Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I know you've all seen this, right?
Where Bob Dylan says that Obama is going to win in a landslide?

In most cases like this we always say, "From his lips to God's ear."
However, since this is Bob Dylan, I'm hoping that it's from God's lips to Dylan's ear. 

We're all anxious, I'm sure. And on top of everything else, the boys are coming before dawn tomorrow morning which means I probably will not sleep well tonight and dammit, if I go to bed before the election is called, I won't sleep at all and if I stay up late enough to see who wins, I won't get enough sleep and let's face it- I ain't gonna get enough sleep tonight.
Whatever. So what?
What time did McCain admit defeat in 2008? I hope Romney concedes at approximately 7:30 p.m. I would, if I were him. He should do it. Just for me.
I want to see Obama LIVE, saying whatever he has planned to say about winning. Yes. I really do want to see that. I want to see it and cry with relief and offer up some hosannas and Fuck Yeah!s.
Sorry about the way that's written. I don't care about proper structure and whatever-the-fuck that would be right now.

Mr. Moon is packing for his trip to Canada. He is packing warm, warm clothes. And a gun. He is going to hunt up there. In Alberta. My knowledge of Canadian geography is even vaguer than my knowledge of US geography. I am geographically dumbshitted. Not challenged. Completely dumbshitted. Anyway, that's where he's going. I'm going to have the house to myself for over a week. So you know what I've done in preparation? I WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BOUGHT LAUNDRY DETERGENT AND FABRIC SOFTENER WITH SCENT IN THEM!!!!
Yeah. I'm wild.
See, when it's hunting season, Mr. Moon doesn't want any scent on any garment that may touch his body. Or sheets or towels. And as environmentally incorrect as this may be, I LOVE MY SCENTED LAUNDRY PRODUCTS! So when he's gone, I'm going to use the shit out of my fresh fragranced detergent and softener.

I'm rambling because I'm anxious.

I went to the big natural foods store with Lily today. I hate that place. $4.99 for a chocolate bar ON SALE? $7.99 for one not on sale? Are you kidding me? Who buys that shit? I ate a Reese's peanut butter cup the other day. It was the best thing I ever ate in my life. Probably cost 89 cents. I don't know. It sure as fuck didn't cost $7.99. A chocolate bar that cost that much should be made from cacao grown in dirt composted with gold which was plucked by pure and innocent and beautiful virgins whose hair has never been cut and who change their white gloves with every cacao bean they pick.
I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm talking about.
I'm just rambling.
Trying to disperse the energy.

All right. I think that four years ago I posted this vido or another one like it while waiting for the election results because if the national anthem ever meant anything to a person like me who has no patriotism gene, it is this version. And because I was hoping and wishing with all my heart that I was about to hear that Barack Obama had been elected as the president of the country of my birth which would make about as proud of that country as anything else ever would.
Got the same thoughts and wishes and hopes right now.
Come on Mitt. Concede. Let Barack Obama do the rest of the work he started four years ago. Get out of the way and let the man do his job. Bob Dylan says you're gonna lose. By a landslide.

Talk to y'all later.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I posted the You Don't Own Me video on my blog, and that about sums up what I'm feeling about the whole damn thing at this point.

    I *need* this to be over.

    I am nervous too.....I'm staying up til I know one way or the other, or I'll never sleep.

  2. SJ- What I said over at your place. I am so proud of you younger women who GET IT!

  3. I am hoping Bob is right. Nail biting around here.

  4. Love following your ramblings. Makes us all feel connected tonight. And that feels good. I have been thinking the same thing you said about not getting sleep tonight. I get up at 5 and I know damn well I will be up way past my bedtime. But crap it cannot be helped. And there will be coffee in the morning.

  5. Right with you, Mer-Mer. I am slowly falling apart with anxiety. If you read my blog today you know I am frantic with fear about the outcome of this damned election.

    No more now....gotta get back to praying or conjuring or whatever. Oy!

  6. Ramble on. I sure as hell appreciate the diversion. I knew it was the Jimi Hendrix version before i scrolled down to it. I have this image of all of us out there with linked hands standing up for the side of love and justice. I know that's cheezy.
    I just can't do another four years of shoving human rights into the crapper and kissing corporate asses and allowing the rich to play by different sets of rules.
    I'm disgusted it's not more of a landslide. I hate to deign to name-calling, but fucking imbeciles. Romney Seriously? Woof.

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  8. I am watching up here and so nervous for you! Ag!

  9. Election? What election?
    Personally, I can't handle watching it. I start getting all angry and weird inside and so I guess I'm waiting for someone to announce the results on their blog. Let me know when our team wins, okay Mary?

  10. Come to Canada with Mr. Moon and hop over a province to see me! Yay!

  11. I am officially stressing the fuck out right now. I've been in complete denial for the last few months about the actual possibility of Romney winning and now I am stressing the fuck out.

  12. Feeling like our man will win. He just has to. I am so tense.

  13. I just did a victory lap through my house, and I was thinking about you and hoping you can finally rest easy!

  14. Ms. Moon we did it!!!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!!!


    Sweet dreams to us all!

  16. Beat him like a bongo drum! Beat it Jackass!

  17. Hossanahs and fuck yeas all around baby!

  18. Now I can go to sleep. You too, honey. sleep well.

    XXX Beth

  19. Truth and light prevails muthafukas!

  20. Oh yes we can!!!!!

    By the way, I LOVE this: "I went to the big natural foods store with Lily today. I hate that place. $4.99 for a chocolate bar ON SALE? $7.99 for one not on sale? Are you kidding me? Who buys that shit?"

    I laughed so hard.

  21. WE DID IT!! fuck yeahs and hell yeahs and all them other yeahs..How do ya'll like us southern Dems now? I am so Happy Dancing in my chair right now :) :) :)


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