Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday And The Miracles

It's a busy Friday morning here in Lloyd. Mr. Moon is heading off to the island with buddies for one good fishing trip before, well, everything changes.
Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, he's ready, he's excited. The boat is hooked up to the old Suburban, the rods are lined up (how many rods does one man need? and he could ask me- how many purses does one woman need? but that's another story) and he has bait and ice and he picked salad greens to take for meals and last night I baked chocolate chip and pecan cookies for him to share with all the guys. And to remind him that I love him.

I made him an egg and cheese sandwich for his breakfast and pretty soon he'll get in the 'Burb, and pull slowly out of the gate, towing that giant boat behind him. He'll be back on Sunday, hopefully with some grouper for the freezer, probably sunburned, probably happy.

Usually when Mr. Moon leaves for a weekend I feel a sense of being on vacation myself- no one to take care of or cook for but myself- but this weekend, I don't know. I feel a bit melancholy. I'm going to be at the Opera House tonight and tomorrow night and that's good and it will be fun. I'm going to miss Lon and Lis who are playing at the Legion Hall tonight in Tallahassee and that makes me sad. I could probably wiggle out of being at the Opera House because my little bit is not important and someone else could do it but we have over a hundred people coming and getting the food out to them is important and even though I'm a shitty server, I'm still a warm body who can shuffle full plates on and take empty plates off. Last weekend I knocked over a glass of red wine while I was refilling a water glass. Luckily it only spilled onto the table and not a patron, but it reminded me that I am a clumsy person who will probably never support herself waiting on tables again.

The play is going well, actually, and the cast is doing a terrific job with a thin script. We shills in the audience are doing our part too, cheering and chanting and applauding and we seem to get the audience moving. It's amazing how much a performance depends on the audience. If the audience is dead, the play is flat and there you go- not a fun evening. Last Friday night was like that but Saturday was a full crowd and they drank heartily and laughed loudly and participated fully so that was fun. I swear, I don't know what I'd do without the Opera House. Even drying water glasses at ten-thirty at night when they come out of the dishwasher is satisfying and not a chore at all with Rich there beside me with dish towels in his hands too. Plus, you know- there's that free beer. Sometimes I even get two. And if there are dinner leftovers, we get some of those. It's a good gig. Anything's a good gig if you're doing it with people that you love.

So that'll be my weekend. Maybe I'll do some more yard work during the days and maybe I'll rest up some, get over the dregs of this cold. Owen's coming for a few hours today and I can't wait to see that strong little monkey-man. I started reading a new book last night and it seems promising and well, there you go- a quiet weekend, most likely, and hopefully a good one.

The magnolia tree is blooming and perfuming the air, the confederate jasmine is too. The phlox hasn't started blooming yet but it will be soon and my entire yard is going to be covered in pink blossoms. There is much to appreciate right here in Lloyd and I surely don't mind being the one assigned to that appreciation.

I hear the old Suburban starting up. How many years have we had that vehicle? I don't know but it has shuttled our family from home to water for a long, long time and just the sound of it makes me think of ice chests and beer and stopping in Panacea for shrimp and somewhere alongside the road for boiled peanuts. I hope Mr. Moon has a great time on the island and out on the water around it which is still, as of this moment, beautiful, despite the great volcano of oil spilling forth. I keep hearing people saying that they are praying that the tides and currents take the oil somewhere other than where they are and I understand that but why would you pray for someone else's tragedy?

Well, it's Friday. The magnolia that I took a picture of budded up tight an hour ago is full-wide open now.

See? Someone has to pay attention to these things. I'd hate for miracles to be missed.
And that's my job this weekend, maybe. Pay attention to the miracles here and Mr. Moon's job is to pay attention to the increasingly rare miracle of clean blue saltwater.

And you- you pay attention to whatever miracles are in your life this weekend. I swear there are some, even if you have to get really quiet to find them.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I thought the same thing this morning when I was wishing and hoping that the oil goes anywhere else but Florida because I hate wishing that on anyone. I can't even bear to think about what is happening to the innocent wildlife in it's path. That cold must be going around because my daughter and grandson have been sick this week with one and I feel like I am trying to get it now. I hope you feel better and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Happy Friday to you! That magnolia blossom is gorgeous. Have fun with the Owenmeister. SQUEEZE him for me.

