Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday. Again?

 Our across-the-street neighbors have it going on with their Biden sign and we need to get one too. I had noticed that our next door neighbor had one about a month ago but then it disappeared. It has been replaced, however, with what appears to be a sheet which has been tied between his porch posts with the word "Biden" written in what looks to be green paint in huge letters. His original sign must have gotten stolen. This pisses me off if it's true because I've had to walk by my other side next door neighbors' infuriating Trump sign for four years now. Every time, and I mean every time I pass it, it takes all of my self-control not to try and run my walking stick through it or at least knock it over. I did thump it the other day out of sheer meanness. 
I wonder what they think about Trump's reputed comments calling American war dead "losers and suckers". I imagine that they will hear about this as even Fox news is admitting it's true. I also wonder what Fox will have to say about this. Remember how they tore up Obama for NOT WEARING A FLAG PIN, for not saluting a Marine, and for wearing a light-colored suit? 
Wouldn't it be a glorious thing if the comment he made about dead soldiers was the thing that broke the back of his presidency? I mean, it's one thing to have him on tape saying "grab them by the pussy" but it's another to know he called people who fought and died losers and suckers.

To some people, anyway. 

It has been a slow, slow Friday. Truthfully, I haven't felt that well and I lazed around all day long. Mr. Moon, after putting another morning's worth of work in the woods in, has lazed a bit too. I actually laid down on the bed and read some of the book I'm reading, A Land Remembered, and then fell asleep. I haven't slept during the day in a long time. The book, by Patrick D. Smith is quite well-known in Florida as the definitive novel on early Florida pioneers and how some of those families became wealthy as hell. For years I've thought I should read it and I even started it a time or two but I just couldn't get past the first few chapters. The writing isn't the best and compared to Marjorie Kinnan Rawling's books, it's a disappointing effort. But I'm finally reading it now and although I still find the writing disappointing, I'm managing to stay fairly engaged. I'm trying to ignore what I find disturbing or obnoxious about it and just go with the story which is interesting. The particular family he writes about makes its original fortune by herding and pasturing the wild cows that were the descendants of the original Spanish cattle and selling them to be shipped to Cuba. Then they began to buy land which was ridiculously cheap. On the face of it, not a bad book but the descriptions of Black characters and Seminole characters are often cliched stereotypes although the author does paint them in a positive light. 

I'm not a good book reviewer. 

In other reading material, we got a card from August today with a surprise sloth in it! 

That boy does love a sloth. 

And here are his words. My favorite part of course is, "I am looking forward to being adopted by you, Mermer and Boppy." That family is heading up to North Carolina on Monday and it will be weeks before we see them. We may get to have them over on Sunday night for a "stayover" as August calls it, and their mom and dad can pack the car and pick them up on their way out of town for their big adventure. It is definitely long-past time for Vergil to see his family and for the boys to visit with their mountain family. This pandemic has screwed up every damn thing. 

Here's another hurricane lily that I discovered in the yard today. 

That one is full-bloomed. Every year they charm and amaze me with their delicate, reaching stamens. They are a folly and a fancy and they only last for a day or two. I love them. 

Mr. Moon is about to make us a martini. We're going to have a quarantini call with Lon and Lis and tonight's supper is going to be leftover enchiladas which were quite fine. I have no avocado or cilantro to top them but they'll do. I line-dried the sheets today and am looking forward to their sweet crispness tonight. The sun is going down, the magnolia leaves are shiny, shining mirrors of reflected light. 

It just occurred to me that I am not Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings either. I suppose there are many of us who write the story of Florida as it was, as it is. Not as the butt of a joke, but as a love story of sorts, even as there is so much about it that is hard or crazy or tacky or desperately sad. We love what we love, even the imperfections, and some of us have taken Florida as our lover and forgive her much, loving her for the wildness within her which surrounds and sustains us. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I want a martini and jar full of olives and a note from a darling young lad with a hugging sloth in it. You are the luckiest woman alive! My sheets are in the ordinary old dryer, clean but not air fresh, which i do miss- again, you are the luckiest woman alive!
    Carry on, my BEAUTY- Your neighbors house look like your house does it not?I can not be sure as a google walk down your street. (stalker, much?)

  2. I may well be the luckiest woman alive. I would not doubt it.
    My neighbor's house does look like mine somewhat although mine is older and theirs is better maintained. I will post a picture of it soon. You aren't a stalker. You are just interested. Big difference.

  3. oh, those dear boys and August with the sloth. I hope they do get a sleepover on Sunday. You will truly miss them when they are gone to the mountains...... glad you had a nap, a chat with Lon and Lis....and best of all....leftovers! Yes! And a martini.....the best. Hubby just got home after his 4 day adventure.....safely and soundly. the dog is ecstatic, and I am happy he had we all had a great time!!!
    You may not be Majorie Kinnan Rawlings but your words fill me up every time, they are beautiful
    Much love
    Susan M

  4. here I am trying to catch up. some days I just don't feel like reading blogs and of course those are the days when everybody posts! the book I just finished, the Pendergast novel, takes place in Florida in your neck of the woods. Apalachicola and Dog Island were both mentioned!

    there are a few hurricane lilies planted here but they don't always bloom every year and when they do I only get two or three. I'm going to have to plant some myself.

  5. You make me wish I could remember and recite about Florida settler stories I read as a youngster, when I knew where most tribes lived and what happened to them. In another life I would have been a pioneer most anywhere, except a Mormon crossing the Donner Gap. I wasn't that metaphysically tough. The natives of Florida had it tough, but so did the settlers. I used to wonder how people could resettle into such heat and still have to farm, and raise children. I probably could add Florida to my Donner's Gap scenario. But it's all the same. Live life and get on with it.

  6. I love the note and the sloth! It is so cute how he wants you two to adopt him. You have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I would want to beat the hell out of any Trump sign I saw but wouldn't out of respect (not that Trump has any respect for anyone of course). Thankfully they don't do that over here! And that note from August is adorable. You're going to miss them when they're away!

  8. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Getting a 'Love sloth' was pretty special. Know you'll miss those two when they go to the mountains (not to mention their parents). Wishing them safe travels.

  9. Such a beautiful song of love for Florida you have written here. And August's card is one to keep forever. Love in every word.

  10. August's Card is wonderful! Kids do love Sloths and Llamas. I do hope the disrespect to our Military Heroes is what becomes his undoing, we're a Military Family and The Man is a Disabled Veteran and highly decorated War Hero, so it's terribly painful and offensive to know a President said that! Not that it surprised me because it is Trump, so not out of character for him. He himself was too cowardly to serve, bone spurs my Ass, he sure got caught during that Era dancing in Clubs just fine and he walks just fine as an Old Man, so that was just a typical Rich Kid ploy to get out of being Drafted.

  11. Your last paragraph perfectly describes how I feel about our wild and crazy state! A really beautiful metaphor, the lover forgiven for so much. Sweet sloth note!. Don the draft dodger is beyond reprehensible, he’s ordered all government racial sensitivity training halted. That he still has supporters sickens me.

  12. My great-grandparents moved to Florida around 1900, and I wish I could shoot a message back in time to them to say, "BUY LAND!!!"


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