Thursday, May 6, 2010

Okay. Obviously I Need To Clean My Lens

Owen on the front porch.


  1. Geeze what a cutie, didn't notice the smudge with that bright happy face looking at me. thanks for that.

  2. I was straight drawn in to his happy face. If you had not mentioned the lens I would not have seen it, now I went looking for a thing on the lens...
    He is such a happy boy. Full of life! Filled with joy. Spreading joy to us...

  3. perfect happy cutie! So like his mom and dad. Was Lily just like that as a baby?

  4. What a smart little man he is and look at those teef!
    ❤ Love to you both ❤ N2

  5. Dear Ms. Moon, has there ever BEEN a more gorgeous baby?
    Love, love!

  6. Mel- I didn't notice either until I posted the pictures. Bah.

    Rebecca- And he's MY cutie pie grandson. Oh, his grandma loves him.

    Photocat- He is certainly my joy.

    Jo- God. No. Lily was the unhappiest baby ever born. She hardly quit crying for eighteen years. And now she is the most delightful, sweet woman you can imagine! And the mother of this sweet boy.

    Syd- He is saying hello back.

    N2- That was the first time he ever sat by himself in a rocking chair. He was quite pleased about it.

    Angie C- Well. Probably. But I do think he's mighty darling.

  7. He really couldn't be any more adorable than he is! Absolutely charming! Thanks for sharing him.

  8. Everytime you post a picture he just looks more like a little boy and less like a baby.

    If anyone asks, that is a special effect in the corner. :)

  9. I think you must give Owen some happy pills because he sure smiles more for you than he ever has with me. Or he just loves his Grandmama dearly. That's it.

  10. That sweet smile! Love to both of you.


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