Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Moley, Mother of God

Okay. It was some party. And I think that we need a house with BIGGER ROOMS because (a) everyone ends up in the kitchen, and (b) thirteen adults, one small child and two babies are hard to fit into one dining room.

Uncle Hank, Waylon, Jason, Owen, Lily.
In the kitchen.

Owen discovers his first man-crush. He is in love with Harley.

Shayla smiles through the chaos. Waylon is a bit taken aback by it all. (Me too, Way-Way)

This is a fun picture of Billy and his boy but I wish I'd gotten one of Waylon trying to suck his daddy's head completely off his body.

A taste of the chaos in the dining room. And Owen was doing his Orca impression the entire time. That boy has a set of lungs on him. After supper we set him down on the floor where he used the entire dining room as an obstacle course and crawled in and out of chair legs and under tables (there were three) to suddenly appear standing up in a new location across the room.

May, Billy, Bio-Dad, Other-Mother, Hank. For some reason, the passing of the butter was of intense interest to all.

Bountiful goodness.

And picture at the top of the post? No description needed.

Happy birthday, my love. Happy birthday. I hope you slept well. I hope you have a gloriously peaceful day. I'll talk to you soon.

P.S. Kids- you did a GREAT job of cleaning up. Hurray!
P.P.S. Why is there not one picture of Jessie? What's up with that?
Oh yeah. Because before Lily left I said, "Let's get a sibling picture," and everyone said, "MOM! You got one at Mother's Day."

So here's one we took on Mother's Day which Jessie is in. And where Owen is crying. See? He does cry. And manages to look cute.


  1. Awwwwwww, no, da poor widdol face!!!

  2. Those tears are working for him; I just wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hug. So glad you had such a wonderful, wonderful day.

  3. What a glorious time! I love the one where Owen has a death grip on his Mama's shirt. He is just too cute!

  4. I am half in a picture of us all eating, so I think that counts.
    The food was so good this year, thank you mama.
    and oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY! I love youuuuuu!

  5. Yay parties. Wow to all that yummy looking food and all the beautiful, happy people. The butter comment/pic made me laugh, esp Billy down the end!

  6. Was Hank pinching Owen on Mother's Day?!

    May is bee-YOU-tee-ful.

    I love seeing those baby boys together!

  7. Jo- I know. Don't you want to just cuddle him up?

    Kori- Another successful Fusion Birthday Party. Yay May for being born!

    Ms. Moon (aka Jessie Moon)- Well, a half picture is not enough.

    Bethany- You never know what you've gotten with the camera. It's funny.

    Stephanie- No. He was just up from a nap and not in the best of moods. And yes, May IS beautiful! And aren't those boys precious?

  8. I'm glad that it was a happy day. It looks like plentiful food and fun times for all.

  9. Looks like it was a damn good time to me. I loves my May May.

    And I loves you, too!


  10. There is nothing better than a good party! Makes me want to get one going just to gather our family together...we need a BBQ going!

    Looks like all were having a wonderful time Ms. Moon with lots of laughing, eating and celebrating a Happy Birthday!

    And don't wee kids wonder what the heck is going on when surrounded by so many people?

  11. What blissful chaos -- the best part of family. And I just love your house.

  12. Lovely. I read All Writey Then.

    Wow. What a joy.

  13. All this _and_ the kids cleaned up, too?!
    Now that is a barn burner worth its salt.
    So glad Y'all had such a good celebration.
    x0 N2

  14. Mary, it may be because of the fragmentation of my own family, but something about seeing your grown-and-thriving garden absolutely makes me cry with joy and love and admiration and (this sounds awful but I think you'll forgive me) a touch of envy. They are so beautiful. And at the heart of it, YOU are so beautiful. So is Mr. Moon, so are they all; so are the many people who formed you into a family, but you're the heart of it all. Thank you for sharing.
    Love you.

  15. Syd- Oh. There was.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- If only you had been part of the chaos!

    Ellen- Poor wee kids. They just have to take whatever comes. And deal with it.

    Glimmer- But I do need bigger rooms.

    Nancy C- Can you believe that? I can't.

    N2- I had to sit on my hands and I felt so GUILTY! But I did it and they did it and it was awesome.

    Angie C- Honey, it's the dream I never dreamed I'd have. Honestly. Love you too...M

  16. Looks like the get-together to be at!

  17. she is an absolute goddess. you gave birth to a goddess.

    the arch of her wrist alone is worthy of a sonnet.

  18. Lois: And Waylon had a death grip on my sideburn!

    Dang, that was a fun time.

  19. Angie M- It certainly was the place to be in Lloyd that night.

    Adrienne- I think so too.

  20. I hope I can have that when I grow up.


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