Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Blogoversary

According to my Dashboard thingee this is my 1,493rd post.
It is also the third anniversary of this blog.
My first anniversary post was here.

My second was here.

And this is my third and if you click back on those links you'll see that the picture above is now my TRADITIONAL ANNIVERSARY PICTURE!
Tradition is important, don't you think?

Three years later and that picture still tickles my funny bone and I love having a reason to reuse it.

And I suppose I could get all nostalgic here and review my year and tell you what all this blog has meant and does mean to me but I'm not in the mood. Nope. I am not.
I think I write that daily anyway.

But here's what I think I will do. I'll give a little autobiography of myself for any of you who haven't been reading very long. Why not? Here goes.

I am a fifty-five (soon to be fifty-six) year old woman who lives in a village named Lloyd in North Florida. I have four children who are grown, one son, three daughters. I have a husband named Mr. Moon who is almost seven feet tall whom I have been married to for twenty-five and a half years and with any luck, I will be married to for another twenty-five and a half years. I have one grandchild, a boy named Owen. I am incredibly lucky in that I get to keep him a few days a week.

I live in a house which is one hundred and fifty one years old. That is old for North Florida. I love my house. It is my dream house. It has four porches. There are oak trees in my yard which are probably hundreds of years old. They are huge. If I had my way, when I die my body would be wrapped up in an old sheet and buried under one of them. Nothing would make me happier.

I love my life. It is my dream life.
I love my children and my grandchild so much that it is almost a sacrilege to discuss it. Same with my husband.

I do not love my four dogs but they are mine and some day they will die.

I have chickens. I love my chickens.
I have friends. I love my friends.
I am slightly agoraphobic. I have a hard time leaving Lloyd. I feel safe and protected and needed here on my tiny piece of land with my garden and my plants and my chickens and my husband. Sometimes, though, I leave to drive to Monticello which is the only real town in the county I live in and I go there to do things at the Opera House which brings me great joy. Sometimes I act in plays. Other times I serve dinners. Whatever. It's all lovely to me. The people at the Opera House whom I play with are some of the best people I have ever met in my life.

I have been having hot flashes for over ten years. I don't think they'll ever go away.
I was sexually abused as a child.
I am a registered nurse who doesn't work who has a neurosis against all things medical.
I wear overalls a lot.
I love to cook and I love to eat.
I love to use vulgar language. The word "fuck" in all of its forms enchants me.

I love Mexico and when Mr. Moon takes me there, I am not agoraphobic and I am not a fifty-five year old grandmother. I am a girl who sits on the back of a moped and weeps with happiness to be back as we travel the roads by the sea and I smell the salt and the masa and the garlic and I see the tiny Mayan children in their parents' arms.

I am anti-religious. I know who Jesus is so don't try to tell me about him and his plan for me. I wonder what he did all those years between when he was a boy telling the rabbis shit and when he became JESUS. I think he may have had Asperger's Syndrome. I suspect Asperger's Syndrome in many people I have known or who are historical figures. I do not know if he was married to Mary Magdalene or if they had children. I do not know if he was gay. I don't care. I don't think that god was trying very hard if he only had one begotten son.

I worship dirt and growing things and rain and love. I worship babies and light. I worship the oceans and the trees and yes, I have been known to hug a tree. So what?

My favorite form of prayer is dance.

I try to do my best which is so far from perfect I'd have to travel light years just to get a glimpse of it.

I believe in the rights of all people to love and marry whom they choose if those people are consenting adults. I hate self-righteous people who get elected to office and try to tell other people they must live their lives according to small-minded bullshit religious superstitions.

I was a hippie. I think I still am but I do shave my legs. I hate bras. With a mighty passion although I wore my favorite bra last night and it is tiger striped with bright turquoise lace trim and it makes me look like I have bosoms which occasionally is fun.

I love our president. I still love Bill Clinton, too. I'd flirt with him.

I believe that books are holy relics. So are the bones of animals and the shells on the beach and the things made by the hands of people I love.

I love bowls and bags and baskets. I recognize that this is a womb-thing and I feel comfortable admitting that.

I have been to births and I have been to deaths and in doing that, I have learned that there is some sense to this world and I have been humbled and taught not to be so afraid although that's just on a cosmic level. On a small, personal level there is much I am afraid of.

