Sunday, May 9, 2010

How To Have The Perfect Mother's Day

1. Raise your babies. Don't despair over the hard years. Well, okay, despair, but keep hope in your heart and just love, love, love them.
2. Receive your grandchildren.
3. On Mother's Day, wake up with your grandson in bed with you. Give him a bottle and fall back to sleep with him and your husband. Sleep deeply and well, that boy between you.
4. Wake up to his smiles on the most gloriously cool and sunny day you can imagine.
5. Have adventures.
6. Wait for the children to arrive.
7. Be grateful, joyful, and astonished at your good fortune.

Owen and Pop-Pop being serious.

And goofy.

Sharing French toast with Pearl.

Learning about tomatoes.

They'll be ripe soon.

Grandmother and Owen.

Jessie with beautiful fruits, vegetables, cheese and...a blue bottle of gin.

And it's only one p.m.
I am not sure my heart can hold it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, Dear Woman! Such love, love, love shining forth here today. You enjoy every moment of it. And sunshiny breezes, now that's a Mother's Day gift! And sweet Jessie with her goodies!

    My Dear Daughter will be here soon with the Grand Boy for my Mother's Day breakfast and baby fix. Hugs from one GrandMaw to another! x0 N2

  2. Happy mother's day!

    I now have another goal in life - to grow my hair so long and my fingers so nimble that I can have a lovely braid like yours.

  3. I don't quite have any grandkids yet but woke up with a dog between us. Does that count?

  4. It has been a gift to me to 'meet' you Mary Moon. Your presence here means SO much to me. I love you from afar.

    Happy Mother's Day xoxoxoxo

  5. Love the photograph of you with the pigtails... Are you sure you are over 30?
    I spent mothersday in the forest, looking for blue bells, mothersday is not today in UK.
    Sounds like you had a good time already, wait till what will come after 1...
    Owen of course ROCKS!!!

  6. dreamy!!!!
    So happy you got that blue bottle.
    Yay Jessie.

  7. How wonderfully well you ALL deserve this magic and wonder, dear friend.
    Love, love, love.

  8. 1. I will make sure I remember 1.

    2. Why is Pop Pop Moon so damn mean to Owen?

    3. Jessie astonishes me with her gorgeousness.

    4. I love you Mama Moon

  9. Sending day's end Mother love to you.
    the kind we give to our children, theirs, all of the ones' we know, and even those we don't.
    to each other, to ourselves,
    to you.
    sweet dreams.

    and you really have that painting? wow.

  10. your mama's day looks FABULOUS.

  11. Nice tomatoes and great photos. It appears like a good day is cooking.

  12. Sounds divine. I'm sorry we never made it over.

  13. Owen is a good boy to share his toast with Pearl.

    Jessie is a good girl to bring gin.

    Bless them both.

  14. Oh, that look on Owen in the garden!

  15. N2- I hope your day was as grand as mine was!

    Sally Moon- Oh yes. It was.

    Mwa- You can do it. I know you can!

    Rebecca- Thank-you!

    Jeannie- Of course it does.

    Maggie May- And I love you, too!

    Photocat- I wish we had bluebells but we do not. I hope you found some.

    Bethany- Jessie is such a good girl, isn't she?

    Angie C- I know your day was lovely, too and love from me to you!

    Ms. Trouble- Yes!

    Michelle- Ha! Pop-Pop is just TERRIBLE to that boy.
    And I love YOU, Mama Michelle.

    Deb- I really do.

    Notjustafemme- It could not have been better.

    Syd- Indeed!

    Ms. Fleur- Where WERE you?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You're not kidding about both of those things. I love you.

    Stephanie- He is taking the garden lesson very seriously, isn't he?


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