Sunday, November 25, 2012

There are some people with whom you are just not supposed to have casual relationships with.
Lisa-Lisa-Redheaded-Lisa-Whom-We-Adore is one of those people for me.

We met through a mutual friend who had been gunshot in a robbery and yes, that's the truth. I was taking care of the woman who had been shot and Lisa and her then-boyfriend had been with her right after the incident and so they came to my house when I was taking care of this woman and right away, there was this connection, even though she is sixteen years younger than I am and since then we have shared some things, Lisa-Lisa and I. As I said before, I was there when her first child was born and I also performed the marriage for her and her husband Jon on a beautiful beach at sunset. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like but that doesn't matter. Not one damn bit.

When she and her husband and two friends came by today, Lisa and Michelle, one of the friends and a woman whom I also adore were walking around outside to see the chickens and the bamboo and we heard a screeching of tires and then a definite collision.
"That can't be good," I said, and we immediately started walking towards where we'd heard the sound and yes, there had been a wreck down at the intersection a half block from where I live and there were already people there on phones and my neighbors were walking out of their houses too to go and see what had happened and I went over to where a woman was still in one of the cars and there you go.
Another life-changing event, right there, and Lisa was with me.

The woman, I think is okay. The airbags had deployed and she was definitely in shock and I stroked her arm and talked to her and Michelle reassured her that all was well, everything was going to be fine and there was no blood at all and I kept talking to the woman and the people of Lloyd kept showing up and bringing fire extinguishers and a man was directing traffic around the accident and the man who had been in the other car seemed fine and was talking on his phone. The first responders from the Lloyd volunteer fire department arrived and I let them take over and Lisa and Michelle and I walked home and we finished our tour of the yard.

And when they left, we both cried.

There are people with whom you are not supposed to have casual relationships with. You have to pay attention. You have to be grateful.

Lisa is still redheaded and she is still beautiful and today we shared another thing and I am not surprised, not shocked at all.

And I still adore her.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Whoa! I miss that community. I miss you and Lisa. I miss it all.

    Am seeking meds next week.

    Maybe I'm jaded and lazy too.

    Glad you got to have some time with wonderful Lisa and entourage.

  2. Love the depth of your love.

    There was a car accident two blocks from my house the other evening. I heard the ambulances and sirens and wondered what was going on (I assumed guns ... which is a fair assumption because it's almost always true). One man dead and another critical, not sure about the other person. THIS IS A NEIGHBORHOOD. Even when I'm speeding to work, I don't go over 30 mph. How can they have such a collision that causes car flipping and death? There were stop signs that somebody had to run at high speed.

    Oh, so sad. So I'm very happy that the people in "your" accident seem ok.

  3. [Evidence that my assumption is usually correct: there was a shooting this afternoon four blocks from my house. I barely even noticed the ambulances for that.]

  4. I am glad you have so much love surrounding you Ms. Moon. xo

  5. A car crash in tiny little Lloyd?! What are the odds? It definitely sounds like some interesting energy piles up around you and Lisa.

  6. Those friends are worth their weight in gold. Not many of those do we get to have in a life time.

  7. Ms. Fleur- I'm glad you're thinking about getting back on some medication. Now is not the time to be drug-free. Haha! Seriously though.
    I had a great visit with Lisa. She's so lovely.

    NOLA- Well, that's a major intersection right there in the scheme of country living. The woman who hit the other guy said that she thought maybe she'd had a small seizure because it was like she was awake and then she wasn't and then she woke up, about to hit the guy. Who knows? Lloyd is generally pretty peaceful these days which I love although people do speed down these roads frequently.

    Birdie- I am incredibly fortunate.

    Denise- Ain't that the truth?

    Steve Reed- We're fire and air, and that's the truth.

    Syd- Amen, brother.

  8. I love how aware you are of your personal connections. Seriously, you have a wide-open heart.


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