Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Another Fun-Filled, Action Packed Day In Lloyd

Well, as fires rage in the west, we here in North Florida are getting rain, rain, rain. That's what my back yard looked like earlier. The water has absorbed into the ground by now but it was coming done so fast that it puddled and pooled there for awhile. 

We're dodging Hurricane Sally but getting some rain from it and an occasional gust of wind. 

We are not entirely in the clear here. A friend of mine posted this on FB today.


And yet, even as part of the country is burning and storms are lining up in the Atlantic, Donald "I'm NOT a Scientist" Trump declared today that he thinks that science just doesn't really know why these things are happening. 
Now. If he's referring to the things that are happening in his brain, he's probably right. They won't know until he's dead and they can open up that head and see what's inside it. I imagine it as looking somewhat like a pile of hamburger that's been infested with maggots. 
I could be wrong.
It might look like a pile of hamburger that's been infested with roaches. 


Not sorry.

On to something more cheerful. Here's my expanding bunch of bananas today.

I have figured out that as each red petal separates from the bloom, another row of baby fruit is revealed. Why have I never noticed this before? I suppose because the only time it ever bloomed before this was last year and I just did not pay attention. This year, possibly due to the pandemic and my many, many hours staying at home (and days and months) I am noticing things that I've never noticed before. Anyway, isn't it cool to think that every banana you buy in the grocery store starts out like this? 

Not much else going on. It was a nap day due to the rain and general ensuing ennui. Also a day to do a lot of laundry for some reason. The pesticide guy advised me to wash the cats' bedding which of course means our sheets and quilt because Jack beds down with us every night. I may not have a Kardashian ass but Jack seems to enjoy falling asleep beside it. Maurice makes do in other places, usually on the backs of sofas or chairs or on the table on the back porch and I washed that tablecloth. Mr. Moon reports finding only one flea on him today which is a huge improvement. We've given the cats another flea treatment and hopefully, things are under control here. I actually did a little tiny bit of clearing out in my bathroom, throwing away make-up that is almost as old as Jessie. Not all of it, by any means. I think about the last time I wore make-up which was when Lon and Lis played in Tallahassee right after Valentine's Day. I had bought a blue velvet dress online and it got here in time for me to wear to the gig and I wore that and sparkled my eyes with glittery eyeshadow and now it seems like a million, billion lifetimes ago. 

Will we ever dress up again? Will we ever go out to hear music again? Will we ever hug longtime friends again without a thought for anyone's safety? 
I do not know. 

When was the last time you dressed up? I'm curious. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I guess the last time I dressed up was for the Christmas party last year but I had to wear my sneakers because my feet were so painful. So half dressy?

    Glad the fleas are almost gone. Yuck. It gives me the willies thinking about them crawling around in a house. I guess snow is good for something.

    I thought you might enjoy this description of the cockwomble.

    "It's as if we took everything bad about American, scraped it up off the floor, wrapped it all up in an old hotdog skin, and then taught it to make noises with it's face."

    I think that pretty much covers it.

    Stay safe my friend.

  2. keeping watch over your banana's sounds like a good plan to me! Nap is good too, and glad fleas may be under control! I think someone would find DT's brain devoid of ANY matter at all, really. And last time I dressed up was for our goddaughters wedding 2 years ago...... silver bangles, tie died (sp) dress, strappy heels and makeup....... she is due to give birth to her first babe in 3 weeks so I will be a *god grandmother*........ I don't like dressing up in general. Am embarking on new *keep me busy* project here....learning about and experimenting with *quilling*. good lord it's tedious......but fun to learn and do something new. I'm a total beginner.....and appreciating the time it takes to learn. I've got nothing but time
    Susan M

  3. watching baby bananas, a covid pass time - better than drinking a gallon of whiskey I suppose. Oh these days...I will never dress up again.

  4. I don't necessarily dress up, but I do have my favorite clothes which I like to wear, (NOT COUNTING THAT IRRITATING MASK) though!

  5. I can’t even remember the last time I dressed up. Concerts don’t count because we all wear black. I think it was when I was at Dartmouth so 2014?

  6. Although I wouldn't call it dressy, the last time I put much effort into looking put together was when I flew to the UK in January. Went to museums and concerts in London--took the train to Scotland where I met up with a Scottish friend and we traveled together to a couple of cities--went to another concert in Edinburgh--then back to London again. Sheesh. Now it feels like it took place in another lifetime.

  7. The last time I dressed up was for my son's wedding in February.

  8. Every year half the country burns while the other half drowns. I wish with all my might that the rains would put out the raging fires!
    You absolutely crack me up and are exactly right about the idiot trump!!!!

  9. Dear God! I wondered how much rain you were getting from Sally, but I had NO IDEA that parade of storms was crossing the ocean behind her. I mean, hurricane season is one thing, but that's insane.

    Yes. Trump is an anti-science idiot.

    I can't even remember the last time I dressed up. I guess it depends on what you call "dressed up." When we went to dinner for our anniversary in July I put on a long-sleeve shirt, which counts these days.

  10. The last time I properly dressed up was on August 24th last year for Frances's wedding. It was a hot day and with a new suit on with collar and tie I turned tomato red. Not a good look. I needed lettuce.

    When are you planning to clear up all the fallen leaves around Lloyd as advised by the Mystic Seer of Nature - Guru Trump - an expert in all things - even those things he knows nothing about. Stupid Californians! If only they had raked up all the leaves then no fires would have happened.

  11. Dressing up for me means putting on my good pair of jeans and a kind of dressy top. I could not tell you when I last wore a dress. Oh I know, my grandson had a "social distancing" graduation the end of June and I wore dress pants and a nice top. I wore make up more when I was working and going out all the time but I rarely wear it now. I feel like the lipstick companies must be about to go broke. Who wears lipstick under their mask!

    1. D.J.Trump that's who! He prefers "Joli Rouge Velvet" by Clarins.

  12. And if you're not in a disaster, one will be assigned to you. Period.


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