I believe in home birth and home death whenever possible because I believe that mostly these events are spiritual and not medical and I think that having handed these events over to doctors and hospitals has taken away our understanding of what it means to be human.

I love that I live on planet where the faces of the people are of many colors and I love that there are so many cultures and maybe in another lifetime I will be an anthropologist and study those cultures.
I would also like to be a stand-up comedian in another lifetime.

I don't really believe in reincarnation but who am I to say for sure?

I don't know shit.

I do know I love to write and that in the three years I have been writing this blog I have been stunned at the pleasure it has given me. I am stunned that people come here to read it. I have met new people from all over the world and I visit them where they write and I learn from them and I cry with them and I laugh with them and I hope to meet some of them (at least) in real life some day. Or maybe another lifetime. Who knows? Not me.

And now I am going to give my traditional blogoversary wish which is that if you come here to read but never comment I wish you would just, for this one time a year, make your presence known out loud to me in a comment. I cherish comments with all my heart. I think we all do.

All right. Here's to the mysteries and miracles of life which we are all exploring. Together. As we float down and swim down and chug down and sail down and plow down this river of words and pictures we call the blog world on the internet.

Thanks for dropping by. The Church of the Batshit Crazy is always open for business. There is no collection plate, there is no tithing. All are welcome. Come as you are. Come as you were. Come as you want to be.

Let's bless each other's hearts because what else can we do?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your words each and every day give my spirit joy. I am enthralled with your little piece of earth. I await each day as a new chapter in a book that I can't put down. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  2. Ah, yeah, don't cut your hair :)

  3. I am so happy to have found your blog...I get so much pleasure seeing your family photos, your home, your garden and the beauty of a spot on earth I have never been. I like the fact we have similarities which is why I can relate so well to many of your posts....I feel I have this friend who is over yonder but near in heart....I am amazed with your prolific writing talent to say what comes from within every day and sometimes twice a day....

    Thank you Ms. Moon and Happy Blogoversary!

  4. Happy 3rd 'versary! I've been reading for a month or two now, and though I have picked up the general picture of things, it's good to have this summation so I can round out my knowledge of the Ms. Mooniverse.

    I'm a little bit obsessed with your blog. In a good way, I think. I like that you post as much as you do, and I like to hear about the doings of your chickens and your Owen. And your writing is fabulous, and I would like to humbly put in my request for a novel (if you're accepting such requests - please ignore if you're not).

    Wishing you the best, today and on blogiversaries to come.

  5. Absolutely fantastic post ~ I relished every word of it ~ love your writing, who you are, and how you are, most especially your honesty about yourself and everything around you. Happy anniversary, Mary Moon!

  6. Hi Ms. Moon,

    That was a nice post to read. Even though I think I probably knew all of what you were telling us about yourself, it was nice to read it in that format.

    You are so loved and bring so much pleasure to your family and friends in the "real" world and to us in the blog world.

    Many days I find myself thinking "I wonder what Ms. Moon is up to". Then I log on and check it out. It is a joy.

  7. I am an original member ;)

  8. Lucky me, found your blog today on your blogoversary and now have three years worth of entertainment.

  9. I seriously get this. I am not religious, am liberal, and strongly believe in live and let live. I would like to attend the church of batshit crazy.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the summary. I feel like I've been around for a year, but I'm not sure how long it really has been.

    I love your honesty, humor, lovingkindness, storytelling and how you bring us with you, no matter where you venture. Thanks for sharing yourself so openly. You are a joy!

    I am a once-in-a-while commenter, but an all-the-time reader. Something I've never said in my comments - I love Owen!!! Want to squeeze those ripe cheeks and listen to him giggle. You are so blessed!

    Thank you Ms Moon. Keep on, keeping on....

  11. Hi Ms Moon,I've been reading about a year now but never commented.I found your blog from a comment you left at the Spohrs blog. It was the one about "my favorite shirt".Your said you made a dress that a friend was wearing when she passed away and you keep it a hat box she had made and it gives you peace knowing it's there.Oh my.I thought please let this woman have a blog. I know she has stories to tell.And you did and you do and I'm so glad I found you.You never disappoint.Happy Blogoversary! I hope you have many more.

