Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh. My Heart

He's so busy, this boy, and he wiggled like an eel when he saw me this morning. Every time he comes into the house now, he looks and looks and looks, as if taking in new layers of what he sees. He wants down, he goes right for the boxes of tea and the spices and I have to collect them all and put them on the counter and I give him the old copper urn of wooden spoons and that's okay for a moment or two.
But then he's up on all fours, crawling and he goes to the cabinet and he pulls up but he's always reaching as high as he can reach- what is higher? can I reach it? This?

Then out to the porch where he pulls up on a chair and he can stand there all casual and cool, holding on with only one hand.

He reached for the top of the table again but this time he was struggling, pulling, on his tiptoes, trying to heft himself up there.

Really Owen? You think you can pull yourself up on the table?
Yes, Grandmother. And soon, I will. You just wait and see.

He took a nap with me and he held my face in his hands and he slept like that, sort of scrunching my face up. I slept too, and I could feel his soft breath on my chin.

He crawled to the stairs today and while I sat with him, he pulled himself up one stair, then another. I think he would have crawled to the top if I'd let him. Time for the baby gate. There is no holding this boy back.

I wanted to give him a bath before I took him to his mama and so I did. I put some water in the tub and he pulled up on it to see what was going on in there.

Jessie got him a disco duck in St. Augustine and it floated and lit up and he liked it.
I undressed him and he pulled up on the tub again. Oh. My naked boy.

He sat and played for awhile in the water with the ducks but what he really wanted to do was to pull up on the controls of the water. Hot and cold and the spigot. "No," I kept telling him. "Hot." But of course he has no idea yet what hot is. And there will be tears when he finds out and that's fine but no burns, please. Oh dear Lord, no burns. And don't let it happen at my house! Don't let him tumble down the stairs, don't let him get burned or cut or swallow anything disgusting or sharp or poisonous or chokey. Don't let a dog bite him or a chicken peck him in the face. Don't let him stab himself with the wooden spoon handle.

How do we keep any of them alive is what I want to know? They grow so quickly, they can move so fast, they can reach and grab and they can do anything any time and you never know. And the more dangerous something is, the more determined to do it they are.

Well. I want that boy's giggles and I want his eel-wiggles and I want to keep him safe.

Forever and ever. Amen.


  1. Oh My. What a love. What a busy growing boy. What a cute butt.
    It is a wonder we don't lose them all, it takes vigilance, doesn't it? He couldn't be any safer or any better loved than at Gramoon's house.
    thanks for the owen fix!

  2. What a sweet little bottom and that tub. How I want a tub just like that! (And a bathroom big enough to fit it!)

  3. I love that cute little baby butt! My grandson's tooth finally fell out this week and was he ever proud. It had been hanging by a thread for a couple of days. I cried.

  4. All casual and cool holding the chair with one hand......
    that Owen is going to be walking in two months, tops.
    Love his hair!

  5. This post made me laugh and cry at the same time! Beautiful Owen and his baby power, wonderful Grandmama. Adorable. Thank you.

    I didn't become a mother until I was 39 (by adoption), so my kids are only 15 and 11. I am so jealous of you other women my age (53ish) who have grandbabies! It will probably be another 10-15 years before I have this pleasure!

  6. Oh, and my youngest walked at 9 1/2 months. I could scarcely believe it, but it is true.

  7. Oh, what a multitude of Owen happiness shining up at you, Granmaw. And he slept with his hands holding your face breathing love, love, love. You do such a good job with him. x0 N2

  8. He's FAST that boy. We all wonder how it's possible to keep them safe. I hate that worry. Your post was another prayer. For a non-religious person you sure pray a lot, Ms. Moon. (As do I.)

  9. Absolutely Adorable!!!

    That tub shore is mighty clean ~ did you paint it or something?????

    (haha, just kidding)

  10. I always wonder that too, how parents keep them safe.
    It scares me.
    You're doing a fine job.
    I love that he wiggles for you.
    I love how you love him.

  11. My mom was keeping Austin one evening a while back and he took it upon himself to walk home, which he does all the time during the day, but at night it is DARK out there and he got himself about halfway home before she realized he was gone (he's quick, I am NOT putting this on her AT ALL) and she found him crying sitting on the dirt in the dark, not sure which way to go. I don't think he'll do that again. Or, if he does, he'll take a flash light with him.

  12. Gah, so sweet. He's got the same manly barrel chest shape my D has got. Sweet little big teeny men babies!

  13. YUM. I can smell his baby head from here.

    And I melted at the thought of him sleeping with your face scrunched up in his hands. What love

  14. You are welcome to Harley's baby gate. Stop by on your walk and pick it up.

    Also I have a trinket for you from the RRHofF.

    Cleveland Rocks!

  15. In Europe we use pens to keep them confined. Special baby pens. Sort of a square wooden box, with netting or wooden pillars, so they can see the world, and the babies come higher then the edge. Makes it pretty safe for them and for the mama's that have do do things around the house. They have toys in there, and a soft blankie to sit or stand on, and it works wonders. I never understood why the americans consider this abuse... ;o)))

  16. I think there is a special God that watches over children. I really do. There must be.

    Love you!

  17. Your bathtub looks like a fine bubble bath spa....long and deep...a disco duck to top it off! Wonderful...

    Owen is growing so fast! Look at him standing so strong.

    Yes, how did we survive let alone our children to all the dangers of our homefront. I use to worry myself silly about wooden spoon handles and jabbing an eye...thankfully THAT never happened. And burns or falls on my! Once a mom always a mom with our prevention of accidents by being 3 steps ahead of any dangers to be.

    .....I bet Owen has the cutest giggle/laugh...I just know he does.

  18. When did he turn into such a PERSON?

  19. I hope that Owen will be safe. I think that puppies are easier to keep safe than children.

  20. What an adorable wiggly little bare butt! :)

    We all went through it and we all survived. My mom must have done okay since I still have both eyes and all my appendages.


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