Friday, November 16, 2012


Jesus, if this fucking weather doesn't kill me, I don't know what will. I swear to you, it looks like it's going to snow. And yes, I DO know what that looks like. I lived in Denver for a year and a half. But of course it's not going to snow and it's just so heavy and chilly and the air presses the chill into your bones and the gray presses itself into your soul and the pecans are bare and their limbs reach up like witchy fingers grasping at the birds which might dare to brave the sky over their heads and the bananas are turning brown and yellow and they twitch in the cold wind, shimmering like Day of the Dead strippers 

and the oak branches all look like great places to hang a noose if you want to know the truth.

Even Elvis looks dispirited. And grim. 

Well, the camellias are continuing to bloom and that's a flat-out redeeming quality of nature. 

Yes. That looks amazingly like the last picture of a camellia I posted but it's not the same bush and it's not even the same variety but don't ask me what it is. Sure, I planted it but that was about seven years ago so forget me remembering. 

Hey! You're not going to believe this- I WENT TO GOODWILL YESTERDAY! 
After I got my teeth cleaned (and tip of the day: schedule your teeth-cleaning for noon because your hygienist will not be lollygagging with those instruments of torture because she will be wanting to go eat her lunch) I decided to (oh god, oh god, oh god!) go shopping. I went to the big Goodwill right down the road from where my dentist's office is and for once, it wasn't packed and they weren't playing crap music on the sound system and I spent a very peaceful hour going through stuff and I even bought two things. A blue cotton turtleneck which I mostly chose because it's a lovely color and not even black, and also a pillow because it's just about the happiest pillow I ever saw. Here's a picture.

Both the pillow and the turtleneck seem barely-used and I'm happy with both although I have no idea where the damn pillow should go in that it doesn't really match any of my decor. 


Like I have a decor. 

Deer heads, fish mounts, kids' toys, dog beds, and all with a sort of Civil-War era tropical theme. With many mermaids and Virgins of Guadalupes and other assorted Madonnas. Which means that the pillow will fit right in. 

Ah, so what? So the fuck what? 

I guess we're having our Thanksgiving Eve party here again this year. People keep telling me they're coming despite the fact that, well, I'm not planning a party. It always seems to happen no matter what. And we're having actual Thanksgiving at Lily's house this year. Which is going to be very, very strange  but wonderful, too. The only downside to that plan is that I won't have leftovers. Maybe I'll cook a tiny turkey just for me and Mr. Moon.
WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? Christ. I'm nuts.

Okay. I'm obviously not quite right in the head and obviously, I don't have anything of importance to inpart, despite the fact that I've watched more TV in the past week than I've probably watched in a year and you'd think I would learn something of value there but it's not like I'm watching The Genius Channel, which of course there really isn't one because there's not enough geniuses to make something like that viable. And I certainly wouldn't qualify.

I'm sure I'll have something to talk about later as I am about to go to Monticello and that place is a veritable hotbed of geniuses or at least friendly people which is even better than geniuses and NO! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT SO I'LL SHUT UP NOW.

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, the lilt in your voice cheers me -- you sound better.

    And the pillow is good. And your writing about the weather is, as always, riveting. I'm serious about that. You're one of the best writers of place that I can think of.

  2. our pecans are shedding their leaves but there are still more on the trees than the ground. no camillias here though. and everything is just about bloomed out for the year.

  3. I hate to exhibit any stripper prejudices, but i think i might pass on the Dia de los Muertos varietal.
    On the other hand, i just might go for a hot bed of friendly people. That doesn't sound half bad.

  4. New form of therapy: stare at pretty & bright-colored pillow, then lay head on it while staring at camelia.

  5. i love that pillow. that pillow fits into any decor.

    you know, the holidays are coming. thanksgiving is next week. the holidays always fill me with dread because i feel so responsible for making them good for everyone but then i really dont know how. i can never just relax and let everything just be. i buy into the hype about what the holidays SHOULD look like, and i just want to crawl under the covers till they're over because i can't deal.

    i come here for help getting through it all. thank you.

  6. A hotbed of geniuses!!! I love that.

    I've had an insane day already and it's not even noon here. I may post about it. These Cali people are loony! Well, the ones in Ventura anyway....

  7. It has been cloudy, rainy and chilly here too. Another large fire in the fireplace all day kind of day. And me snoozing on the couch. We had our Turkey Day today because next week is a cruise for a few days on the boat. And it will be over Thanksgiving during which there will be turkey on the boat. Amazing how things change.

  8. My "decor" is modern country. My favorite things are old and dented, like me!
    I've had snow here for a month. That pillow looks like spring to me, I hope you don't mind if I stare at it for the next few months. :)

  9. Elizabeth- When I wrote my novel and got that agent she told me that I did not have to describe the weather every time my main character walked outside.
    I think that some of us are more aware of weather than others. And sky. And trees. Etc.

    Ellen Abbott- We're still getting some blooms but it's rather dreary.

    Ajax- Ha! I wondered if anyone would be able to visualize the Day of the Dead stripper shimmy.

    Denise- I think you've got something there.

    Angella- Here's my advice (for what's it worth). Take an entire holiday season off. Go away with your love. Ignore it except to maybe write some checks. And then, the next year- anything you do will be gravy.
    Believe me. The world will continue to exist.
    I know you won't do that but if you could- it would be fine.

    Ms. Fleur- Oh. I had such hopes you would find your people there in California. Keep looking. I swear- they must be there.

    Syd- I keep thinking about last year and how we spent Christmas in Cozumel and how it was the best Christmas of my life and well...when things change, they can be wonderful.

    Heartinhand- I am so honored for you to be here. I'll do my best to post pictures of cheer (not the fake Ho-Ho-Ho kind) for you in the next month.

  10. What a great pillow! I love it when serendipity drops a thing of beauty into my lap via Goodwill.

    I think PBS is the genius channel.

  11. Beth- And I love you.

    Steve- Oh my god! You are so right! PBS!


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