  12. Anonymous- Thank-you for saying that out loud.

    Jo- I have to cut several inches. It's driving me freaking crazy.

    Ellen- I am so glad we've found each other. Your writing is amazing and it comes from your dear heart. I recognize and appreciate that so much.

    Amna- That's next on the list. Thank-you!

    Lulumarie- Thanks, my dear, sweet, lovely friend!

    Jill- I am nothing if not a sharer! Ha!


    Firstofmany- I am so glad you're here. Please take your shoes off and get comfortable.

    Syd- Honey, you're already a member!

    Grasshopper- I always love it when you comment. Thank-you. And you can love Owen too. He's infinitely lovable.

    Angie D- I don't even remember making that comment but I'm so pleased it brought you here and I'm so pleased you spoke today. Thank-you.

  13. Oh, you know I just mean you look beautiful.

    Danielle says shoulder length or two fingers below... which is his sweet way of telling me my split ends are showing, I think :)

  14. Hi Ms Moon,
    I don't usually post, but I regularly read your blog - given your special request, I thought it about time I did post! I found you first of all through Xbox's blog, where I always thought you posted like a mother to him and everyone else on there, keeping everyone calm and positive.

    You remind me enormously of my own mum, who is currently in the last couple of weeks of her life. You will be pleased to hear that she's at home for it and we are making it as easy as we can for her. I'm home in Dublin now for the last week or so and will be here until she passes away. I normally live in London though.

    I adore your writing - how you speak about the love for your wonderful husband, legendary children and the life completing Owen. I know my mum would write in the same way about her family if she were able to.

    So, a comment from someone who rarely comments..... but please know your writing brings enormous joy and comfort to those who don't comment, as much as it does to those who do!


  15. Great post! Great picture!!

    Happy Blogeversary!

    Seize you tomorrow.
    (We got a special silly surprise to share in the sweet treat category) Can't wait!!

    xo pf

  16. Congratulations.

    I adore you.

    the world is certainly full of wonderfully different beautiful people.
    it's mysterious, why we are drawn to what and who , but it's beautiful just the same.

  17. I read you every day. You are part of my to do list. I love what you write. Simple as that.

  18. Oh, happy blogoversary. Amazing that I've met you -- you've healed parts of me with your beautiful writing, your sensibility, your ability to connect to me on the deepest level, etc. etc. etc.

    Love you --

  19. Happy Blogoversary!
    Fantastic summary.
    I loved reading the comments (I always do) but especially today. It's really a treat when people who read you and love you but don't speak up, speak up. The things they said were so sweet and wonderful and connecting. It made me happy. Like meeting long lost family.
    Joy to you crazy chicken grammaw.

  20. Happy 3 years! I enjoy reading your blog every day, I'm thankful that you keep it up! That's a lovely picture of you at the end, you look very happy.

  21. many happy blog returns. i know your words about growing things have inspired me and tony to garden- thanks for the inspiration!


  22. Happy Anniversary! I missed the first two, but I won't miss another. Your blog is a daily addiction for me, and though I don't always have time to comment, you always fill my head with thoughts. I love stopping by and hearing about your world, your life, your family. You have a gift with words.
    I loved the Cliff Notes summary, and I love the term Mooniverse. I just love it here, and I love you too. Your picture is the best yet.
    Have a great weekend, and happy blogging.

  23. I'm so glad you took so well to blogging. Yay mom!

  24. Happy Blog-day! I look forward to many more years of reading!
    And for what it's worth, I enjoy saying 'fuck' too. To the horror of my too-prim-and-proper-for-her-age daughter.

  25. Dearest Ms. Moon,
    Thank you so much for your daily writing - one of the things i love about this internet thing is getting to peak into other people's lives and find inspiration and truth and beauty and ugly. And I like to do it quietly.
    I found you right after my baby was born, right before owen was born, when I was missing my own mom (anxious hippy in her own right who had a way of getting folks to tell their best stories, the ones they most needed to tell, by being quiet too).
    In the beginning, I needed someone to just love babies, and love being a grandma, and was discovering it all along with me. And then it was winter, and we live in the north, and you had flowers growing. I cannot tell you how exotic your home seems compared to my snowy apartment. And now, today, and tomorrow and after it is and will be a small shinning piece of joy to hear about your day or adventure or see an amazing vibrant photo.

