Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Can't Make This Shit Up

Well, I still haven't figured out the car engine thing but I have figured out a few things and I made a soup that could feed all of the hungry in the South-Georgia, North-Florida area and I had a walk and it is raining a little bit. Patter, patter. It smells good, anyway.

But the funniest thing happened. I got two e-mail requests to possibly use images from my blog. Pictures that I had taken. The requests were nestled right next to each other in my in-box. Now, over the years I have had one other request to use a picture off my blog. One. So it was a bit odd to get two, just like that, right next to each other.
But the funny thing was the pictures they asked to use.
One of the requests was from Lis and she possibly wants it for a CD cover for an artist they've been recording. She sent me about a dozen possibilities and all of them, I think, were from Dog Island. They look like this:

I told her that of course she could use anything she wanted. And that it's possible that Jessie may have taken one of these or even Mr. Moon. But I would be pleased.

Now the other request- well, that was from a woman who works for a web site called THINKR which actually looks pretty cool and you can find it here if you want: http://www.youtube.com/thnkrtv

And the image she wanted to use?


I had to ask her where on my blog she found it because I couldn't remember and she sent me THAT link and it was for one of my favorite posts ever which, if you have the notion, you can find HERE.
It was a funny one. 

I told her that sure, she could use it, why not? 

My goodness. Life sure can be silly sometimes, can't it?


  1. The sanitized toilet seat post was definitely inspired. And hilarious.

    If you had taken a photo of the holiday-ed up trash place, you'd be getting all manner of requests for that one. I hope you have more trash before the holiday season is over, and will "bless" us with a pic. Please????

  2. I can see why she would want to use the Dog Island pictures. You did a great job of capturing a kind of ethereal quality in them.
    Thinkr is a nice site. Did you watch the story of the prodigy from Sierra Leone? That's what it's all about.
    Personally, I'd like to take your header and blow it up and frame it.

  3. I went to Helen when I was just sixteen and in love with a boy who didn't love me back. I have always wanted to take my husband there. I have always remembered it as so romantic. Maybe it's changed over the past forty years.

  4. Beautiful photos from Dog Island. Just spectacular.

  5. Those Dog Island photos are incredible. You have a really good eye. You could make a coffee table book of pictures if you were of a mind to. Easily.

    I think I may remember the potty post. I have not clicked the link, but wasn't it one of the ones where you and Mr. Moon went away? Anyway, that is a hoot!

  6. It surprises me that no one wants the picture of the magnum condom wrapper on the Holy Bible. If I were a rock star, I think that's the cd cover I'd need. :-)

  7. I just re-read the post and laughed all the way through. I was going to comment, scrolled down through the comments it got nearly three years ago and realized that what I wrote then was EXACTLY what I would have written today! I'm getting old. Old like Helen.

  8. Yay! Congratulations! It's always cool to be recognized, although I agree that sometimes what people latch onto can be a little strange. The photos people have asked me to use have never been ones I would have anticipated being popular.

    I love that first Dog Island shot -- the one through the trees. Beautiful!

  9. OMG I need to go back and read all your blog posts! Maybe I'll do it over the Christmas break...

    I want to go to Helen, Georgia now!


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