    Your ass is loved.

  3. Happy Friday to you too! I hope Mr. Moon has a great trip and catches a bounty of fish. Thanks to you for noticing and sharing the miracle of the magnolia. I'm off to catch a few of my own today, while the sun shines on my home. I love the description of the summer trips in the suburban. Summer memories are the best. Hope we make some good ones this summer.
    Hope you're not feeling too lonely till he gets back. Lately, my world is off kilter if mine's not around at night snoring in my ear.

  4. Haha, the last sentence from SB is something my husband would think too... grin, he is just a tad too shy to say it... I had to laugh so hard with that one.
    I had my little miracle already for today with some calves in the meadow. Nature always works miraculous on mellow days...
    Have a great grandmaw day with Owen the Great, and give him a hug from me... He won't know the difference anyway!

  5. What a beautiful post and just the thing I needed to read before heading out to Sophie's IEP -- I'll be looking for miracles, now, instead of minor catastrophes...

  6. I hope that the oil doesn't reach your island. What I wish for is that the flow will be stopped. I was thinking about how it might be possible to use shrimp net "skimmers" lined with pads that soak up oil and have them towed by shrimp boats who are paid to work by BP. Anything to get this mess cleaned up. Have a good weekend. The smell of Magnolia is erotic.

  7. Lois- It's sort of like praying a hurricane doesn't head OUR way, isn't it? Only...more devastating. I hope you don't get the cold!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Squeeze given. YOUR ass is loved.

    Mel- I know. I kind of like having him around to sleep with. And visit with. Oh well. I will survive and I know he's going to have a wonderful time. He's never happier than out on the water.

    Photocat- Owen and I are having a lovely time today. Right now he's down for a little nap.
    I should go fold the clothes.

    Elizabeth- Some days the fact that the catastrophes are only minor IS the miracle.

    Syd- I like the shrimp boat idea. Might work. And aren't magnolias just the best?

  8. Sooooo important to pay attention. Thanks for the gentle reminder this morning.

    My heart aches for the water, the wildlife, the people who have loved and experienced this amazing place for-what-seems-like-ever. I think of you and your Moon Family, and how this event will change and affect all that you love so dearly.

    You are in my heart and prayers and on the altar with the turtles and in the candle that burns continually. We are in this together.

    Blesssssssings this beautiful morning.

  9. Yes! An early sermon at the CotBSC: "Someone has to pay attention to these things. I'd hate for miracles to be missed."

    It is overcast and cool here today, at least so far, but I have more tomatoes to be transplanted, so that is a good thing.

    You have inspired me to go out and appreciate all the little miracles in my garden today, to write and post pictures of them. A great assignment for your little congregation.

    You do contribute so much to your virtual and "real life" communities. Sending love back at ya'! Give that O-boy a squeeze for me.
    x0 N2

  10. Chills Mrs Moon...Chills.....Love the beautiful photos of your Magnolia!

  11. Reading your words, and the words of others, reconnecting with others' lives...that in itself is a small miracle.

  12. You have pretty magnolia. We only seem to get one kind over here, and it's nothing compared to that.

  13. Swallowtail- Have you ever read the book "Search For The Great Turtle Mother" by Jack Rudloe?
    He is a local marine biologist and I think you would truly love this book. Thank you for everything you said.

    N2- Well, I try to do my job. Love from Florida and me...

    Rebecca- I swear- if I had stood there and watched that magnolia blossom, I could have seen it open. I'm serious.

    Nancy C- You aren't kidding. And I know it.

    Mwa- I am always amazed at how many types of magnolias there are. I feel so blessed to have this Grandiflora right here in my back yard.

  14. Well I say either everything is a miracle, or nothing is, because everything is.
    When you think what your body does in one second, all that your brain manages, all the cars zooming down the freeway without getting in an accident, all the kids being born and hearts being broken--everything is miraculous. Which means, nothing is. Do you get me?

  15. A lovely post. My Beautiful has lots of handbags, I think these are what you call purses. She's also got lots of shoes too, many of which I have never seen before, but she telss me she has had them years, and she keeps them looking so new too!!!

  16. Mark- Well, exactly. I get you. I do.

    Findon- A wise man does not question His Beautiful about her handbags or her shoes. He simply admires them.


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