Friday, May 28, 2010

My Babies (And Spider Picture Warning)

Well, it had to happen.
Owen is sick for the first time. I had thought he felt a bit warm yesterday and was fussier than usual and he wouldn't let me put him down when he was asleep but he full-bloomed it last night as babies do. His temperature shot up and he cried and cried and fussed and couldn't sleep and didn't want his nurnies and scared his mama and daddy.
Lily did all the right things. She gave him his ibuprofen and got out the Dr. Spock who is always on call, always reassuring at three a.m. On his advice she gave him a tepid bath and when he fell asleep sitting up in it, she was more worried than ever but they got through that long night and this morning I went to see the pediatrician with her and Owen.
Upper respiratory infection, probably viral. His ears are clear and so are his lungs so that is good. He isn't vomiting or coughing very much he's just a little pitiful and not his happy, singing self.

I asked Lily if she wanted to come out here with him this afternoon so that I could take care of both of them and let her rest some and she said that would be nice, so they are both here, taking a nap right now. She felt guilty about not going in to work but she knows that he needs his mama today because no one can get him to sleep and rest the way she can.
We have some movies to watch later and honestly, except for Owen being miserable, I'm as happy and content as I can be. As I just wrote in an e-mail to a friend, I would have made a horrible nurse- I am too scatterbrained and probably would have killed someone by accident, but when it comes to nurturing and caring for my loved ones in simple ways, I am not so bad and there is a part of me which loves the fact that my children might still need their mama sometimes and will let me take care of them. They don't realize that it's a mitzvah for me when they let me tend to them now and then.

So here we are, back in Lloyd with our sick boy. He's a sturdy one and will be fine. And so will Lily. She had a taste of another side of being a mother last night and it's a frightening one. A child or a baby with fever can just scare the bejesus out of you and that's a fact. The listlessness, the burning feel of their skin and the way it becomes so dry feeling, that cry you've never heard before, their refusal of the breast or the bottle- it's just plain scary, and scary at three in the morning can turn into terrifying.
But I am so proud of Lily and the way she did everything just right. She loves that boy so. And he can still smile. My usual tricks are not giving him the chortles but his happy nature is still in there.

My little sheriff and his beautiful mommy.

And now, just because I can, I'll give you this picture of a small spider which has built her web on the swing porch:

And look! My zinnias are coming up!

The chickens did not scratch all of them out.

And that's it from Lloyd on this Friday afternoon. It is hot and muggy but that's to be expected and it's the beginning of a long weekend and I hope that all of us have a good and safe one with our families or our critters or in the dirt or by the water or under a tree. Whatever it is that you want to do this weekend- enjoy it.
Let us all take care.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon. We are having a luau birthday party for my granddaughter tomorrow morning and I will try to get some cute pictures. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That very first time a child gets sick is utterly terrible. Isabella was 10 months old the first time she got sick and I was horribly upset. She ended up having Roseola.

    Joey was just 2 weeks old.......ear infection. I swear I think he was born with an ear infection. Is that even possible?

  3. Oh, I felt so relieved that Lily and Owen were with you. I know she can do a perfect job herself, but how nice for her to have a little rest too and a mama to take care of her while she takes care of Owen. That is just pure love and sweetness and rightness.
    Hope O feels better super fast.
    I was also delighted to see your happy baby zinnia seedlings. My favorite is when they first pop up. So thnak you for that shot. It lifted my mood.

    I'm working tomorrow but am going to get my garden in this weekend. Lots and lots of work. But I'm hoping I can do it with a light heart and body.
    Thanks for the wishes.
    You too.

  4. Poor baby. Poor mama. I wish rest and wellness for all.

  5. Give Lily a big ol' hug from me and tell her I hope to hang out with her this weekend.

  6. Glad O and Lily both have such good mama's to take care of them, that is really the best medicine. Mother love, rest and movie therapy should do the trick.
    x0 N2

  7. Sick babies are the worst. I hope everyone is feeling fine soon.
    And thanks for the warning on the spider pic.

  8. It's so scarey the first time a baby is sick, and those high fevers they run! Glad the little guy is doing better, and his mama and Grandma are too.
    I have a small volunteer plant coming up in my flower box. I'll have to send you a picture of it, if it blooms, and maybe you can tell me what it is. It's not (based on the shape of its leaves) anything I have and doesn't look like anything my neighbors have either. Maybe it's from a seed from 1 of your plants that flew all this way to plant itself for me?

