were "I will NEVER tell you that you have had too much to drink, but I WILL tell you to put sunscreen on."

    And (my personal favorite): You need to learn how to say "That's not my Monkey, and I'm not gonna feed it."

    I love you Ms. Moon.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, dear Mary Moon. Your love for your children is written all over this blog. I'm wishing you a relaxed afternoon of refreshing drinks and some good, solid sitting around with your kids, the O-boy and the Mister. Kisses...N2

  3. "We do our best. Bless our hearts"

    Yes, we do our best. Just wished that our kids would see that... I wished I had met Ms Moon 14 years ago instead of 14 days ago... ;o)))
    Love the monkey saying, although we say it sits on our shoulder, let me put it back on your shoulder!
    The feed is funnier...

  4. Ms Moon mothers children all around the world :)

    Thank you, Mary, for sharing yourself, for being you xx

  5. Happy mothers day! Your kids are so lucky. Thanks for mothering me sometimes too.

  6. Happy Mother's Day.

    This post was perfect, short and sweet!

  7. "I worship the womb"...I love that! I think it is a perfect sermon for today. I am enjoying my church of the quiet Sunday morning over here.
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, with all your generations down there in FL, and a joyous day too for Lily's first Mother's Day.

  8. Happy Mother's Day Ms. Moon! I'm so glad we met. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. This made me tear up. Thanks for thinking of those of us who do not have human children, and never will.
    Beautiful post.
    You are a mother in a million ways and I am so grateful for that.
    You are a teacher too.
    I loved Omgrrrl's story!
    Happy Mothers day to you too and all your family, online ones included.

  10. Happy Mommas Day to you dear Ms Moon and happy returns to all the mommy/nurturers in blogland and beyond.

    Continued Blessings,

  11. Thinking of you today. Glad there is a holiday named for you. And all the women who make our lives better.

  12. ach blogger schmogger..why does your blog eat my coments again? is that his punishment for me for beeing away so long??

    anyway...happy mothers day ms moon...and viva la womb:-)

  13. you said it all. truer than true.
    happy mama's day to you.

  14. Some great sentiments about mothers. If it weren't for the mothers of the world, none of us would have been born! That is something to be thankful for.


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