    So happy anniversary and thank you for being a touch stone. Elaine

  26. I love reading what you write and feel a real kinship with you somehow. Thank you for sharing yourself! Wendy

  27. happy blogoversary to you!
    this is a great post! I love how you summed things up.
    I love coming here every day to read the latest in your world and see the sights you see.
    you make me laugh, cry, smile, think.
    thank you for sharing all that you do with all if us.

  28. Hallo luv.

    How beautiful. We are sending you the BIGGEST hug right now. Thank you for the blessings of your writings and the gifts they bring into all our lives. Love to you dear Mary. xo xo
    L & L

  29. This is a test. My last few posts did not materialize.

  30. Yay mom for having your blog 3 years! I love you and your blog.
    Love, Lily

  31. You are a stunningly beautiful woman. I forget that sometimes until I see your picture.

  32. I adore you Ms. Moon.
    Happy Blogiversary.

  33. I love coming here Ms Moon, I check in every day now. I love the way you can share your family, your personal loves and your life, its all very warm and beautiful.

    You are the most loving mother, your children and little Owen are the luckiest beings on this planet. I truly wish I could have been mothered by a mother like you. My mum was a harsh alcoholic bitch (who wasnt taught how to mother properly, poor thing didnt have a proper nurturing bone in her body), so I have slotted you into my dreams as my wonderful dream mother (even though I am slightly older than you :o) !!

    Happy Blogiversary Ms Moon, wishing you all the best of everything for you and your family. Hope your hot flashes disappear quickly!! They are the worst things ever arent they! Life is good for me now they are gone... xx

  34. Happy Blogoversary. Smacksy sent me over and I'm so glad she did. Except for the part about Bill Clinton, I'm with you 100%. Live love laugh.

  35. Oh, my. Today is a good day because the very first thing today I found your blog (thanks to Smacksy). This post is fantastic. And I'm thinking you might be pretty fantastic, too. While not everything you write today describes me, some describe me all too perfectly, and that's a nice kinship to find on a blog. And I love that you said and how you said each word. I'll definitely be back here to visit. Happy Anniversary!!

  36. Your blog is the only one I read "religiously" every day. Thank you for writing.

    (Went to a wedding yesterday that had communion (!!) and thought of your Owen's baptism post and had to stifle laughter remembering "Jesus tastes bad..." "You're not supposed to chew Jesus")

  37. Found your wonderful blog through Smacksy this morning-and so happy I did. What a wonderful treasure I have been missing!-thankfully no more! Congrats on three years of blogging, it takes great dedication to pull that one off! LOL off to read all the past posts. keep them coming please.

  38. I only recently found your blog but I love it! Congrats on your blogoversary. You remind me of my mom and my mother-in-law, and my future self (hopefully) all in one. Like a bunch of my favorite women!

  39. Oh Mama, I am blessed beyond blessed to have been raised and loved by you.
    It's amazing what you've done with this blog and how much I've learned about you from it. It's really wonderful, and I'm so proud of you for doing what you love to do through this blog.
    Here's to many more years of blogging!
    And I'm glad I get to see you today!

  40. Oh, you look so gorgeous! And, you know I love Bless Our Hearts. Congrats on 3 (three!) years. :)

  41. Jo- That's a good length. I hardly have any split ends- probably because I don't do a damn thing to my hair except wash it and brush it out and sometimes braid it.

    Sheila- I am so sorry about your mother. Here's my wish that her last days are filled with light and peace. Thank-you for taking time to comment.

    Ms. Fleur- See you then!

    Deb- It is a beautiful, wonder-full thing.

    Tiff- You have no idea how happy that makes me.

    Elizabeth- I think as we grow older, we learn not to be afraid to connect on the deep levels. In fact, any other sort of connection doesn't seem worth the time. Anything I have done for you, you have done for me a hundred times over. I mean that.

    Bethany- Thank-you. We ARE long-lost family, aren't we?

    Lora- I have your sweet family in my heart every day. I'm glad I'm part of your day, too.

    Mrs. A- That is freaking awesome!

    Mel- Mooniverse. Ha! Lovely. As are you. Thank-you.


