Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eight Month Old Adventures With Grandmother

I can't believe how much Owen has grown in eight months. I mean- really? Eight months ago he was to be commended for his ability to find the tit. And pee and poop. And oh, you know, breathe.

And here he is, less than a year later, sitting up, pulling up, crawling, climbing, chortling, laughing, holding out his arms for who and what he wants, flirting, singing his Owen song, eating real food, and driving a tractor.

Okay. He's not really driving a tractor yet. I just wanted to know if you were paying attention.

But since today was a bit of a special day, I took a lot of pictures. And that would be different from every other day how?
Oh hell. I don't know. But anyway, here he is, doing cute things and making cute faces and being an eight-month old boy which hardly seems possible. But here's the proof.

Lily's contest thing has the theme of "behind bars" this week. This was the best I could do. He had a good time posing.

The requisite Owen and Elvis stare down picture. And you have to be brave to stare that rooster down.

We were sharing fruit with the chickens and Miss Penny REALLY wanted that fruit. She saw some go into Owen's mouth and she was trying to figure out how to get it back out. I swear.

I know. This is almost sickeningly sweet. He's the one who pulled that sheet up over himself.
Snuggle Fabric Softener- give me a call. Or better yet- Seventh Generation. Y'all are woefully lacking in a cute mascot.

Just...a precious baby.

He addresses the masses. Of chickens. I think he is blessing their hearts.

This is Owen trying to see me around the camera. This expression is SO Owen.

In the bathtub getting all the strawberry/melon/grape juice off him.

And to get some perspective- this is what he looked like eight months ago:

Ah well. When you consider that nine months before that picture was taken he was two-cells big, it's not THAT amazing.

Except that it all is.

And the most amazing part of the whole dang miracle of it is the way he's managed to capture my heart.
They say that babies teethe on your heart and I think that's true. He's gnawed on mine so thoroughly that he's softened it up to the point of ridiculousness. To the point where whatever that boy wants, he gets from his grandmother.
And THAT, my sweeties, is why grandchildren are so damn spoiled by their grandparents.
It's our teethed-on soft hearts.

And God. It is splendid.


  1. What a darling post. Happy 8th month Owen. It is all spectacularly amazing. I love the pic with Miss Penny. Perfect. That IS what she's doing. Love O addressing the chicken's too.
    He is sweeter than sweet.
    Great shots.

  2. Thank you for describing your experiences as a grandmother. Every post is a little glimpse into big love. Not every grandma is as good at expressing their feelings so thank you, Ms. Moon.

    And thank YOU, 8 month Owen! Keep on growing!

  3. Bethany- Really. She is trying to figure out how to get that strawberry. Or was it a piece of a peeled grape?

    Ms. Trouble- My pleasure!

  4. Dreamy dreamy reality.
    Who knew?

    He's scrumptious.

  5. Such cute pictures. He is growing so fast, and he has personality oozing out his pores. The chicken photos are my favorites. Can you even imagine what he'll be like in 8 more months? He'll have words!
    He has teethed on a lot of hearts. Hanging out with him must be the best kind of exhilarating exhaustion. You are a lucky grandma, and he is a lucky boy.

  6. Such a handsome, beautiful, flirty boy.

  7. hm..i hav eto confess i dont like the pic with elvis because..the rooster looks so big and mean next to owen..:-/
    but i love the bath tub pic or bette rsay owens facial funny..:-)

  8. I love the chicken stare down because that's my favourite baby-stance. So sturdy, and baby-shape, and round of cheek and tummy, and strong. Plus, he looks like he's owning the rooster.

  9. deb- Not me. I didn't know.

    Mel- I cannot even imagine what he'll be like tomorrow. I keep grasping a separate memories thinking, "Don't forget this one," meanwhile, another one forms. This is probably why I take so many pictures of him, write so many words about him. I don't want to forget.

    Riotgrrlcynic- That is Owen exactly!

    Danielle- Elvis is, except when mating, extraordinarily gentle. He doesn't even eat the fruit I give him but gives it to the hens. I would never let him get that close if I thought he was a threat and I am closer than Elvis- believe me. And I am FIERCE when it comes to that boy. But that is a cute bathtub picture, isn't it?

    Jo- He and Elvis seem to be fascinated by each other in a way that he and the hens are not. It's odd and interesting. And yes- he is all roundness and plump strength and if I were a chicken, I would peck him!

  10. is there a "cutest 8 month old award?" i nominate owen. and doubt theres much competition out there. hands down, we have a winner!

  11. My goodness he is positively adorable! I can't believe he's grown that much in 8 months. It's baffling all the changes that occur in the first few years. He's lovely.

  12. It's an O-boy Fest, Yaaay!
    That look he has in his eye staring down Elvis, that looks like you, and, of course, when he laughs, too.
    That is the first time I've seen his newborn picture.
    Comparing it with today gives me a flash forward with my own Grand Boy.

    Kisses to you and O, too! N2

  13. Owen makes me smile. He has the happiest expression.

  14. oh, dear.
    all of those shots are so fabulous.
    i love the one with his head tilted that you said is "SO Owen". absolutely darling!

  15. Oh, the 8-9-month age is THE BEST! I absolutely loved that in my boys -- and Owen is damn near the cutest little boy (after my own) that I think I've ever seen! I'm also amazed by how much he looks like Owen, even the day he was born --

  16. Dang it he's cute. Dang Dang Dang

  17. in mexico there is the blessing of the animals day. you can imagine. chickens, cats, ducks and turkeys tucked under the arms of the concerned. burros, horses and dogs, the occasional cow.
    enter the priest and lots of holy water.

    i love owen's perfect blessing of your "girls".

  18. He sure does know how to work that camera (and you)! My granddaughter turns 2 on Sunday and I don't know how that happened.

  19. I love the one of him peeking around the camera at you.

  20. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous boy!

  21. I love the pictures, and I can't believe how fast he has grown.

    He's going to be a genius, I just know it. That's what my Grandma Peg said about all her grandkids. She would have been sorely disappointed had she lived to see us as adults.



  22. Smile smile smile.

    "teethed on soft hearts" perfect.

  23. Tanya- I'll make him a crown.

    Lora- Thank-you for saying he's lovely.

    N2- Don't blink.

    Syd- He generally is a happy boy.

    notjustafemme- Doesn't he look smart?

    Elizabeth- It is a fun age. And don't you think our babies are just purely themselves from minute one?

    Jill- Dang indeed!

    Rebecca- Another reason I love Mexico.

    Lois- Pictures of birthday girl?

    DTG- I see that look so many times a day. It's a favorite.

    Angie M- Thank you, honey.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- No. She was right. YOU ARE A GENIUS! I've been telling that.

    Kathleen Scott- Well, it is merely true.

  24. I am melting like butter in a saucepan (not a skillet!)....he is just so adorable!!!!!!!!!


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