Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre-Meeting Bitch Fest

It's almost six-thirty and it's time to get ready to go to that meeting and I am dead tired and have no desire whatsoever to go. None.

Yeah. Sucks to be me, doesn't it?

My walks are great and I am feeling strong again and capable but they do wear me out as the day progresses. They just do. And I stayed up too late reading last night which I tend to do when Mr. Moon is out of town.

And I went to town today to go back to the doctor with Kathleen. All seems well and she is healing and we left his office (which is in the hospital building so that doubly sucks) with lighter hearts than we went in with although we both knew she was feeling better. By now I think this doctor must think that I am Kathleen's "partner" because I sometimes speak for her and tell him things like, "Oh yes, she is getting better. I can tell."
He listens to me too. I like that in a doctor.

After the appointment, I went to Cosco with Lily and Owen. The cool thing about taking Owen to Cosco is that the aisles are so wide I can swing that giant buggy around with him in it in complete circles while his mama is looking at the yogurt. We can go fast and make crazy loops and turns. He loves that. He thinks his grandmother is insane. He is right. Insanely in love with him. Lily just looks at us and shakes her head.
Owen and I don't care how foolish we look. We laugh our heads off and go find more samples to taste.

Well, I better get off my butt and hope this espresso kicks in for the meeting. I should have bought cookies to take but I didn't. I feel certain that Ms. Lloyd is going to try and get me to take some office. Secretary, treasurer, president. She's tried every time I've ever gone. Never works and it is not going to work tonight, I can assure you of that.
Which means that her daughter is going to have to take it all on her shoulders. Again.

I'll report in tomorrow. Owen's coming at ten and I am planning on getting up early and walking before he gets here. We shall see how that plan unfolds.

Oh- I think the baby wrens may have hatched because there is certainly a lot of traffic on the porch and bugs are being brought in now. Sweet little birds taking care of their young.

Ah. Life is good.




  1. It will be OK, but I know you'll be glad to get it over with. I've never been to Costco, but I keep saying I'm gonna go and I will one of these days. I spent this afternoon at my grandson's piano recital. He played the William Tell Overture and he was the best and most talented one in the entire show!

  2. Lois- I have NO DOUBT your grandson was the most talented. None. I wonder if Owen will play an instrument? Things to dream about...

  3. Hey Darlin,

    I'm sorry I forgot until just now. Things are getting weirder around here. Looks like I'll be leaving for Orlando/Deland area tomorrow. sigh.

    xo pf

  4. Stay strong, Ms M. Use Owen as your excuse!

  5. I'm sure that Owen loves those trips. Enjoy the day, all of it.

  6. Ms. Fleur- I am so sorry for this darkness you're having to experience. My heart is with you.

  7. Ms. Moon, you are the perfect grandma! You really are!


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