Friday, May 14, 2010

Owen Today

We had Big Fun.


  1. You probably never get tired of hearing this so I'll just say it again--he is so adorable! I have both my grandson and my granddaughter (she's almost 2) this weekend and we are going to be having big fun too! I will probably need to nap all day Sunday to recover though.

  2. I wuv you guys! I can't wait to squeeze him again!

  3. Oh so cute! Looks like he's completely happy!

  4. I have noticed that Pearl always seems to be near when you photgraph Owen. She must like him, too.

  5. I can't get over the way he's getting around already!

    Are those madras shorts? I just love that.

  6. Dang, he's cute. Does he have any idea how happy his smile makes people he's never met???
    So glad you had Big Fun. I kinda liked today too. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Ms. Moon, he looks like he's turning into a strawberry he?
    He is also, as everyone else has pointed out already, deliciously adorable. You lucky Ms. Moon, you.
    Love, love.

  8. Don't tell me he's ready to start walking! What a perfect little face.

  9. Lois- Have fun! And no, I never get tired of hearing that.

    DTG- Isn't he something, that boy? I see you in him. Ms. Bastard is right.

    Ms. Fleur- Saw your men in Publix today and I hear you are off for four days! Yay! Have a lot of fun and enjoy. You deserve it hugely!

    Rebecca- I think we had more laughs today, that boy and I, then we ever have.

    Sally Moon- Yes! Pearl is like his other grandma. She adores him.

    Stephanie- Uh-huh. Madras shorts. Can you stand it?

    Mel- He has no idea and he doesn't care. Which is the way it should be.

    Angie C- I don't think there is as much red in that hair as it looks like in photos. And yes, I COMPLETELY know how lucky I am. Love you, too.

    Angie M- He's going to be walking soon. His mama walked at nine months so...

  10. He looks like one damn happy baby.

    In some picts he looks so much like his Uncle Hank. Is that true?

  11. Michelle- I am seeing that too!

  12. Little Owen has the best smile. I hope he will always find something to smile about.

  13. Syd- He is part of this family and thus, I think he will always have something to laugh AT, and hopefully, smile about.


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