  9. I'm sorry that Owen is sick. I'm sure that he will feel better. Hope that your weekend is a good one.

  10. Poor Owen, poor worried Lily. I remember very well the heart in the throat when they are sick and fevery. I am a good caretaker and nurturer too, but I worry myself sick, and I've slept fitfully next to a crib many nights, ready to do whatever I can to make them feel better, which was usually nothing but be there. He has so many ickies to go before his immunity builds up. Remember rotovirus? Ugh. Well, hope Owen's better soon, and so glad you are able to use your mama genes to their fullest.

  11. Lily clearly has her priorities straight. I hope Owen feels better fast and that Lily gets some good sleep.

    I told the Moms last night that when I come and visit you all, the ENTIRE FAMILY has to take a walk with me to protect me from the spiders and snakes. I want to see Lloyd, damn it. But I do not care for the wildlife, so you, Mr. Moon, Hank, Lily, May May, and Jessie have to walk me around. OKAY?? OKAY?? I'm damn serious. Otherwise, my ass isn't leaving the house. Besides a family walk can be a bonding experience.

  12. ah..that owen..he is the boy in the he will be all good and well soon again:-)

  13. Oh, there are days that only Mom will do. I'm glad you were there to be Lily's comfort today. And, of course, Owen's.

  14. Poor little guy. It sounds like both mother and son handled it well. Good boy for fighting those germs.
    I’ve seen those spiders. I am devious and blow on them and they freak a little when their web rocks back and forth.

  15. Get well soon, baby boy. Being sick is good for his little immune system, so don't worry. He'll do fine, and he'll feed again fast - mine tended to go off it too, especially during growth spurts, for some reason.

  16. He is just so beautiful, M. I hope he's already on the mend. I seem to remember that sometimes it just doesn't last long with their strong little immune systems. I'm glad Dr. Spock is still around to lend comfort, too!

  17. Poor baby. It's worse when little ones are sick than when we are. Hope he gets well quickly.

    Have a great weekend Ms. Moon!

  18. Owen will be just fine. He's a strong breast fed baby and that's all there is to it. Could be roseola. 72 hrs of fever, fever breaks, and pink spots follow. Benign virus but the rash can catch you off guard.

    And how could Lily be anywhere but with her feverish boy? And how could they both be anywhere but with you?


  19. Ms. Moon, if you translate from Jewish to Catholic, a mitzvah reads as an opportunity for grace, and this is one of the things I love best about you: you show us the nuts and bolts in a completely universal language. Love you.

  20. Ah, by now he is probably much, much better-and I will be so happy to hear it. Lily learned from you, how can she be anything BUT an excellent mama?

  21. Lois- Yes! Cute pictures!

    Rebecca- Probably. Damn ear infections.

    Bethany- I have some gardening to do myself. Always. Let's do it!

    Steph- He is much better. Yay!

    Jill- She is the best.

    DTG- Message delivered. Hugs too.

    N2- He slept a sweaty sleep while we watched Zombie Land. It was great!

    Rachel- I try to be a thoughtful blogger.

    Lucy- I would do my best. Send it on. And who knows? I swear we catch colds from each other on the internet.

    Syd- I envy your weekend spent on the water. Enjoy!

    Mel- I knew all the mamas here would relate. And it is so nice to be able to still mother my babies.

    Ms. Bastard- I can just see this now. We'll take up the entire road! But for you, we will do it. But really- I can protect you. You know I can. But we do need that bonding experience since you've been gone since birth. And oh yeah, before too.

    Danielle- You are right!

    Nancy C- He had no idea why so much love was being poured upon him but he loved being loved. His Pop-Pop even got in on the act.

    Michele R- Heh-heh. I have done the same.

    Jo- I think he was born with a good immune system. But yes, he HAS to get sick occasionally as do we all.

    Lopo- I'm so glad you stopped by! I always give Dr. Spock as a present to parents-to-be. There is no book which can replace him.

    Kathleen Scott- You too!

    Michelle- The doctor mentioned that one. I think he's just got a little URI though. The third day will tell the tale but his fever is already way better and Lily reports he slept pretty well last night.

    Angela C- Yes. A mitzvah is a grace and Lily has given me one along with her son.

    Kori- I had no idea she was paying attention! That Lily Girl.

  22. Sweet, sweet tiny sheriff.
    Hope he's mending quickly.

  23. Oh, your poor sweet baby. I hope that he's better by now.

  24. I hope he's feeling better, his shirt is too cute.


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