Monday, May 3, 2010

Now THIS Is Important

So honestly, I know I said that because women my age are supposed to cut their hair, I was going to grow mine down to my ass BUT, it's getting hot, my hair is heavy and hell, I'm old.
Should I cut it?
What do you think?
Tell me.


  1. Cut it. Not too short. And quit googling porn.


  2. I swear I've never understood the thing about women having to cut their hair at a certain age.

    What is that about? Acknowledging entering the crone phase? Signaling to the world that you are over sending fertility signals? I don't understand.

    There are cultures where women don't cut their hair when they age. My grandmothers (in Pakistan) kept their hair in long braids down their backs.

    Which is not to say you shouldn't cut it if that's what you feel like doing, of course! I am just always perplexed by this age-related expectation.

  3. no fuckin way. let it grow down to your ass. it's gorgeous. it's HOT

    at least i think so...

  4. Everytime I get that burr up my butt and cut my hair I wish I had left it long. Your hair is gorgeous, and it looks awful cute in braids. And short hair is hot too, it gets all sweaty on my neck and won't go in a ponytail because it's too short right now. So if you do get it cut, keep enough length to pull back when you need to...
    But you know I love you just the way you are :)

  5. Both my grandmothers, in Tennessee, had very long hair they wore up, in twists, etc., secured by those old-fashioned combs. But mother and her sisters went to salons every week, getting cuts, color, perms, etc. And you know what, they weren't happy with their hair, even with all that enery, time and money spent on it. Mother still goes to the hairdresser, every week, at 90.

    Sounds like somebody was thinking some smart capitalist thoughts, doesn't it?

  6. My husband's mother is in her late eighties and still has long white hair that she coils into a sort of bun -- she is Swiss, though, and that's what they do there.

    Your hair looks awfully beautiful, but if it's a pain, why not cut it? Short hair feels damn good, and it'll grow back if you hate it.

  7. I don't know about cutting...I wear mine short because it curls more when it is short and won't really grow very long anyway, being baby fine. Your hair looks shiny and healthy even in its long state and I agree that you look cute in braids and overalls. But...It is your freakin hair, and if you are hankerin after a new look, go with your gut. x0 N2

  8. How would you cut it? I cannot imagine you with short hair.

  9. I obviously think you should do what you want. But only because you want it. Because that rule that women should cut their hair after a certain age (my mother is a firm believer) makes me want to scream and kick the person who thought it up. So I think you should have it long. It's beautiful. But I think you should do what you want more. Oh, yes, I'm being helpful. Not. I want before and after pictures if you do, though!

    You could get a sexy bob. But then you can't put it together in a pony tail any more, and won't that make you hotter?

  10. OH FUCKING HELL NO..dont break my heart :-) its a stupid law that "women of your age"* should cut their you remeber when i told you you rmeind in so many ways of how you are and how you write and all on someone loved i lost long ago? that was one of my fav aunts..a free spirit if i ever saw one...great woman...and she never ever thought about cutting her hair..she always wore ? whore? (i always confuse these words) up as a chignon or "banana" a bit tippie hedren like...and she was always looking no..please...dont cut your hair...

    * what does women of your age mean anyways??? women in the best age you probably mean?:-)

  11. If you don't mind braiding it, I'd say don't cut it.

    But, if you do cut it make sure it's still long enough for you to put up in a little ponytail.

    If you cut it too short I think you'll regret it.

  12. I cut my hair extremely short when I turned 40 and I love it. No comb, no hair dryer, no nothin'. It's so liberating to get out of the shower and go. Diane at La Tee Dah (on MLK between 8th and 7th) rocks short hair cuts.

    But then again, I have what we call a peanut head so longer hair was just too much.

    It's just hair. It grows back. Do what you want.

  13. I love your hair long! The braids always look great. But short hair would be really cute too. I've spent my whole life alternately growing out my hair and then cutting it short. Right now I'm in a long stage, and feeling about ready to chop it off again. I promise that if you cut your hair, I will not associate it with your age! You should have the hairstyle that you want.

  14. Mama, I think you will hate it if you cut it. I say that with love. That's the only thing stopping me from cutting off all my hair, I know I will hate it.
    At least let the lexipro kick in before you do it.

  15. You always regret it when you cut it. But then, who am I to say?

  16. Don't cut it if you want to grow it. Braid it. Pile it up on top of your head. I'm just saying this because I would soooo love to grow my hair to my waist but alas, it just doesn't grow that long.

  17. Nope. Your hair is lovely. If it's hot, put it in a damn ponytail.

  18. SJ- I NEVER google porn. Why is that?

    Amna- I think it may have something to do with hot flashes. Bah!

    Michelle- It is hot. But not necessarily in the way you mean.

    Mel- Well, that is it exactly. It has to be long enough to pull back or almost shaved. No inbetween.

    Glimmer- You're from Tennessee stock, too? Yes. I was thinking I'd be one of those grandmamas with the long hair. And I probably will be.
    I will certainly never be a salon grandmother!

    Elizabeth- Yes. I keep thinking of how good it would FEEL!

    N2- My hair just does seem to want to grow.

    Angie M- I have no idea how I'd cut it.

    Mwa- Exactly- I do not want to be hotter!

