Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer-Time Meals

Sometimes I throw my hands up in despair about vegetables. I mean- there are only so many. And I don't like to do a lot of sauces because most of them involve things like cheese and cream and so forth and let's face it- using a vegetable as a fat-delivery system just isn't a great plan.
So once in a while I remember the old Finale's restaurant which had a lovely steamed veggie plate and I just throw all sorts of vegetables in a steamer and let 'er rip.
Tonight is one of those nights. There's some broccoli and carrots and corn and peas and potatoes. And the peas and the potatoes are from the garden. The first potatoes we've eaten for the year from our very own garden.

The ants and moles are already giving us a run for our money and are all in those potatoes but these are going to be lovely. When you cut a new potato from your garden, you just put the knife to it and it splits crisp and white and when you wash them, the peel almost dissolves in the running water.

They're almost ready. I'm going to go call Mr. Moon from the garage where he is working on some brakes to join me for the feast. I'm rounding out the meal with some field peas and brown rice and some oat bran muffins.

Wish you could join us. It's coming on summer and we're about to start eating like kings.


  1. Nice! What is a steamer? I'm intrigued by steaming veggies but everyone tells me I dont NEED a special dish or whatever...but I'm starting to think you do.

  2. SJ- Nah. You don't need a special dish. You can set a colander in a pot of shallow boiling water with a lid over all of it. That's what I did until I found a Revere Ware steamer from Goodwill that fit into one of my grandmother's Revere Ware pots.
    And honey- it was good. Just put the vegetables that need the most cooking at the bottom.

  3. Ok. I think I am just going to get a steamer dish...revere ware? I will look it up. I think it'll just be easier and god knows, I need what's easier when it comes to my cooking. But hey! Guess what --I haven't eaten out for any meal ALL week long. This is a personal record.

  4. Nice--our new potatoes aren't ready yet but I am looking forward to them. Looks like a great meal. I have gone vegetarian again so no meat for me. This meal is perfect.

  5. WE use the rice cooker sometimes for the bulkier, sturduer veggies, but those look SO beautiful! I wish I was eating with you tonight.

  6. SJ- It doesn't have to be Revere Ware. You can find steamers for reasonable prices, I'm sure. One pot to boil water in, another to set inside it with holes in the bottom. Not rocket science. And congratulations on not eating out this week! You are takin' care of business.

    Syd- Yep. Let's hear it for the vegetables! I do love my beans and rice.

    Kori- Me too!

  7. Oh hell, you KNOW we'll join you! Just name the time and the day... or just the day and we'll show up around dinner time! heheh!
    xo PS the veggies do look scrumptious. Great job.

  8. Oh, a southern plate of veggies. Sounds like yours are even good for you. I wish I lived nearer.

    You know what? You are essential to my day, Ms. Moon. I read you each morning and each night, and I just love reading you. It's sort of an obsession, I think, but the best kind. Not crazy. It just makes me happy. So, thank you.

  9. LC and I had a dinner that included the first new potatoes dug from her garden and baby carrots from the local farm stand, so I know just how good them little babies can taste. I am sure you and Mr Moon enjoyed the hell out of that dinner. x0 N2

  10. I am ready to come over... Before I met my american husband (I am a belgian) i had never seen corn on the cob. In Belgium, we only have corn from the cob in cans. I learned how to use the little forks to hold it and butter it, with a tiny pinch of salt, and there ya go!
    Lovely plate, all the more so because it is fresh out of the garden. Heaven. I am sure it will taste like an angel peeing on your tongue...

  11. Ms. Fleur- It was delicious!

    Elizabeth- You have no idea how good that makes me feel. Honestly. Thank-you.

    N2- Oh yes. We did. Dessert was especially delightful...

    Photocat- My Norwegian friend, Anne had the same experience with our corn on the cob and she loved those little forks!

    DTG- Publix. Twenty-five cents an ear.

  12. um, just so you guys know... there's vegetables in that dinner. and no meat. just vegetables. just so you know.

  13. Daddy B- OH MY GOD! I FORGOT THE MEAT! I'll try not to let that happen again. Love you.

  14. Those potatoes are beautiful and look like the perfect fat-delivery system to me. yum


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