Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning Light

Weight-bearing exercise in a fifty-five year old woman is good and what she needs
But she needs to sleep too and last night I woke up so many times
And slept through the earliest part of the morning and woke up to see what you see in those pictures above
And thought
Yoga, yes today is for yoga
To stretch these muscles which ache
These joints which ache
This old body which has given me so much
Today is not for pounding it in the heat
Although after breathing and stretching
I think I will take a little walk, just enough
To bear my weight a mile or so
As the light pours down
Onto the steaming ground
From last night's rain still dripping from leaves
As pure as anything I've ever seen
That light, that mist, that illumination
Of it all.


  1. Hmm. At the risk of being a hypocrite, maybe it would help to stop telling yourself you're so old all the time :)

    My mother at 55, she was so... I don't know. Even though she was sick, she seemed so strong and youthful to me. And full of a certain kind of grace.

    Just be nice to yourself, eh?

  2. Wonderful photos. I love that morning light when the air seems smoky with vapor. I don't think of 55 as old. I do believe that one is as old as one feels. My mother said that she still felt 18 when she was 90. I like that outlook.

  3. Those photos!
    There is nothing man made that comes close to morning light.
    But I can make sure I see it and feel it .

    And yeah, I was thinking the same about the age thing. I does kind of sneak up. What worked before that doesn't now. What makes me so tired. My face. ugh.

    steps in the right direction all count.

  4. perfect. Love these.
    Glad you got your yoga and your walk in.

  5. Jo- It's my aches and pains that make me feel old. I swear.
    And skin.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And so are YOU!

    Syd- Some days I do feel eighteen. Some days I feel ninety.

    Deb- You are right.

    Bethany- It was SO beautiful.

  6. Nancy said it perfectly. Stunning. Stunning poetry, stunning images.

  7. E- Didn't she?

    Swallowtail- Oh. Thank you.

  8. i love everything about this post. those pictures are amazing!

  9. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!


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