    Rachel- I am blessed in that all of my children embrace the word "fuck" with as much glee as I do.

    Elaine- Wow. To think I send these words out and they lodge in someone's heart like yours just thrills me so much. Thank-you so much for telling me that.

    Wendy- That makes me happy.

    notjustafemme- And thank YOU for stopping by, for commenting, for being who you are and sharing that, too.

    L&L- I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU! Call me, love. Thanks for coming by and fighting with the comment monster.

    E- I seem to be having problems with that here. Maybe I need to change my comment form again.

    Lily- I love you too! And if not for you and your beautiful family, I'd have such a poorer blog. Thank-you, sweet girl-mama.

    Glimmer- Under very controlled circumstances. The world doesn't seem to be too bothered by my beauty these days!

    Lisa- You are a sweet thing.

    Donna- Really? Hot flashes can go away? Sigh. I hope, I pray.
    And I'll be your dream mother. Perhaps you could be mine?

    Cheryl- And I'm checking you out! And we don't have to agree about Bill. It's okay.

    Meredith- Thanks! We are all different, yet can see each other's points of view. Don't you think? Welcome and come back any time.

    Jucie- Ha! See- I'd already forgotten that! Great.

    Annie- Hell. I'm just obsessed. But welcome to my obsession! And...who is smacksy? Do I know her? Smacksy- check in, please!

    Sarah- Ooh. I can't wait to visit you and learn about bees! Mr. Moon and I hope to incorporate some of those here soon!

    HoneyLuna- You are so precious. I always feel you on my shoulder when I'm writing. See you shortly, darling girl!

    Nicol- You, too, are an original reader. Dang. I love you.

  42. @ ms moon

    ah happy aniversary...:-) its my first here and i m sure its not my last

    this post really really reaches a way that tells me..:open your eyes more danielle...wider..see more...

    thank you for that..and no.dont cut your hair please:-)

    and jo i never mentioned splitt ends..:-P

  43. I want to be you when I grow up. You say things I feel but am afraid to say aloud for fear of judgement from those I respect.
    Thanks for giving me inspiration!

  44. Danielle- I am SO glad you found me. You're a treasure, you are. And a sweet, deep-thinking friend.
    And if I cut my hair, it'll just be a few inches.

    Kate- Thank you for coming by and commenting. And listen- when you say what you feel and the people around you accept that, you have found your real people. The others one who judge? Not your real people. That's what I think.

  45. I know I have seen your comments around the blogosphere, and cannot believe I have never made it here before! I'm almost in tears after reading this, and can't really explain it. You're so honest, and open, and I love every bit of it. Especially:
    "I worship dirt and growing things and rain and love. I worship babies and light. I worship the oceans and the trees and yes, I have been known to hug a tree. So what?"
    Happy 3rd anniversary to you and your blog.

  46. Even though I am a relative newby, having found you only last October, I feel like we are old friends already and that you are an important part of my days and weeks. Such is the power of your writing, Mary Moon! as many people have said.

    Sending you love on this very good anniversary for all of us who read you, Beautiful Woman. Yours in babies, light and the worship of the natural world. x0 N2

  47. Love this post and love you Ms. Moon. I love reading about your life in Lloyd and Mr. Moon and Owen and your family and the chickens and the hated dogs. Happy Anniversary to you to and many more.

  48. Corinne- Come join us here at the Church of the Batshit Crazy. We have some fun. I'm glad you found us.

    N2- Yes. We were a straight, true connection, weren't we? Aren't we? Yours in love....M

    Mel's Way- Yes. The hated dogs. Exactly. Mostly. Love you, dear.

  49. I do not love my four dogs but they are mine and some day they will die.

    I laughed so hard when I read this. And it's okay, because I love PEARL. She is not loveless, goddammit.

    And also, the word fuck really is enchanting, both in the doing and in the saying. Also, the fucking photo of you is pretty fucking enchanting. You are a damn dish, Mary Moon.

    Happy blogaversary. Many, many, more. Y'all are loved, and you and yours (this includes PEARL) are a great blessing to my life.


  50. Happy Blogoversary to you, dearest of friends! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!

  51. Happy blogiversary Ms. Moon. Thank you for your words and all you share.


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