Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Title

Can you believe I'm still listening to that John Irving book? I can't. And IT IS NOT GETTING ANY BETTER. It is, quite possibly, one of the most boring books I've ever read. He says the same things over and over and over again. It's like a forty-four yard long piece of cloth, folded in on itself until it's a three-foot thick wad of words. I don't know why I haven't put it down. I guess because when I'm listening to a book, I am doing other things at the same time so it doesn't seem like such an incredibly vast waste of time and also, the narrator is talented enough.
Doesn't Irving have an editor?

Well. I should talk.

Oh wait, I do.

And say the same things over and over again. But no one is paying for this shit. No one HAS to read this. Thank god.

I'm struggling again, that's all there is to it. I'm so sick and tired of myself I could die. And do I do one thing that would change anything?
Not really.

I seem to be as stuck in my own life as I am stuck listening to this novel and frankly, I am quite aware that I am the only one preventing me from doing anything about either.

I just went back and read some of my posts from last November. It would appear that I am generally depressed and my body hurts in November. Mmmm....
Good to know I've always been crazy.
At least last November I had Cozumel for Christmas to look forward to. This I can't even think about that.

I'm going to go clean the kitchen. I am going to try and keep moving forward. As if I had any choice in that at all.


  1. You could write book reviews for a living (but how boring would that be). My bet is Irving is no longer edited. There's a point at which no publisher does that any more for famous writers, for various reasons- ego among them. Against my will, I once read a John Grisham book (it had been pushed upon me) and every other page had repetitions and errors. So much for "best sellers."
    I wish you had Cozumel again. I wish we all did.

  2. I feel much the same way, Mary. But I did chuck that book with a cry of good riddance! Maybe you should do something silly with it: have it stand for all that wears you down in November. Burn it in your beautiful yard. Have Owen roast some marshmallows over it. Seriously. I think I might do that. Have a silly ceremony to help rid myself of gloom.

  3. Andrea- He sure doesn't read like he's been edited. I, too, would wish Cozumel for all of us.

    Elizabeth- It's a damn library edition so I can't burn it. I can swear to you though, that my memory will burn it as soon as I'm done with it. Which will be very, very soon.

  4. Well, step one: put the stupid book down! Step away. Life's too short. Read something that gladdens your heart a bit.

    November's not the best of months, no. If not Mexico, I hope you can find something to look forward to.

    Personally, I'm seriously starting to doubt my ability to live any sort of life. I could cheerfully sit on my fat ass all day clicking to and fro between 5 tabs on my computer and staring blankly at them. I'm going out in ... 40 mins... still have to wash hair make pizza clean kitchen get dressed. Urg.

  5. Hang in... you do cycle this time of year especially.

    Christmas with wee ones is always fun I think... maybe you could focus on that part of it. I know it won't fix everything, but it's sometimes good to have a focal point when spinning. At least that's what I hear.
    Much love,

  6. Honey, my brother killed himself the weekend after Thanksgiving so he fucked up this time of year forever for a lot of people. So I have the off/on relationship with the season. I love the leaves turning and the new apples and the colder days and then...

    I wish for you showers of love and blessings. And you're entitled to feeling however you feel. The dark is as important as the light.

    your friend,


  7. Fall does that to a lot of people. I'm glad you're in Florida where there is more sunshine than many places have. (Although maybe you should move to Cozumel instead of Apalachicola when the time comes!) Hang in there, the joy will return.

  8. As you know Mary, I am a bit crazy and have been a lot depressed much of my life. Anyway, since I moved home I started working on a part-time basis at the local food pantry. I can't believe I'm saying this but it helps more than a lot, to the point where I am actually enjoying my life overall. I find the work a challenge, a chance to help out, and also a source of frustration BUT I am no longer depressed. For the most part.

  9. I read that damn book, too, I bought it on Kindle. now I can't even deleet it. I had such high hopes BAH!

  10. If i'm looking at this chart correctly, even in Florida you're getting 2hrs and 15 minutes less light than you did 6 months ago. Maybe you're going through light withdrawal. I know i'm craving it.

  11. OK, I am going to avoid that John Irving book. I was kind of intrigued when I read the reviews, but hearing you and Elizabeth and Dona Marie express such intense dislike for it -- well, that's enough for me.

    I hate being mired in a book I don't like.

    As for your mood, I think diminishing light DOES do something to our brains, something not always perceptible. You may not have Cozumel at Christmas, but you have Cozumel at SOME POINT in the future! (And lots of other cool places too, I'm sure.)

  12. I am currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I hate it. I have no idea why this book is so popular. The only reason I am going to finish it is because a friend lent it to me and told me I *had* to read it. Usually if I don't like book I just close it up. There are far to many great books out there to spend time reading crap.

  13. It might be time to chuck the Irving book. If I am not engaged in a book after 50 pages, then I put it down. Time is too short to waste on something that is boring and uninteresting.


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