Saturday, September 26, 2020

Not Sure About What Day Of The Week It Is But I'm Sure It's Owen's Birthday

 I absolutely love the expression on this guy's face. Or gal's face. Whatever. The way that blue eye is cocked my way- "Yeah. I see ya. Back off HUMAN!" 

I took that picture when I was out picking the last of the field peas which is the only damn thing I did today which resembled labor in any way, shape, or form. And that was hardly difficult although the red ants that swarm the plants tending their herds of aphids (I guess) bit the crap out of every body part of mine they could find. They are small but they are powerful. I managed to pick a nice basketful of the peas though and so we'll get one more fresh meal out of them and now the plants need to be pulled to make room for the fall stuff. 
I will wear gloves for that chore. Little fuckers sting like hell. 

So guess what today is? OWEN'S ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY! Can you believe it? I can't. Some of you have been part of this family long enough to remember the day he was born. If you have any interest in reading the post I wrote the night of his birth, you can find it here.
Lily had a long, long labor because she was induced due to the doctors being freaked out that she was a week or so "overdue" and they claimed that the baby was getting "huge." He was certainly a big, fine boy- 9 pounds, 4 ounces- but Lily weighed over ten pounds at birth and I delivered her at home. Lily is just about six feet tall and I am 5'4" so I'm pretty sure she could have managed. 
But of course what matters is the end result and in this case, that was Owen and as Lily said today, she wouldn't change the birth for anything because it made her a mommy. She also said, "The world knew I needed a trial by fire to shape me up for my crew! LOL!" 

She's a lot more graceful about that than I would have been. 

And so eleven years ago that boy made me and my man grandparents and except for the days our own children were born, it was the best day of our marriage up to that point. Plus, I didn't have to give birth.

These pictures were actually taken the day after he was born and I distinctly remember putting on make-up to go see my new grandson. Wasn't he a little peach? 
He's still a peach but not so little. He's also still our first grandchild, always will be our first grandchild, and he's the one who gave me my grandmother name. He's the grandchild I tended the most as a baby and a little boy, the one I made up the Mr. Peep story for, the one I got out the old baby books and story books for, the one I always told, "You are my little prince," when I kissed him good-bye when he went home. He's the one I played the Rolling Stones for all the time as we played bounce-the-ball on the stairs. He's the one I got a high chair for and he's the one I got sippy cups for. 
He's the one who showed me how much more love a human heart can hold than even I, the mother of four, knew. 
Hell, he's the one on my phone screen to this very moment. 

Remember when he wore his Woody costume all the time? 

In the post I wrote the night he was born I said that I didn't know who he looked like except for himself. I think we know now exactly who he looks like. His beautiful, strong mama. Moon genes all the way. 

And in a related note, Lily sent this picture just a little while ago. 

Lily wrote, "What she does when asked to pick up the game she got out."
To which Mr. Moon replied, "You spent half your childhood thrashing on the ground. 😂"
Which is true. Lily's childhood was not an easy time for anyone, least of all herself. But I always told myself that if I could keep her alive she would grow up to be an incredibly strong and amazing woman. 
I was right. 
And Magnolia will too. 
When I said that the Moon genes are strong, I meant that in all respects. 

So. Happy birthday, Owen Curtis Hartmann. You're practically a grown man now and you have my heart and you always will. And as much as I am sure you cringe to hear this- you are always my little prince and you will still be when you've become a foot taller than I am. 
Which will probably happen sometime next year. 
I sure do love you. 

Love...Ms. Mermer Moon


  1. Happy Birthday dear Owen! someone so dear to all of us.....and I can't believe that I can recall the day he was born....having started to follow your blog just prior. Time passes, eh? I hope you can have your family birthday gathering tomorrow to celebrate.....and yes, red ants suck! and Magnolia? that girl is a force, for sure. Drama queen....princess, and warrior! Move over, everyone! LOL
    Susan M

  2. I was here for Gibson's but not this fine young man's appearance. Happy b-day.

  3. This makes my heart throb a little. And as I say every year, this is how I mark when I found your blog. It was right around Owen's birth. All of those baby and toddler years of watching him, visiting the chickens, and Mr Peep's story - they all feel like love to me.

  4. Happy Birthday Owen! And someday Maggie will have a little one doing the same thing when asked to pick up toys! Life does continue!

  5. Happy Birthday to Owen and a sweet night to you. I hope everyone enjoys the party.

  6. Eleven! WOW, time scoots by so fast. about time he got a job, haha, and a driver's license! He will be off to university soon. He is such a lovely child and does look a great deal like Lily. Lucky! Happy birthday to Owen and to everyone! Such sweet photos!

  7. Happy Birthday Owen! Eleven is a wonderful age!

  8. Happy Birthday Owen. I don't remember his birth as I have only known you for a few years. I love this post. My eldest grand is Emily and she is now 10. The only one of the 3 that I looked after when she was little. They were here yesterday as it was her brother's 8th birthday. She sat and drew a picture of some idea why she chose that to draw, but it was a superb effort. Quite the little artist!

  9. Our lovely Frances Emily was also born on September 26th. Yesterday was her 32nd birthday. As for Moon Jeans - Watch out Levi! Watch out Wrangler! Moon Jeans are now on sale! Cue ad song "Moon Jeans are wider than a mile/ I'm crossing you in style some day..." sung by Glen Moon accompanied by Mary Moon on ukulele. Belated eleventh birthday greetings to Master Owen.

  10. Happy Birthday to Owen, he does resemble his Mama, she can't deny that one is hers! Looking back at when we first become Grandparents is so Nostalgic isn't it, our Hearts fairly burst with the Love.

  11. Happy Birthday, Owen! I love that I remember your birth too :)

  12. I loved everything about this post.

  13. Happy birthday, Owen! I can't believe that boy is eleven. He DOES look more and more like Lily, doesn't he?!

    One thing I've learned working at a school is all that stuff adults said when I was a kid -- like, "my, you've gotten so big!" and "they sure do grow up fast" -- are TRUE. It blows my mind how quickly kids grow up -- a process that, when you're in it as a child, seems to take forever.

  14. Happy birthday to Owen! He sure does look like his mama.

    Doctors interfer too much in childbirth I think. The latest seems to be more inductions which means trouble it seems.

    Anyway, I'm glad his birth went well in the end and it is amazing holding your grandchild for the first time. I never knew my grandparents and I'm so thankful my grandson knows us.

    Have a wonderful day Mary!

  15. Happy birthday to your first grand-baby!

  16. I love all six of my grands, but that first one is the one that gave you your name. Our Savannah is now 23 with a son (who changed my name from MawMaw to GiGi), but I remember all her firsts with us. She was also born on her PawPaw’s birthday, so she’s extra special. Happy Birthday the the young man who gave you your name, MerMer!!

  17. Happy birthday Owen! I remember his birth post. I can't believe it's more than eleven years since I found your blog! So grateful I did. Much love.

  18. Happy birthday Owen! Every year on his birthday I remember you two dancing to the Stones together and you sitting on the steps while toddler Owen brushed your hair. Tell that fine growing boy he has someone up north who knew him when and has loved him since.

  19. I guess I'm not the only one who uses Owen's birth as a milestone. I started reading your blog a few days before he was born. I am SO glad I found you. I end my day/night with your blog. It's the last thing I read. Thank you so much for writing your words of love, laughter, knowledge and inspiration.Big hugs to you from the Midwest! Indiana to be exact. Happy birthday hugs to your grandson!


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