    Danielle- You made my morning! It is "wore". "Whore" is a lady of the night but it made me giggle. I am so glad you are back. Okay. For you I will probably not cut my hair. And Mr. Moon. Who would agree with you.

    Jill- I think you are right.

    Jucie- I know it's just hair. But somehow, it has totemic meaning for me. But I do long for that feeling of freedom.

    Lora- And if I only knew what that was...

    May- We are two long-haired peas in the pod, aren't we? Thank-you for such good advice. I love you.

  19. Yeah, I totally agree about the women of a certain age bullshit, it makes my blood boil.

    BUT. Getting rid of the weight of all that hair can be very freeing, makes you feel ten pounds lighter... liberated.

    So I dunno. A little chic bob would be adorable, and it always grows back...

    I'm on the fence.

    But I must say this, danielle de Santiago, you big fat head shaving hypocrite, the minute you TOUCH those scissors, I will SO be rubbing your face in that comment!

    wv: frappe!

  20. I vote no. Only because I wish I could grow my hair long and have it be as pretty as yours!

  21. I vote to keep it long :)

    Nevermind that I haven't worn mine down in 3 years, or that I fantacize about shaving my head every day.

  22. No way. You have gorgeous hair. Don't cut it. Let it grow. And when it's hot, pile it up on your head, cross your eyes and do an Amy Winehouse impression.
    I wish that I had not cut my hair that was as long as yours. But alas, I did. I wore mine in a pony tail for until I was in my thirties. I was blessed with good hair and so are you.

  23. I think "they say" older women shouldn't have long hair because it drags their face down, making them look even older, and God Forbid we thrust that upon society!! It's also a generational thing- women in their 70's and 80's grew up in a time when to look pretty they had to pin curl or "set" their hair every night to "look pretty." Oh, and those nasty home perms left women no choice but to wear their hair short, it was so scalded and unhealthy.

    I'm 59 and had hair down to my waist up until about a year ago when it became just too damned hot (and too damned heavy in a ponytail or bun or piled up on my head) so I compromised and cut it to my shoulder blades in back. When I was in my 30's I kept it shorter because I was a busy single mom of 3 and had to wear suits and look professional. It was cute, but it sure didn't save any time - it took so much PRODUCT and sizzling hot appliances to make it look right. All long hair requires is shampoo, a good conditioner, brush, and soft scrunchees. Haven't even used the blow drier in probably a year. My biggest concern at this age isn't length, but what color to pick, lol.

    Short hair is just NOT ME - never has been and never will be, and I have a hankerin' suspicion it's NOT YOU either! Either way, it grows.

    P/S My Cherokee maternal grandmother died at 58 and had hair down to the back of her knees all her life, which she braided and wrapped around her head in the summer to keep cool. You gotta be careful with braiding and pulling hair back because with time your hairline moves way that's ONE advantage of short hair, I guess.

  24. Let it grow to your rumpus and then get it cut at one of those places that donates to Locks Of Love!

  25. Please don't. Unless it truly makes you happy.

  26. I think Mr. Moon's vote should count for more than anything, if you're ambivalent. To me, your hair is gorgeous and sexy. If mine would grow that long and thick, I would let it. And considering the wonderful relationship you have with Mr. Moon, I wouldn't want to risk my sex appeal factor.

  27. oh but it's so pretty and i love when you braid it. So my vote is HELL NO!

  28. You do whatever you want (though May is right about the drugs - don't do it on a whim, do it if you really want). I will say this: my hair is longer now than I can ever remember and every day all day long I HATE IT. I decided to grow it because i had no job to pay to have regular cuts, and because I wasn't getting a job and people here in Louisiana are very conservative about things like women's hair. Then I realized my special man friend really liked it.

    But I will cut it SHORT and SOON. And I will be FAR happier. I am short hair - it's sassy and feminist and oh-so-easy.

    But you? What's the shortest you've had it before? I've shaved bald when I've been really exasperated, and I would NOT recommend that to you! :)

  29. DTG- You are so obviously right, dear son.

    Jeannie- The grass is always greener...

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- If you say so, dear.

    Jo- What IS it with men and long hair?

    Lois- But your hair looks wonderful!

    Stephanie- Exactly. Me too!

    Laynie- You are right about longer hair being easier in the long run. Wish I could have seen your grandmother! Now- that thing about the hairline scares me to death. Is THAT why I look like a Klingon?

    Rebecca- There's a thought.

    Nancy C- Okay.

    Syd- Didn't mean to skip you. Piling it on the head is heavy!

    E- Well. There is definitely that.

    Bethany- Vote registered.

    Nola- The shortest I ever had it was in seventh grade and I hated it, to tell you the truth. It was pretty darn short.

  30. I'm all about rattling the comfort zone lately, so I say, if it feels good do it! It's just hair, and it WILL grow back!

    There are a lot of cute cuts... but honestly, you'd look great even if you shaved it off... and you do have BEAUTIFUL hair. Just have fun.

    That was no help at all was it?!! :-P

  31. Cut it. At least add in some layers. Whenever I want to cut my hair shorter, I go for more layers, too, but usually cut off an inch from the bottom. Best of both worlds. And the layers make my head feel lighter!


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